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Anthropologically Speaking

"So, everything's okay?"

Brennan perched on his desk and Booth placed a soft hand on her swollen belly.

"Of course," she soothed. "These appointments are just routine."

"Okay, but if something's wrong, you would tell me, right?" he insisted. "You wouldn't hide it?"

"Of course not," she gave him a hurt look. But then remembering a very important appointment she'd failed to mention weeks earlier, Brennan frowned. "I never meant to hide the ultrasound, Booth. I just …I knew you would be equally pleased regardless of the gender, so I didn't think to …I didn't realize how important it would be for you to be there."

"I know, Bones. I didn't mean—" He sighed seeing the guilt on her face. "That's not what I'm saying."

"Because I'm sorry about it, Booth," she insisted in a soft voice. "I am."

"Hey, I know. You don't need to apologize again, Bones." It seemed his question had unintentionally tapped into some residual guilt over the ultrasound faux pas and he immediately felt bad. "Listen, baby," he said it softly as he rose from his chair and stepped close to her. "All I meant was that if anything comes up, I want you to know we'll deal with it together." His hands rested at her waist. "I don't want you to think you need to protect me or anything. Good or bad, we'll deal with things together, okay?"

"Okay." Brennan framed his face between her palms. "I promise, I'll never keep anything from you. Certainly not about our baby."

He leaned forward to brush her lips lightly. "Thanks."


"Booth, this is silly." But she smiled as he guided her carefully to the nursery, hands over her eyes. "I already know what the room looks like."

"Yeah, but now that I finished the crib, it's officially completed." He walked her slowly through the entryway and said, "Ready?"

She chuckled indulgently. "Yes."

Booth dropped his hands and she was faced with their fully finished nursery. Despite having already seen it, she sighed in happiness. "It's beautiful." She blinked back unfortunate hormonal tears. "It's perfect."

Standing behind her, Booth folded her in his arms. His chin rested on her shoulder as he admired the pretty yellow room. "It's amazing how much we've been able to get done in just a few months."

"Yes," she nodded her agreement, relaxing back against him. "You and Wendell have been impressively diligent."

"Well, we can't take all the credit," he said fairly. "Hiring a couple more people was a good call."

After about a week, Brennan had concluded that Booth and Wendell alone could not possibly make the house habitable in the short time-frame. Initially, Booth had been somewhat reluctant to hire more workers but an automatic hand to her hugely pregnant stomach and watery blue eyes worked magic. He was blatantly manipulated and he knew it and he couldn't resist. And now Booth had to admit it had certainly been a good idea. Living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, and nursery were in tip-top shape. The rest of the house could go at a more sedate pace.

"What's that?" Brennan pointed to the blanket draped over the white crib. It was new and boasted pink tinged ducks and she didn't remember buying it.

"Sweets passed by a little while ago and dropped it off." He placed an absent kiss on her shoulder. "You were napping. He said it was a pre-baby arrival present."

Her head tilted. "Is that a real thing?"

Booth shrugged. "Probably not, but it's a nice blanket."

Brennan tried to take a step forward to examine the present more closely, but Booth's arms tightened around her and he let out a little growly sound against her skin which indicated he didn't want her to go anywhere. With a small chuckle, she settled back against his chest and let him nibble along the side of her neck.

"That was very nice of him," she murmured, eyeing the adorable baby blanket in pink trim.

"Mm-mm." Distractedly, Booth added, "He's trying to take credit for this, you know."

"For what?"

"This. Us." Hands stroked in circles over her stomach and lips kissed a trail along her jaw. "Moving in together."

"What?" Brennan scoffed in amusement. "That's preposterous."

"Oh, believe me, I know." With a happy sigh, Booth took a deep breath of her vanilla scent. "I just let him have his delusions."

Brennan turned in the circle of his arms with a crooked smile. "You shouldn't encourage delusion."

"I don't encourage," Booth corrected, nipping playfully at her bottom lip. "I just let him talk. He talks a lot, Bones."

With a soft laugh, her arms went around his neck and her mouth met his.


Just the next morning, a round, bare bottom snuggled perfectly against his groin. He smiled sleepily against the back of her neck and instinctively pressed forward. His splayed hand stroked her stomach in a rhythmic circle and Booth wondered how to convince her to sleep naked all the time, even after their baby was born. Not just for the obvious reasons, but because he liked feeling her skin, so soft and cool and silky.

She wriggled her bottom against him again and Booth curled his fingers against her hip with a soft groan. For a moment, he wasn't sure how awake she was, but after a beat, Brennan squirmed again and he knew she wasn't sleeping at all. His bare chest pressed flush against her bare back and his hard-on pushed against the cotton of his boxers and right against the sweet curve of her ass.

"You playing with me?" he asked huskily, pressing a deep, open-mouthed kiss to one side of her neck.

With a smile, Brennan placed her hand over his, dragging his palm over her hip and down between her thighs. "Perhaps."

He inhaled sharply, cupping her gently. Brennan rocked against him, moaning softly. Shifting his free hand up, Booth brushed aside the fall of her hair and nuzzled at her skin. He peppered tiny kisses along the curve of her jaw, fingertips stroking her carefully just on the outside.

"You sure, baby?" he asked softly because he knew that with her due date approaching with what appeared to be lightning speed, sex had taken a hit. Over the last couple of weeks, she'd fallen into bed, exhausted and sore and he'd been more than happy to massage and cuddle her. But, it seemed this morning she was in the mood and he was more than happy to take care of that too.

"Touch me," was her husky reply.

He did and he took his time. Slowly, Booth dipped two fingers inside her, massaging carefully and coaxing warm wetness and soft moans out of her. At the same time, his teeth raked gently over the side of her neck followed by the tip of his tongue. She shivered and reached back to thread her fingers through his hair. Booth inhaled deeply, loving that clean, thunderstorms scent he had always associated with Temperance Brennan.

"How do you smell so good all the time?" he groaned.


Booth chuckled lowly and sucked lightly on her neck, leaving just the faintest mark on her pale skin. Inside her, his fingers curled against flesh that was soft, wet, and highly sensitive. She panted out his name, liquid pleasure spreading through her with every kiss and every slick stroke.

"Booth …" Her breath hitched and she rubbed back against him. He tapped her clit and then circled it firmly, driving her crazy. "Please."

Recognizing that tone, Booth rolled away to quickly strip his boxers. She gasped in protest, but then he was right back, the tip of his cock sliding inside her. Hand stroking along her thigh, he shifted her just the slightest bit and entered her slowly.

"God, you're warm," he rasped into her ear, hand sliding over her stomach to hold her close. "You feel perfect, Bones."

"So do you," she breathed out, her fingers lacing with his.

Booth kissed her shoulder, stroked soft and easy, the penetration shallow but perfect. She made those sounds he could never get enough of and clenched tight little muscles around his throbbing cock. "Oh …fuck, yes." He shot into her, pressing his face against the side of her neck.

Catching his breath, he rubbed his lips against her damp skin and automatically smoothed a hand over her tummy. "Bones, baby …" She murmured an unintelligible response and he slid out of her. Brennan settled back and gazed up at him. Rising up slightly, Booth looked down at sleepy blue eyes. "Hi." He brushed back her hair tenderly and then splayed his hand on her abdomen once more. "Are you okay?"

"Yes. You always ask me that, you know." With a lazy, satisfied smile, she placed her hand over his. "And the answer's always yes—ooh!" Brennan gasped suddenly when her daughter made her presence felt.

Under Booth's hand there was a strong kick. "Whoa." He moved his palm in a soothing circle. "Hi there, baby girl."

Another kick that made Brennan smile crookedly. "I think she likes your voice."

"You think?" His lips curved delightedly, hand continuing to stroke the swell of her belly. "God, I can't wait to meet her, Bones."

"The sentiment appears to be mutual." The flurry of activity in her stomach made Brennan wince slightly and rub a hand low on her belly. "Ohh, she's very active."

"She's saying good morning." Booth leaned down to scatter kisses all over her stomach and coo silliness at her belly.

Brennan laughed. "You're so silly."

He grinned up at her with sparkling eyes. Happiness shone out of that melted chocolate brown. Her fingertips brushed softly against the slight roughness of his cheek. There was something in her chest that could only be described as contentment.

Anthropologically speaking, happiness was a social construct, triggered by a sense of belonging and connection and ever changing in an ever changing society. But right then, with her daughter kicking and Booth smiling, happiness was simply her state of being.

"Bones?" With a curious smile, Booth reached up and smoothed a finger over the tiny line between her brows. "You look like you're thinking real hard," he teased gently. "You got that squinty look on. Whatcha thinking about?"

"Happiness," she replied honestly.

"Oh yeah?" His gaze turned serious, one hand on her stomach, the other skimming the line of her jaw. "W-what about it?"

Her gaze focused on his face. For a moment, she almost launched into her anthropological musings, but instead she framed his face in her hands and said simply, "I'm happy."

His smile spread foolishly. "Me too, Bones." Leaning forward, he captured her lips. "Me too."


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