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Chapter summary: I don't think that it the prelude I had given Reid's dream the justice it deserves so this chapter is filled with snippets of SAC Reid and his team. Small journey between the start and the axis. For sure the quote is appropriate.

My team? Let me tell you about my team…

Aaron Hotchner

SAC SSA Spencer Reid - 12th December 2012 - Senior SSA Robert Anderson

"You look like dead warmed up, Spence," says Anderson when he places the cup of coffee and a muffin in front of him, carefully avoiding placing it on the third draft of next year's budget.

"And a good day to you too, Rob," he snorts as he tries to predict whatever or not BAU is going to need MP5 because they need renovation, badly. "Can BAU survive without Bureau's coffee?"

"You tell me, you are the boss," Anderson shrugs.

"Well… it's not Kopi Luwac," he mutters.

"We ever had Kopi Luwac?" Anderson asks pointedly.

"Hotch bought it once as a Christmas bonus for the unit," he answers. "Dropped it on 22nd December, it was gone by 4th January. It was 2008/2009 if I remember correctly."

"Where were you?" Anderson asks cheekily.

"Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, not in that order," he says. "I was the pig and drank the last cup of it."

"I know," Anderson smirks.

"My question is still on the table," Reid sighs.

"If we swear off Bureau's coffee would it be enough for you to fix MP5?" Anderson asks simply.

"Enough to replace Dead Dorris," Reid shrugs.

"I thought that the maintainers fixed her," Anderson says pointedly.

"They did," Reid deadpans. "Yesterday, she is not working today. I called them again but at this rate it's cheaper to buy new machine rather than fix the old one."

"I will start looking for the can," Anderson grimaces. "Your regime starts tragically."

"Thank you, Rob," he snorts.

"You're welcome, Spence, try to not wear yourself down," Anderson flashes him a smirk.

Rob Anderson is easy to please and a terrific support. Spencer Reid is glad to have him in the same team.

SAC SSA Spencer Reid - 12th February 2013 onwards - SSA Doctor Kate Cameron

They don't fight him when he snags her out of the academy. She is a psychiatrist and psychologist, doctor in both, MD and PhD respectively. She has BA in mathematics and geography. Her doctorates alone are enough to make her a BAUer, so what if they have to train her from the very beginning.

She is also twenty-one years old. She beat his record and he is happy with it. He doesn't like standing on the pedestal of the youngest to join FBI. She, she fits perfectly because she is an experienced doctor and looks like one, not like a runaway freshman from college.

She is his rookie and she learns fast, makes mistakes like everybody does but learns from them and doesn't do them again. She helps Winston who isn't Garcia to screen the cases and therefore she helps him because after JJ moved to the position of the section chief there is no one left in there to do the research properly. He is thankfully to her that she does it.

Having her around, even helping cranky Winston, means a lot. She is the mediator and God, Team Alpha needs a mediator.

Team Alpha at her early days consists from him, Rob, her, SSA Wentworth Smithers, SSA Jolly Eckelridge, SA Issac Romanov and TA Eric Winston. Within a year Smithers is replaced by Travers who is replaced by Watkins, who is replaced by Carter. Neither of Carter's predecessors can stand the pressure cooker that is BAU.

As for SSA Samuel Carter, he is the same son of a bitch who twelve years ago had no problems with leaving SA Spencer Reid at the mercy of the unsub. Gideon and Hotch send him packing all the way to Anchorage, Alaska but he married the daughter of the senator who has contacts that go a little above Reid's and JJ's heads so he is back to Quantico, Virginia and BAU and he acts as if he owns the unit.

He is proven wrong within a month Reid graciously gives him to adjust his attitude.

When the month passes Carter still has his attitude but in so far managed to piss off everyone on the team.

Reid excludes himself from the count because SAC SSA Spencer Reid and SA Doctor Spencer Reid despite the same name and DNA are not the same man. Rookie Reid avoided Carter like a plague. SAC Reid pairs up with Carter because he has thick skin and it stops his team from committing a murder on Carter.

Within a month Carter groped both Eckelridge and Cameron, in public. The former told him that if he would do so again she would break the hand that connected with her body and the later simply asked if he was an erotomaniac because his mommy was touching him in naughty places when he was a kid. Carter doesn't do it again but treats both like his secretaries, they prove him wrong once again, the case files that Carter drops on their desk to do his paperwork made their way back to his desk whenever he goes to take his coffee or takes a bathroom break.

Carter also pokes fun from Romanov's Judaism and Winston's slightly Australian accent (Winston is half and half). At first the jokes are tasteful and Romanov and Winston tolerate it, then they stop being tasteful and Romanov and Winston together with the girls purchase a gigantic butt-plug and place it on Carter's chair. The message is clear: You are an asshole.

Carter also taunts Rob about being second in command and not having enough balls to put Encyclopedia Britannica where it belongs. Rob is more mature than that and simply tells Carter that he likes Encyclopedia Britannica in charge.

By the time the team starts contemplating drowning the git in Potomac Reid already has back strong enough and friends in enough places to have seventh party deliver to Mrs Carter the documentation of the last weekend Carter spend with… it's Cameron who calmly delivers the last blow to the screeching daughter of the senator… with barely legal daughter of one of the victims of the local murder Carter was working on.

From there everything snowballs for Carter and within a month his wife divorces him on the spot and without the wife and her father Carter has no back and within two weeks he is back in Alaska.

The team rejoices but only for few days because one day Winston doesn't make it to the office and Romanov and Cameron find him dead in his own bed. The autopsy report is sobering. Heart-attack at thirty-nine, he died during the night.

In six months they make it through three TAs, including Kevin Lynch, who thought that he managed to move on enough to help BAU. The other two have such weak psyche that they put a request for transfer within two weeks. Kevin lasts five months until after one case he breaks down in the middle of the liar because one of the victims reminds him too much of Penelope.

This time it's Reid who fills the request for transfer for Kevin, to field office in Los Angeles, as far away from Quantico as one can get without ending in Alaska or Hawaii. Kevin stays within FBI for another year before he is offered a position at Google and he accepts it.

When the team is called to LA Reid eats an occasional dinner with Kevin and Marissa, who is not Garcia but who understands Kevin's loss and loves him anyway. Reid is also the best man at their wedding and godfather-in-absentia of their daughter Penelope and sons Derek and Dale.

It's Cameron who introduces him to Cleopatra Bernstein shortly after Kevin's transfer after the team had went through four woefully uncooperative TAs on loan.

Cleo ends in BAU after the initial training and turns out into blessing in disguise. By the time Cleo arrives Cameron is not a rookie any longer, she is SSA 'Screw the Doctor I Have Credentials and Glock 17' Kate Cameron. Reid still introduces her as Doctor Cameron but more often than not he prefixes the Doctor with SSA.

Aside of him in the room full of uncooperative policemen she is the most dangerous mind in the room. He likes that, even silently admits to himself that he finds it somewhat sexy.

SAC SSA Spencer Reid - 8th July 2020 - SSA Duncan Martinez and SSA Doctor Killian Douglas

The jokester and the genius arrive in tandem. Hell, he even interviews them on the very same day. There is nothing wrong about it because he has to, he is down an agent and he needs two agents. Martinez got through the rounds, field office in Chicago then SWAT and is in FBI for three years when Reid interviews him.

The genius is fished out at Cal-Tech, oh great surprise, triple doctor in biology, mathematics and geology. It's Rob who fishes him out from the students and clears kid's path to the academy and BAU calls the shots before anyone else does.

Cameron avoids the kid like the plague and whenever the discussion concerning the kid come to the table she remains fucking Swiss.

It isn't until after the kid was almost kidnapped and ends with a severe concussion when at Douglas's age of twenty-three and Cameron's thirty-one in a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia it's revealed after two years that Douglas's mother maiden name is Cameron, more precisely Emerson Cameron, dead as of twelve years, older sister of one Kate Jane Cameron.

The incident creates a rift hard to overcome but in the end what matters is that Douglas doesn't directly answer to Cameron and Cameron remains coldly objective when Douglas's issues come to the table if she doesn't withhold her judgment.

Technically he should fire them or at the very least reassign them to two different teams but he finds himself unable to. So he settles for death glower and a long, terse dinner with the two of them.

He keeps his distance from both for another year until it occurs to him that he and Rob dispatched Cameron all on her own to the house of the unsub.

Cameron comes out from the incident relatively unscratched, with only low level concussion and Reid freaks out over her in his own manner while the team babies her and nurses her back to health.

Trust is not a given thing, it has to be earned and for Cameron it's Travis Deacon, Reid's personal Chester Hardwick. It's Cameron who occupies Deacon long enough for the guards to come back and it's Cameron who drives him home without saying a word until she drops him at his apartment.

"I will always trust you," that's all she says that day. "And I ask you to trust in my abilities if not myself."

Next day they are in Boston and they are victims of hit-and-run car accident on their way to interview the family of one of the victims. He was driving. Because of Cameron and her medical training he still has his left leg and he is worried sick when she loses consciousness when paramedics reach them. She lost a lot of blood because she cared for his injuries rather than hers.

Douglas ends running between two rooms until the doctors say that Cameron is out of the woods.

Sometimes he witnesses the events and sometimes he just has the knowledge of them happening and as the time flies he gets attached to his dream team like he is attached to his team.

Time flies but it doesn't lessen the pain.

SAC SSA Spencer Reid - 12th January 2028 – SA Jack Hotchner

Over the years, against his best judgment and common sense he meets with Jack Hotchner who after Hotch's death had ended under the care of Jessica and Mike Berkeley, his aunt and uncle.

Jessica nurtures in Jack the memory of Haley and Reid nurtures in Jack the memory of Hotch.

He attends Jack's soccer matches and is the loudest cheer around the stadium. No matter how exhausted he feels he always finds the time for Jack, he always accepts Jack's calls. It's him whom Jack asks to attend Careers Day at his primary school. It's also him who helps Jack with high school problems and helps Jessica with making adjustments for Jack to skip three years at school.

Jack is smart, by the time he enters the academy he is working on his dissertation from abnormal psychology. Hell, despite being Jack's godfather-in-absentia and the closest confidant Jack has in adults aside of Jessica because Jack never felt close to Mike, it isn't until Rob tells him that he has one Jack Hotchner in his profiling classes that he learns that Jack is in FBI academy.

It's the dinner on Friday after Rob drops this particular bomb when one Jack Hotchner delivers Spencer Reid his riot act. Yes, thank you, he knows into what he signed himself and doesn't it make you a hypocrite that you always told Aunt Jess to support my choices no matter what they were as long as they weren't against the law?

It's Cameron who mediates between one pissed off Spencer Reid and one huffy Jack Hotchner. In the end Reid accepts Jack's choice to follow his father's footsteps and he launches a campaign of his own.

Jack belongs to BAU but not because of Hotch but because over Hotch's casket Reid made a promise to Hotch that no matter what will happen in the future he will protect Hotch's son to his dying breath. Thankfully Jack is almost a doctor of abnormal psychology and even if fighting for him is hard Jack wants to end in BAU. Reid is grateful for that because as long as Jack is in BAU Reid can keep an eye on him and can protect him the best to his abilities which means that he can keep his promise to Hotch, no matter how painful is watching Jack seated at his own desk from the office that once belonged to his father.

So when JJ summons him to question his decision over hiring Jack Hotchner and his ability to lead his team Reid straightens his back and says.

"My team? Let me tell you about my team…"

There's only one thing to say about pain, it hurts.

Zeke Willey

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Next time: Old team discusses the case, the jet flies to Nebraska, Reid catches a nap and SAC SSA Reid tells his team about the Ripper on the flight to Nebraska. Reid's instinct kicks in for the first time.

Good instincts usually tell you what to do long before your head has figured it out. ~Michael Burke