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Chapter Nine: Agree to Disagree

The drinks glasses were empty and our talk had drifted off to the occasional murmur. Then, Amy suggested we eat before the food stepped out of the stove and made a run for it. Of course, Olivia laughed at that. I chuckled at the sight of my lover, comfortable in a strangers home, making jokes with the girlfriend of my nemesis. If I hadn't had the night before to mentally prepare myself, I would have surely run screaming into the night.

We all sauntered toward the eating area, our bodies relaxed from the alcohol and the environment. I had my hand wrapped tightly around Liv's, though we were as comfortable as could be, I still wanted the tether of having her an arms length away from me. As we left the hallway, I froze as I stepped in the doorway to the kitchen. Liv had to tug me along to get me to snap out of it. The room was a shock to say the least. If I blocked out Petrovsky and Amy, I would have assumed that we stood before my table at my penthouse.

"Well, Alexandra. Don't just stand there and gawk, come on. Your other half is probably starved. I know my other half never stops putting things in her mouth," Lena said, giving me a brief wink.

I swallowed down my shock and followed Liv toward the table. "You two just plop down and I'll help Lena," Amy burred.

"I could help too, I'm not completely inept in the kitchen. Even one with such similarities to my own. I bet that I even know exactly where the glasses are kept," I said. Liv gave me a shoulder nudge, her way of saying to politely shut up before I let my mouth overrun my brain, which only happens every time we go out of the house. I ducked my head, knowing she's probably right. So, I let her pull out my chair and help me up to the table with a hard shove. "Liv," I growled. She just smirked then took her own seat to my right. Amy brought over glasses of water, and I eagerly took mine and drank a few deep gulps. Liv winked and turned in her seat to face Lena, standing over by the stove, getting the food ready.

We sat down to a perfectly set table. If the scene that Lena set in the living room wasn't enough of a breaking the ice for me, she made sure that I would feel at home in the kitchen. Or maybe the fates did want me to suffer for eternity as the long lost twin of this woman, whom I once hated with a passion, and now was slowly growing to respect.

"I hope you're hungry, Olivia. Because Amy insisted I make double recipes of everything," Lena said, setting down the food and moving out of the way for Amy to set down the rest of the food dishes.

"I could eat," Liv said, her hand reaching under the table to grasp my knee. I sat back and smiled softly at her touch.

I caught Amy's eye and she looked at Liv then at me, and winked. "She could always eat. Practically a bottomless pit."

"Me too," Amy piped in. Then, Lena elbowed her in the ribs then took her own seat right across from me. Amy followed suit and sat down across from Liv.

I smiled when Lena looked my way and gave her a head dip. "Beautiful job. Definitely a much better table setting than I could manage."

"Oh, I doubt that, Alex. Remember, I've been to your family country house on more than one occasion. Bill and I are good friends from way back," Lena said, passing Amy a dish of steaming green beans. I watched Amy sigh, look at the green beans, then over at Lena as she accepted the bowl and scooped out a big helping.

"You hate the green too?" Liv asked Lena, and smiled at her.

"I dispise it. But, I still have to eat it or else," Amy replied, giving her plate a deep frown. "Ukky." Then she mock shivered, then passed the bowl on to Liv.

"Why do you have to eat something you don't like?" I asked, scooping a perfect spoonful of the beans onto my plate then scooping more onto Liv's, catching her eye as I did.

Amy laughed at Liv's resulting deep frown, as she eyed her green bean covered plate. "I believe you just answered your own question, Miss Cabot."

"Yes, Olivia. Eat up," Lena husked, laughing along with her lover.

I ignored Liv's grumbles, filling up both our plates with food and then picked up my fork. I tasted the food and it was heaven in my mouth. "Mmhmm, this is delicious."

"Of course it is. I cooked it. If it was up to Amy, we'd be having delivered pizza."

"I wouldn't complain," Liv smiled at Amy. "I love pepperoni. Extra pepperoni even. Alex likes multi veggie pizzas." She stuck her tongue out, then shook her head.

"I knew I liked you, Olivia," Amy said, "Hmm, pepperoni." Then she sighed and started eating, her focus only on her plate. Olivia copied her, leaving Lena and me staring across the table at each other. We shrugged and laughed together, then started eating. The only sound for the next few minutes was the soft clanging of silverware against china.

"So, Alex. Would you be interested in the position we discussed, working with me at the central office?"

I set down my fork, briefly looking at Liv, her fork frozen in mid-air. "I think it would be a good position for me. I need a change. But, it would depend on Olivia and what she has to say." I took a drink to stall for a moment, gathering my thoughts, then I said, "well, Liv, what do you think?"

"Um…" Liv set down her fork. "I want whatever you want. I can either find a position with the federal branch, and move up or I can retire. Either way, I want to be with you. We've spent too much time apart as it is."

"Then the answer is yes. We can pick up any formal discussions later," I said to Amy, my eyes flicking from her to Liv then back to Amy. "Right now, let's just enjoy the merging of new friendships." I raised my glass for a toast, waiting until the others copied me. "To a new kind of relationship."


"New friends."


I winked at Lena, then smiled at Amy. "May we have many more dinners as pleasant as this one in the future."

"Indeed," Amy agreed, downing the rest of her beverage then smiling at Lena. "Many more dinners."

"You just care about the food," Lena whacked Amy with her napkin. "Always thinking about eating."

"I'm a hungry girl," Amy husked, ducking her head and missing the blush that colored Lena's cheeks.

"Ha, nice to know the embarrassment is on the other foot now," I said, smirking.

"Just wait, Alex. She's a devil in disguise. You think working with me is tough, you just wait… But I love her anyways."

I looked at Liv, and we said at the same time, "awwww."

"Cute or not, Alex. I expect to see you in chambers on Monday morning. With the proper warrants this time."

I straightened up properly chastised and kicked Liv. "See what you've done."

"You started it."

"Children!" Amy shouted, then laughed.