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Lewis's Pov


I was heading towards Cleo's house, still trying to figure out what was causing the full moon to take affect on the girls. I swear I thought it was the crystals dong this to them. I've been studying Mako island for months, more than I ever had and I still haven't found any answers.

I knew I was going back to collage in a few weeks but if I didn't get this figured out by then, they might end up getting moon struck right on campus.

The full moon was tonight so we had to be prepared with whatever it was going to throw at us. Nothing made sense at this point. To think the full moon was going to stop affecting them when they stopped the comet from hitting Mako island. What else would Mako want them to do? Stop another comet?

I was near the docks of the ocean, a slight breeze hitting my face as the scorching sun was hitting down on the Gold Coast of Australia. I was wearing some baggy shorts, a pair of old sneakers and a white and blue stripped t-shirt. I just told Cleo I was on my way to her house, knowing everyone was going to meet her over there too.

It was then when I turned around to look at all the boats that were parked out on the docks, that I saw something familiar. It was this one particular boat. A boat that had brought bad memories and misery to Cleo and the others. Shaking my head, trying to take a closer look at it, I took a step onto the docks. What was I thinking? There were many boats that looked the same. My mind was playing tricks on me but unfortunately, it wasn't.

To actually think I would remember this specific boat after many of years but I had to admit, it was an incident I could never forget. It was the one and only, doctor Denman's boat. What was Denman doing back here on the Gold Coast anyways?

I took a step closer onto the docks, leaning froward to double check that I wasn't mistaking her boat for someone elses. I couldn't really tell from a distance but I knew if I got any closer to it, I would just be asking for trouble.

This was wrong. She couldn't be back. Its just me and my mind playing tricks on me. I should be doing one thing and that's concentrating on getting back with the others.

Right as I was about to turn around, I heard a familiar voice.

"Lewis...?" a feminine voice flowed into my ears, making me instantly spin around to the person who was calling out for me.

Right then I saw her. She was wearing a grey shirt, some blue jeans and her hair was up in a pony tail as I last recalled seeing her. She looked a lot older but she still had that beautiful long silky blonde hair and a gorgeous complexion which didn't make her look a day over 30. Her eyes were bright blue in curiosity and she was holding a box full of materials.

She slightly smiled but the glaze in her eyes seemed rather cold than welcoming. It seemed as if I was someone she should stay away from. She didn't look too pleased too see me but she continued to force a smile.

I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out.

Denman swung her pony tail out infront so that it would be laying on her shoulder, struggling a bit to keep the box of materials in her arms.

"Now is it really? I must say, you look quite grown up from the last time i've seen you." Denman commented, the smile from her face slowly starting to disapear.

I slowly relaxed, trying not to show any sign of insecurity that was built up inside me. I took a quick deep breath, trying to bring up something to say.

"Denman. What... What are you doing back here on the coast?" I heisted to ask, trying to keep coool.

Denman sighed, slowly putting the box aside of her body so that it wasn't covering her face. I couldn't tell what was in the box but it looked like a bunch of under water equipment.

"Ah. You know. The usual. Studying fish population, keeping track of the marine enviorment, researching different type of ocean life..." She started off saying.

"And you Lewis? Your not still trying to be a marine biologist you've always wanted to be?" She questioned with a some what friendly smile.

"Me? Um, yes actually... I got accepted in a marine collage in America. Nothing big but I returned to finish collage here." I quickly explained.

"Good to hear... I'm sure you've found some interesting things going on around the area." She mentioned.

I frowned.

"What do you mean?" I asked, crossing my arms.

"Well, it was interesting the way all the fish disappeared when the comet was near the Gold Coast. I was around the area when it happened and I came back to see if the fish have returned. Just strange how they would just disappear like that... Don't you think?" She tilted her head, the glaze in her eyes getting colder.

I shook my head.

"Well I wasn't here when the comet struck by the area but i'm sure it was nothing important." I mentioned.

"Ah well that's where your wrong Lewis. Everything in some way has a scientific explanation and we wouldn't want some whole population of fish disappearing out of our oceans. Me and my crew were called up from one of the marine clinics to investigate this, trying to figure out the source as to what caused them to leave." She explained.

I nodded my head in understanding.

"Well hopfully that goes well. Wouldn't want to stand in the way of you solving that mystery. I need to be going anyways." I metnioend, akwardly walking around Denman to get off the docks.

"And you don't have the slightest clue of why that happened?" She catiously asked.

I was already on the sidewalk, taking a deep breath while slowly turning around to face her.

"Look, I know just as much as you do. Plus what would I know anyways? It was probably some toxic oil that drove the fish away from the ocean. Doesn't seem like we would need to get all hyped up about this." I mentioned.

Denman gave a samll devious smile, trying to keep in the box up in the air.

"Sorry Leiws. I think we may be on the wrong page here. So what the fish left the ocean? It's just rather strange that this mysterious light from Mako island would stop a comet from hitting earth." She gave in some input.

"I have no idea what your talking about." I crossed my arms.

"Well i've been tracking some magnetic force from Mako which could of also droven the fish away from the area. Maybe it had something to do with the comet. It's just strange how the comet would just explode like that. Just seems unrealistic... like something stopped it." She continued.

"That's ridiculous. How could anything stop a comet?" I snapped back.

"Well you know. Weird things have happened around the area of Mako island. I don't suppose your friends had anything to do with this?" She suspiciously asked.

Anger came into me.

"What so now you think they're the source of this? Remember, they gave up their powers 2 years ago? They have nothing you want and you know it." I concluded.

Denman sighed.

"Don't need to get worked up about this Lewis. Was just making sure. It was unfortunate how I put them in a situation where it forced them to give up their powers." She mentioned with a bit of regret.

"And so what? Now you're here to apologize?" I snapped at her.

"Nope. Just organizing data. Making sure i'm gathering all the right information needed for this investigation. A great scientist always double checks their work." She gave a small quick smile.

"I must be going now. Don't want to keep everyone waiting. Good seeing you again Lewis." She mentioned, walking off to her boat with the box of materials in her hand.

"Wish I could say the same..." I softly said, turning around to walk away from the scene.

I knew I had to get back to Cleo's quickly. Who knew how long Denman would be back in town but at this point it didn't matter. I just needed to warn the others about this, before anything gets out of hand.

Flashback Ends

Emma's Pov

I was walking down the side walk, applying lip gloss on my face while holding a small hand mirror. From everything that has been going on, its been a total mess. Luckily we survived another full moon with out anyone dying. I think for once, everyone fell asleep before the moon actually arrived. What? That's what happens when Cleo suggests putting some romantic pointless movies for us to watch. They're just so boring and you end up falling asleep, though everyone did look quite concern with Denman coming back.

Lewis has probably been one of the most over protective guys since he announced about the doctor returning. He's always following Cleo around, making sure she doesn't get into trouble and he's keeping a close eye on Rikki, making sure she doesn't escape off to Mako island.

At first, I didn't believe Rikki when she told me she was pregnant but it didn't take too long to realize she was telling the truth when she took out the pregnancy test from out of her bag. Of course it had that stupid green plus sign on it and she gave me that look that just made me pitty her.

It was our last week here before me and the rest of us go off to collage, leaving Rikki all by herself. Did she deserve it? I don't know. Maybe it was just another way for her to get out of collage. I mean, she could still practically go if she wanted to. She was only like 3 or 4 months pregnant.

I still had that bad feeling about her and Zane. Maybe it was just Zane but still... Zane is Zane. And weirdly enough, I haven't seen him in like over a month, not since the last time I saw him trying to talk to Rikki, when me and everyone else were hanging out at the beach. Rikki never did announce they were back together ether. She still seems pretty cautious of him, it doesn't make sense that she would give in and a raise a baby with him. Who knew how long that would last but luckily, I don't have to deal with that. Emma Gilbert is off to collage, getting a medical degree and becoming a nurse. I wouldn't let anything stop me from that...

"Hey Emma." A sweet voice came from behind me.

It was Bella. Her long wavy Blonde hair was lose as she was wearing a cute white top, some blue jeans and some ankle high purple converse. I saw her walk next to me as she gave me a quick smile.

"Well this has surly been interesting." She raised her eyebrows, looking at the direction of the sky.

"What do you mean?" I asked, putting away my lip gloss and mirror into my bag.

"You know, with collage, the moon, this Doctor Denman chick and Rikki being pregnant?" Her voice went high when she referred to Rikki.

"Thats a shocker." I sarcastically mentioned, rolling my eyes.

"Ya, just thinking about it makes me kinda repulsive. It just dsoen't seem like her for going off and doing something like that." Bella concedered.

"Well you should of seen Zane and Rikki two years ago when all they did was spend time with each other. To be honest, i'm not too shocked about it." I mentioned.

"Well you should of been here last year when they ran the cafe together." She started off saying..

I made a disgusted face when she included the part about them running the cafe.

"All they did was fight and... they would never get along. Zane never really cared and Rikki always seemed annoyed with him so for her to go do something like that..." She added but didn't complete her sentence..

"Well thats just Rikki and Zane. And the least thing we need is another one of them... put in one." I mentioned.

Bella slightly laughed, rolling her eyes.

"You could say that again." She agreed.

"Hey guys!" I heard someone yell from behind us, the sound of flip flops echoing down the side walk.

I turned around, seeing Cleo smiling at us. She was wearing a short pink dress as her long brown hair let down as well.

"Whats up?" She asked, shrugging her shoulders a bit.

"You know, discussing whats going on." Bella responded.

"You mean with Rikki and Zane?" Cleo asked.

I gave her that face that indicated she was right. Cleo sighed.

"Come on guys. Its not like she has cancer or something. I know its bad but maybe its good-" She started saying but I cut her off.

"Good? Rikki and Zane as parents? Nope. Thats just calling out for disaster." I shook my head.

"Ya but babies are so cute! Were gonna be aunts!" Cleo said with a bit of a sequel.

Bella slightly smiled but I gave her that annoyed face that made her frown.

Cleo gave a deep breath and looked at the ground.

"Ok. I admit, its bad but maybe we should be a bit supportive about this. Its not the baby's fault. Plus Rikki kinda needs us. What kind of friends would we be if we didn't help..." Cleo explained.
"Ya but don't you have this weird feeling about Rikki being with Zane. She still acts like she completely hates him plus that was her mistake, not ours." I started saying.

"Well who said Zane needed to help Rikki out with the baby? Who knows. Maybe they'll go off their seprate ways." Bella mentioned.

"Whatever. I just don't want to be caught up in all that baby drama. Don't we have other things to worry about like the full moon and Denman?" I asked.

"I know and then we have collage and were probably going to be over loaded with homework." Bella complained.

"Yup. And thats probably the least thing i'm looking forward to doing this school year." I mentioned.

Cleo nodded in agreement.

"Well how are my fine lovley ladies doing today?" Will snuck up on us, as he wrapped his arms around Bella.

She laughed, giving him a kiss on the lips.

"Is Rikki with you guys?" Will asked, unwrapping his arms off of Bella so that he could hold her hand.

"No. its only 11 in the morning. I wouldn't be surprised if she was still sleeping." Cleo teased, Will kissing Bella's hand resulting a smile from her.

"I still can't beilive it." Will started saying.

"Can't beilive what?" Cleo asked.

"You know. With Rikki? Isn't it a bit bivalent that she would go off a do something like that? I don't know, it just seems... strange." He concluded.

"I think whatever went on with Rikki and Zane should just stay with them. I don't think we should interfer with their... sex life." Bella mentioned akwardly.

"Ya I know and we've probably ran past this conversation 20,000 times ever since she announced about it but..." He drifted off.

"But what?' Cleo asked.

"Look. i don't want to jump to conclusions or anything but Rikki's behavior around Zane shouldn't be normal for someone who likes eachother." Will explained.

"So? I don't even think Rikki likes Zane anymore. how does that have to do with anything? It's not like they're back together." Bella asked.

"But...What if Zane... you know..." Will took a deep breathe. "Raped her?"

Everyone froze in place, pausing to turn around and stare at Will.

"I didn't say it was true but it could be a possibility! Plus it would seem like something that would happen! You guys know Rikki. Probably longer than I have and this just doesn't seem like her." He exclaimed.

"Ok, even if Zane...raped her," Cleo mentioned softly. "Dont you think she would tell us or something?" She asked.

"No. You know how Zane is. He probably threatened to tell her secret to everyone if she told us. I'm just thinking of how this would go. I can't just stand around, expecting Rikki to be telling us the truth." WIll stated.

Everyone continued walking.

"Maybe you have a point." Bella said.

"Oh my gosh. RIkki could have been raped." Cleo said softly.

I bit my lip, now regretting saying all the bad things about Rikki and how she was a slutt to go off a do that. My goodness. Maybe thats why Rikki isn't coming out anymore. Maybe she's...scared? It seemed too unreal but at the same time, it made sense.

"So what do we do?" I asked.

WIll sighed.

"We'll just have to get the truth out of Rikki." He mentioned.

"And what if she wasn't rapped? Thats another option." I said.

"Ya right. I think the chances of that are low. Zane's gonna get it. Next time I see him, he's dead." WIll curled up his fists.

"Woah woah woah. Look, whatever your thinking Will, could just be a misunderstanding. We need to take this one step at time. Even if Rikki was rapped, getting revange won't do it. We need to talk to the police if this happened. We don't even know if she was raped. It was just a guess." Cleo explained.

"Ya. Lets just take this slowly. We don't want any more trouble coming up." Bella grabbed WIll's fist, relaxing it so that she could hold his hand.

Will sighed.

"Ok. I'll take it slowly but if it is true, Zane better watch his back..."

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