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"Detective Benson?"

Olivia looked up when she heard her name being called. She stood up and walked over to the young police officer who was staring at her intently.

"Yes?" she asked with confusion.

"I'm from Bellevue. I have a prisoner that wants you to come by," the guy stated.

Olivia glared at him. "So? I'm busy. I don't have time to visit a prisoner."

"He said he'll tell your secrets if you don't," he said.

Olivia paused. Oh, God. She prayed it wouldn't be him. It couldn't be him. "Who is it?" she asked.

"His name is Rob Lawrence."

Olivia's spirits dropped. No, no, no. God, no. Not Rob Lawrence.

She feigned confusion so nothing would seem suspicious. "I...don't know what you're talking about. I don't have any...secrets," she said.

The cop said, "All right, well, I was just sent here to notify you just in case you would go to see him."

Then the cop left and Olivia collapsed into her chair heavily. She held her face in her hands. It had been two months since Rob Lawrence had been imprisoned for the rape of a girl in Manhattan.

Rob Lawrence had taught Olivia in college and had creeped her out badly by feeling her up every day after school. One day, he had gone too far and Olivia had slapped him. That night, Rob had come by her dorm and had raped and killed her roommate, Glori, and had knocked Olivia unconscious with a lamp. When she had woken up, she'd found Glori in a dumpster and Rob Lawrence had left. She had told the police many times that it was Rob, but his friends had alibied him and there was no evidence against him, so he hadn't been punished.

Then, he'd left and Olivia hadn't seen him again until two months ago, when he saw her picture in the paper and had visited her at the precinct. He had stalked Olivia and then raped another girl. Olivia had been out for revenge, and had almost ruined her life by coming close to killing Rob, but she didn't end up killing him due to Elliot's confession that he loved her. Nevertheless, Olivia had held a gun to his head and kicked him very hard in several places. Elliot had talked Rob into not saying anything about what Olivia had done, and everything had been fine. But now, two months later, Rob was threatening to tell and get her in trouble. This was the worst news Olivia could stand.

"Elliot," she said, grabbing his arm and pulling him after her to the lounge.

"What? What is it?" he asked.

"Lawrence is threatening to tell what I did to him."

Elliot's face turned to an expression of anger. "How do you know?"

"The cop that just came in told me that he said if I don't come to visit him he'll tell my secrets..."

Elliot looked really upset already. "Okay..Okay, maybe he just wants to see you. Maybe this isn't a big deal. Maybe nothing will happen. Let's just go visit him, and then maybe we can make sure his mouth is shut and everything will be fine," he said.

Olivia looked like she was going to cry. She wouldn't, of course. But she was on the verge. "If he says anything, he'll get me in prison for at least a little while, and then when I get out I'll never be able to be a cop again!" she said, leaving the room and walking up to the crib for privacy.

Elliot followed her up there. When he went into the crib, he found Olivia sitting on a bed.

"Elliot, what have I done? Why couldn't I just find him and take him to the precinct? Why couldn't I just have kept my hands off of him? I'm so ridiculous. Any day, any moment, he has the power to put me into prison and take away my job. What can I do? I...I should have just killed him anyway and found a way to cover it up!" she said, holding her face in her hands.

Elliot sat beside her and put his hand on her back. "No, you shouldn't have. That would have been a much worse situation. You'd feel guilty every day because you're not a killer, Olivia, no matter how bad the person is. And you probably would have been caught and put in prison anyway. You can't think like that. We've just got to find a way to get him to shut his mouth."

Olivia looked at Elliot and calmed down. "Okay. Okay. Let's go talk to him," she said.

When they got to Bellvue, Olivia went to the service desk and asked to visit Rob. A guard led her and Elliot to a cell that he shared with another guy who was tall and tough-looking. Olivia felt like she'd pee in her pants.

Rob stood up immediately and walked quickly to the bars. He put his hands around the bars and Olivia scooted back.

"My buddy here, Brendan, says I can get you in prison for what you did whether you're a cop or not!" he shouted.

So Rob had found out that he could get her into trouble. Not good. When Elliot had negotiated with him over not telling on Olivia, he'd just told him that since Olivia was a cop, she probably would be able to escape any trouble from the incident and if he told anybody he'd get a kick in the balls. Rob, who knew very little about the law, had believed Elliot, so he'd kept his mouth shut. But it seemed like this Brendan guy knew a little more than Rob did and he had filled him in on the details.

Neither Elliot nor Olivia knew what to do now. Rob would surely tell the guards what Olivia had done and she'd probably get in huge trouble. Elliot and Olivia could both deny it, and their words would be strong because they were both cops, but there were probably witnesses of the gun incident somewhere that would come forth and get Olivia in permanent trouble. They needed to find a way to handle this carefully, because it was Olivia's job and future at stake. But how could they handle a situation like this?

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