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POV Alex-Sometime around third seasonish...

Rated M


"The people ask for remand, your honor." I glared at Petrovsky as I spoke loudly, my alto voice echoing off the courtroom walls. I wanted to yell at the ignorant bat, but bit my lip instead very hard. Pain is good, pain centers me.

I was glad Olivia was busy and couldn't make it today to watch me in court like she usually does if she has the time. She mentioned that my prosecutor tone causes tingles in her toes and distracts her. The pain will push down the anger. I pushed my glasses up my nose, situating them with a huff. With each turn of my head, I felt the sweat on the back of my neck rubbing into my shirt collar, causing it to be damp and chafe my skin with each whip of my head. This was my third bail hearing this morning and at each one I've asked for remand and Petrovsky humiliated me and shot me down.

I was steaming mad.

Petrovsky glared back at me, her beady green eyes meeting mine without so much as a blink. "The evidence against the defendant is in question Miss Cabot; you know better. Bail is set at three hundred thousand." Bang.

I slammed my fist down hard onto the wood of the courtroom desk, and kept my eyes locked onto Petrovsky. She smirked as she gathered up her crap from the bench. What a bitch, I thought, finally breaking my stare down and began to gather up my own materials as fast as my hands were able. I grabbed my briefcase and stomped down the aisle toward the double doors.

"Miss Cabot," I heard boom through the now almost empty courtroom. I froze and slowly turned around. My eyes met with a pair of smiling green ones staring up at me from the doorway to the judge's chambers. Shit, no escape now.

"Yes, Judge?" I said in my most sincere, but I really want to say 'eat me' voice.

"A word if you will, please?" A command and not a question.

I nodded and turned back the way I had stomped just a few moments ago, walking softly this time. No stomping in front of Petrovsky, she might call me petulant and embarrass me further. She didn't wait for me to reach her before exiting through the door and leaving it to swing in my face, missing my nose and glasses by inches. I growled low in my throat. She is pushing it today.

I walked a few paces behind her, not rushing to catch up with her. I didn't want to look down into those mirth filled eyes. I tried to breathe deeply and calm down but as I watched her hair bouncing I only became more angry with her. With each step I watched her take, I thought about the possible headlines for my arrest after I choke her to death. I should have been shocked by my violent thoughts, not being a naturally violent person, but instead they comforted me and filled me with a peace.

Far too soon, she reached her office door and left the door open in silent invitation for me to follow her inside. With a sigh I did. "Into the dragons lair I go," I muttered under my breath. "Hope she doesn't eat me." Liv will be so mad.

"Close the door Alexandra," she requested in a softer voice than she used before. I did as she asked then stood silently by the door, the only possible escape should she morph into the alien I always thought she is and tries to perform experiments on me.

"What do you need Judge? I have other engagements this afternoon," I stared at her with a raised my eyebrow. Oh, she is so going to get hit with my very full briefcase and I'm going to take a picture and you-tube it.

"Your detective will wait for you." She gestured to her visitor chairs. "Please have a seat, take a load off. Those heels must be killing you, that's part of why I left my not so cushy ADA job to sit on the bench and glare all day." She looked at my three inch heels with something akin to sympathy in her gaze, and then she sat down in her chair, putting her loafer clad feet up on the corner of her desk. "Blasted shoes."

I stared at her. Who is this person? "Um, what makes you think I'm meeting my detective? And what exactly is this regarding?" I took her advice and sat down, leaning back with a sigh of pleasure. I really was glad to be off my feet after three solid hours practically standing the whole time, arguing my cases in front of this weird woman.

"Oh please Miss Cabot, the whole courthouse knows you and that gorgeous detective Benson are doing the bump and grind. That's not what I wanted to discuss. However, I would like to know your plans when Lewin leaves the DA office. Are you staying in your current position or would you be open to a different type of prosecution?"

"What?" I made a conscious effort to not let my jaw hit the floor at her statement. "Honestly Judge, I haven't really considered my future career plans. Why?"

"I have contacts and they are looking for a prosecutor of your caliber. I told them I would inquire on their behalf."

"But you ignored my requests for remand all morning. You constantly question my skills and embarrass me. What do you mean a prosecutor of my caliber. Is this a joke?" I felt my eyes widen as I thought, oh Alex you just stuck your foot in your mouth.

She sighed and met my unwavering gaze. "I question you Alexandra, and embarrass you as you so delicately put it, because I am beyond impressed with your oratory skills." She smiled and I grabbed my chair to keep from falling out of it. Who knew a dragon could smile?

"To put it bluntly Miss Cabot, I've seen more than my share of young pompous attorneys breeze into my court with their noses in the air and their brains in their asses and they are a joke." She leaned forward and stared with her intense green eyes at me. "You…are…not. You have talent and it should be harnessed and fed properly. I've been watching you since you first stepped into my courtroom and you've become bored at what you're doing."

I opened my mouth to dispute her but she raised her finger before I could speak and cut in. "Don't lie, because for an attorney, you stink at it."

I wanted to question her but thought better of it and said, "Fine, I've been bored lately. Olivia…um, Detective Benson has been my only reason to stay where I'm at. The DA chair was in my plans but I am open to other positions." I tilted my head in thought as I ran through the possible contacts she might have. I bit my lip and asked, "who wants me?" She laughed a throaty laugh. At the sound, I jumped in surprise. She gazed at me as I caught myself from sliding off the leather chair. "Better hang on, you don't want to explain to Olivia the bruise you'll get when you hit you bump your butt on the tiles."

"Sorry Judge…So the contact?"

"Let's just say they come from Virginia and are very interested in you. Especially after bucked the Brass." I ran through a list in my head and came up with the agency in Langley. Oh, shit. What do I tell Olivia?

"But why not just ask the DA's office? Why you?"

"My contact is a Deputy Director and is a close friend of mine. I'm doing a favor and going over heads for you. Still interested?"

I nodded my head then looked down at my knuckles, white from my grip on my chair arms.

She continued to stare at me then said, "I shall talk to my contact, get some more information and then you and I will be talking again soon. Now, run along and tell your detective that I apologize for keeping you from her." With a wink that almost looked like a nervous twitch, I was dismissed from the great Petrovskys office. The dragon didn't chew on me nor did she swallow me whole. I stood up and left.

What the fuck, I wanted to shout to the empty hall, but refrained because doors were open to the other Judge's offices. I ran as fast as my heels would carry me to the precinct to pick up Olivia for our lunch date. I thought about what just happened and decided that my morning coffee wasn't spiked, and I hadn't entered the twilight zone.

My discussion with the dragon Judge really occurred, and she did compliment me. The compliment scared me more than her intense gaze did. And I was pretty scared and still a touch angry with her. So, does everybody know I'm with Olivia? I wandered as I stood on the steps leading into the precinct. I was in shock still as I stepped into the precinct and the officers took one look at my glazed eyes and bolted in the other direction, away from me.

I decided that I needed more information from Petrovsky before making any decisions or mentioning this incident to Olivia. She might have a stroke or die of a heartache after laughing her ass off at the absurdity of the situation. I'll think about this tomorrow, I told myself as I rode the surprisingly empty elevator up to the third floor to see my lover.

A/N: I tapped this out and I'm not really sure where it will end up going. I wanted to try for an actual plot based story and not just a smut-shot, so it might end up sucking bottoms. If you have any ideas for where you would like this start to go, they'd be welcome.