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When Olivia woke up at the hospital, her whole unit was there with her. She was in a hospital bed, in a hospital gown, and everybody was staring at her when she opened her eyes. She sort of remembered changing into the hospital gown and being put into the bed, but she'd been half-asleep, and all she really remembered was Elliot, staying with her when they arrived at the hospital and when she climbed into bed and once again fell asleep.

Olivia sat up and wondered why she had to stay in a hospital. She wasn't hurt that bad, was she? She hadn't been shot or anything...

"Why am I here?" she asked, placing her hands on the rails of her bed.

For a second, everybody was silent and they just stared at her. Then Fin chuckled, trying not to laugh too loudly. Then the smile dropped off his face.

"You lost a lot of blood," Elliot explained. "They were waiting for you to wake up so you could get some more."

Olivia didn't even have to ask whose blood she was receving. She already knew. Elliot had her same blood type, coincidentally. Olivia remembered distinctly when she found that out.

"You know, we've been partners for twelve years and I don't even know your blood type."

"A positive."

"How 'bout that, me too."

"Thanks, Elliot," she said.

Elliot looked at her blankly. "Who said I was the one giving you blood?"

Everybody looked at Elliot.

Olivia chuckled and looked away from him for a second. Elliot finally laughed and stood up.

"Elliot, what about your shoulder?" Olivia asked randomly, as if she was just noticing that he didn't have on any type of brace or anything.

"It's wrapped," he said, pulling his collar to the side so she could see the white bandage.

She nodded. "Oh."

"We caught the other prisoners. As stupid as it was for them, they all went to the same place-another stranded warehouse down the road from the one you were kept in. I guess they didn't think we'd catch Rob so quickly. But anyway, we've got them in custody," Elliot explained.

Olivia was a little relieved, but she'd actually sort of forgotten about the other prisoners for awhile. They hadn't mattered when compared to Rob. "Oh, that's good. They're all back in prison?"

"Yeah...I'm going to tell the doctor that you're awake. They kept trying to wake you up so you could get the blood, but you would keep falling asleep so they decided to just let you sleep a little. Who knows? They may have actually let you go home if you had stayed awake," he said.

Olivia chuckled. "Well, shit, sorry," she remarked.

He smiled and left the room.

"You guys can seriously leave now, you all need to get home. I'm glad you all came to make sure I was all right. Thanks," Olivia said, looking from Munch's face to Fin's to Cragen's.

Fin stood up. "Nah, we don't have to be home right now. We're just glad we found you," he said.

"Thank you guys for coming. But seriously, go home. I'm tired. I'll probably just fall asleep again. Elliot will take me home," she replied.

They looked at each other for a minute, and then finally stood up.

"You sure?" Munch asked, right as Elliot walked into the room.

Olivia glanced at Elliot, then back at Munch. "Yeah, I'm sure. Thanks," she said.

They all left the room finally, leaving Elliot and Olivia alone for all of two seconds before the doctor came in the room.

"Miss Benson, I'm Dr. Ugalde," he said, raising his thick black eyebrows. "You're going to be fine. I'm going to give you some of your partner's blood, and then you'll be all set. All I can say is that I need you to stay off of work for at least a week, preferably two. The main reason is because of your legs. The cuts should heal, but there may be scars, and I need you to stay off of your legs and not put as much pressure on them. If you fall on your cuts or anything like that, they'll probably become more infected and that could lead to more, eh, serious issues with your legs," he lectured. "Now, it's also recommended that you get stitches, but I think as long as you don't hurt your legs anymore and you're careful, you should really be all right without them. So, would you like to get stitches, or are you going to just promise me that you'll be very careful?"

Olivia stared at him, taking it all in. "I'll be careful. I promise I'll stay off of work," she said. She was going to keep her promise. She wouldn't want to work for a week anyway, and why should she when she had time off? They'd be just fine without her. She was going to rest, and she knew that Elliot would drop by occasionally and keep her company.

"All right, then. Let's get you some blood, and then you can leave," he said.

Olivia nodded, and then looked at Elliot, who gave her a reassuring look.

When they'd gotten all of her blood work done, Elliot took Olivia to her apartment and went up with her. He had to help her walk up there and open the door for her. He tried to ignore any guilt that he had for what had happened to Olivia. Even though he felt a little guilty, he knew that it wasn't his fault. He was going to ignore that feeling of guilt and just help Olivia. It was awful what had happened to her, but it was not his fault, it was Rob Lawrence's fault, and that was it.

The second they were in the apartment and Elliot had set down the stuff he'd been carrying, which was Olivia's pain medicine and the car keys, Olivia turned around and kissed Elliot. He was a little surprised that she'd done that right when they got inside, but oh well. He kissed her back, so glad that she was there. When she finally pulled back, he stared at her, still kind of shocked.

"What?" she asked, smiling a little.

He chuckled. "What was that about? That was pretty sudden."

She put her hands on his shoulders, partly out of affection, partly because she needed to hold herself up.

"Well, we had to sit in that dumb hospital room with everybody for a long time, and I couldn't kiss you or tell you how much I love you the whole time," she said, sitting down in a chair.

He smiled and kissed her again. "I love you too," he said. It used to be a difficult thing to say because he didn't like being open about it, but now it was the greatest thing for him to say. He enjoyed it, in fact. He was glad to have her there with him, and he loved her even more than he ever had before.

Olivia looked at him seriously. "Elliot, I want you to move in with me. Or I want to move in with you. I want to always be with you, I want to always have access to you and never feel like you're away," she said. "I want to be able to talk to you any time I want, or climb in bed with you any time I feel like it," she said.

Elliot nodded. "Me too. But my apartment's tiny, so I think it's obvious where we're going to stay," he said. "Or we could both sell our apartments and buy a new one," he suggested.

Olivia grinned. "I like that idea," she replied. She was quiet a minute. "Either way, it will work out," she said.

And it would work out, because Olivia was going to be okay, and they were in love, and they'd never been more thankful for each other.

Olivia looked at Elliot. "And one more thing, El?"

He nodded, looking at her questioningly.

"We should get a Golden Retriever."

The End. (:

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