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Quote Me Contest Submission:
Quote prompt:
"These are the snapshots of marriage, stopped in places." ~ Anne Sexton
Pairing: Bella and Edward

Summary:Glimpse (noun): a very brief, passing look, sight, or view. "These are the snapshots of marriage, stopped in places." ~ Anne Sexton.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but admiration for the characters and world created by Stephenie Meyer and appreciation that she lets us play in her sandbox.


The young woman's hands shake and tremble by her sides.

She is nervous. So very nervous.

She can't believe this is happening. That he is there, walking beside her. She could reach over and brush her hand across his. Feel the skin of his arm against the skin of hers.

Why he is here is unknown to her, confusing. She doesn't think herself special. Believes herself to be fairly ordinary. It is not true but she can be stubborn about her perceived faults.

She tried to warn him when he asked. Told him how plain she was.

He said she was wrong. That she didn't see herself clearly. Called her pretty, asking "Pretty girl won't you please go out with me?"

They take turns talking. It's only slightly awkward for a little while. Then they are rushing forward with their words. Stumbling over each other's thoughts to add their own, share a similar feeling or passionate but kind disagreement.

So much about him is so much of what she likes. What she thinks she could like.

He tells her about his love of music. He plays piano. His long, elegant fingers dance across ivory keys in her imagination. It's a beautiful.

Like him.

He has such beauty about him. Not only his features but his personality.

It's all there, lying in wait for someone to see.

She is glad he lets it be her.

His apologizes for the unusual location. He says it was always his favorite thing to do as a child when it was in town. The rides and lights and sights and smells and sounds bring back those happy memories. They make him smile.

She likes his smile. It's sometimes crooked and off balanced yet still perfect in its imperfection. It beams full blast when he finds a booth he remembers with delight from his childhood.

She can see that little boy tucked beneath the clothes of this man. She likes him.

She likes the man, too.

She tells him the carnival is great. It's different and she likes different.

Different is good.

She is different, she can't help but think.

He agrees. He tells her he likes different, too.

Her blush waves it's telling banner over her delicate face and she shyly ducks her head, long waves of chestnut hair shielding her face.

He won't let her hide. Tells her its part of what makes her such a pretty girl.

She blushes more at his softly spoken but kind words. His thoughtful questions.

Her words tumble from full lips, spilling out secrets she normally doesn't share. But they feel safe with him. He won't judge them. Judge her.

She wants to write and paint the world with the color of her words. She wants to share stories of happiness, of sadness, of triumphant, of failure. She wants to show others the flickering pictures of thought that move inside her brilliant mind.

He thinks she can do it. Tells her she can paint the world.

He smiles. It's not fake but genuine. It tells her so much. She likes this smile almost as much as the crooked one.

He tells her his dreams. He wants to be like his father, he wants to be a doctor. Has always wanted to follow in his hero's footsteps. He wants to give back. To heal.

She tells him he will be great. She can tell the words are true, too.

Even if this thing between them never grows more than it is now, she knows he will be something… someone she will write about one day. He has already healed her in a thousand little ways.

Her friend Alice is there, silently watching from the side of a nearby booth. She catches Alice's eye and gives her the biggest grin she can. Alice brought her boyfriend Jasper here in case she wanted to escape.

She doesn't think she'll ever want to.

They walk more. They talk more. Eat funnel cake. Laugh more.

His laugh is full and bathes her in its melody. She feels it fall all around them and wishes she could bottle it for later. She thinks of how she would hide it away in her pocket and take it out when it rained. Or even when it was sunny.

They take a turn on the Ferris wheel.

Up, up, up, up they slowly ascend in a red, rocking box in the sky.

It's just her and him now. At the top of the world.

Night is falling and the stars are just beginning to prick the sky. Up here the lights from the carnival below are less bright. Shadows play across his face, dusting the high cheekbones and emphasizing the small bump on his nose. His green eyes sparkle all on their own now when he looks into her, seeing more than she ever planned to show.

But its okay, she's wants him to see.

Their box is small and slightly cramped, with their legs sometimes brushing one another. His dark denim jeans scratch her bare legs. Her skirt lightly flutters along her knees in the soft breeze they can finally feel when they are up so high.

She likes the feel of his body heat against her. She slides ever so slightly closer.

Closer to his heat. His warmth.


His right arm is squished against her left now. He lifts it and places it on the back of the seat. She misses the contact and frowns a little. Maybe he doesn't like her heat, she worries. She shivers a little at the uncomfortable turn of thoughts.

Then he speaks, asks if she is cold. Before she can respond his arm is wrapped around her. Pulling her into his side more tightly. Closer to him.

She smiles. He smiles.

They look out on the scenery below them, in front of them, above them. The sounds fade away as they wait, perched above everyone and everything as the wheel pauses.

It's just him and her.

His fingers are circling small loops into her shoulder. She looks to his face to see if it is on purpose. She thinks he doesn't know he is doing it. Her smile is hard to keep hidden.

She likes the way it feels. The soft brush of his fingertips against her bare shoulder, warming her cool skin.

She likes being there with him. Wrapped in his arm, leaning into his side. Breathing in his intoxicating smell, laughing and joking and teasing him. Talking about their futures, their hopes, their dreams.

Secretly hoping she can be a part of his someday. Secretly hoping he'll be a part of hers.

She wants to kiss his soft, full lips. They are a pale pink blush against his smooth, white skin. His wild hair is being tousled in the wind, pulled in every direction the air takes.

It's a little messy and a little crazy. And she likes it.

She likes him.

When they come back down, she doesn't want the night to end. She can sense it is drawing to a close, coming to a stop. Fewer people are scattered about. Trash is littered all over the ground. Booths are being packed and food is tossed out.

They agree they should leave, reluctance coating both their tones. She wraps an arm around the giant teddy bear he won for her at a dart booth. Her face nuzzles the soft fur for a moment, taking in the night, this date, this man.

She leaves her other arm dangling free between them as they slowly make their way back to his car.

He grabs her hand and cradles it within his own. The rush of sensation she feels at his touch sends tingles up her arm. His hand is strong and firm yet soft and warm as their fingers combine. His thumb lightly brushes the back of hers in a soothing motion.

She peeks out of the corner of her eye to look at his face. He is smiling the most beautiful smile of the night and she catches the green of his eyes looking at her too.

Her smile can't be contained. She wants him to see it and know it's for him.

Because of him.

She wants to do this all over again. With him.

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