Hey guys! (laughs nervously)

So, we haven't updated this story in a while. You might be wondering why...well, the truth is...this story is shit. And not the shit, meaning it's good, but legit shit. Haha, that rhymed.

...Back on topic...we don't like this story. We're rather ashamed of it. We have no plans for the plot, the writing is awful. We've grown as authors, so to speak. Alyssa is also totally boycotting MR now...she's a total HG fangirl now. Actually, Aurora is too...but unlike Alyssa, she hasn't boycotted a perfectly faxilicious fandom.

We hope you guys aren't too mad at us.

Here's the thing: If anyone wants to continue this story for us, drop us a review or a PM and let us know. We'd be more than happy to grant the rights to this story. Just be sure to give us a sample of your previous writing so we know our story will be in good hands. :)

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Keep calm, and fangirl on,
Aurora and Alyssa