Intimidated by her new Captain, Kagome Higurashi attempts to convince herself that Byakuya isn't as cold as he seems. Yoruichi helps the theory along. Byakuya is not thrilled...

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"Okay, you can do this," Kagome Higurashi muttered to herself, straightening her uniform for the tenth time in the last few minutes, "You just have to go in there, tell him that all's clear, and leave. You will not stutter!" Taking a deep breath, she steeled herself and turned the corner... only to turn back in embarrassment. Her Captain was talking to someone already.

"I can't interrupt. They look like they're having a deep conversation," the priestess-turned-Shinigami whispered, leaning around the corner to watch discreetly. The woman he was speaking to was lovely indeed, and she laughed before waving goodbye to her normally emotionless Captain; oddly enough, he looked incredibly irritated by the dark-skinned woman.

'I wonder what she said to make him so... annoyed?' Kagome thought, shutting her eyes and rubbing her palms against them in a nervous habit. 'He is so scary! I just don't know how to approach him without pissing him off. It's like dealing with Sesshomaru all over again!'

"You okay there?" a voice startled the former priestess and she looked up... only to come nose to nose with the woman that had been talking to her Captain.

"Ummm, yeah! I'm okay! Just... nervous," the younger female sighed, shaking her head to get her nerve back. The other woman's golden eyes softened in concern and she smiled disarmingly.

"I take it you're from Lil' Byakuya's squad?" Kagome blinked in shock.

'Lil'... What?' She merely nodded in agreement and the unknown woman smirked.

"He's pretty nerve-wracking, isn't he? I see he hasn't lost that talent."

"... Yeah. I'm... not used to that," Kagome finally admitted, grinning sheepishly at the dark-haired female, "Do you know him?"

"Oh yeah! Byakuya and I go way back. The name's Yoruichi, by the way," the woman stated, laughing at the shocked expression on the younger girl's face. She was so cute! It was like a young Soi Fon all over again.

"I'm Kagome. It's nice to meet you, Yoruichi."

"Listen, Kagome. Don't let his cold fish attitude get to you," Yoruichi suddenly said, smiling mischievously, "I know some stories about him that would have you in tears of laughter."

"You do?" Kagome asked, tilting her head in a skeptical manner.

"Yep! See, Byakuya and I grew up together, and he was a pompous angry kid. He always let his emotions get away from him. To be honest, he was so fun to tease," the former Captain nodded, reminiscing on all the times she'd gotten the boy riled up, "He made it so easy too!"

"Oh dear," the former priestess muttered, tittering in amusement. She could actually picture her strict Captain as a spoiled child that always wanted his way.

"Oh yes! He was always claiming that he would beat me one day with his Flash Step, but I was the fastest Flash Step user back then, so he was setting himself up pretty highly."

"It sounds like he admired you," the raven-haired girl stated honestly, smiling as Yoruichi blinked in astonishment.

"Maybe... I never thought of it that way," Yoruichi muttered, thinking back on all of her memories before she shook her head. "Anyways, I used to steal his hair ribbon all the time. He always got so pissed off and he'd chase me around screaming at the top of his little lungs that he was going to put an end to me one day!"

Kagome giggled, imagining a much younger Byakuya with an Inuyasha-like attitude. It was so unreal, but incredibly funny at the same time. She could even see him swinging a sword around wildly and threatening to chop things up in his rage.

'To think that my cold Captain was like that when he was younger! I guess he's really not that intimidating when you think of him like that!'

"I still should return the favor, Yoruichi," a cold male voice stated behind the two laughing girls, and Kagome froze up suddenly in fear.

'He's right behind me, isn't he?' she thought faintly, starting to turn to face her stoic Captain. A whirlwind of motion passed by the two females and their hair came tumbling down from their respective tails. Yoruichi blinked in confusion while Kagome stared on in shock. Had her Captain just stolen her hair ribbon?

"W-wha-! Byakuya! Give it back!" the Black Ops expert whined, attempting to snag her ribbon from a much older Byakuya. He Flash Stepped to the side, appearing next to his frozen subordinate and gracing her with a look.

"Umm... Captain? Can I have my ribbon back?" Kagome asked meekly, hoping that he would give in to her request. He merely raised a brow and wrapped the blue fabric around a finger smugly.

"For you're slacking, you will have to take it back." That being said, the Captain of Squad 6 vanished, leaving two very irate females to chase after their hair ribbons.

"That's cheating Byakuya!" Yoruichi shouted, Flash Stepping after the much faster male in anger.

"I don't even know the Flash Step yet!" Kagome shrieked, sprinting after the two much faster competitors.

"Then perhaps you need to learn, Higurashi," Byakuya whispered, his hot breath fanning against her neck and causing the girl to go red in embarrassment. She whipped around to face him, but he had already disappeared again.

"That is not fair, Captain Kuchiki!"


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