United Nations is a popular MMORPG where the characters are nations. New players Alfred and Matthew have fun running countries and fighting monsters as their characters, America and Canada, but they soon learn the game's bright, cheerful world holds some dark secrets. Eventual USUK.

Inspired by .hack, obviously. XD I did borrow the bit from .hack/Legend of the Twilight where the main characters win their avatars in a contest, but hey, it was the easiest way to get a couple of newbies such important characters.

Disclaimer: Hetalia's not mine.

"Is it ready?" Alfred was practically bouncing as he peered over his twin brother's shoulder, watching him fiddle with the helmet-like devices he had plugged into the computers.

"I think so." Matthew turned one over in his hands, poking at it. "I guess we'll find out."

"Awesome!" Alfred picked up the game box, along with the codes that had been his prize. He had never won anything before! Filling out every contest form he ran across in every store had finally paid off. He plucked the game's manual out, studying the artwork featuring a handsome warrior and scantily clad woman wielding swords in the midst of a modern city. "United Nations," he recited. Currently the most popular MMORPG, they had been eager to play for the longest time, but had been discouraged by the lack of interesting characters available. Until now.

"Hand me the game disc. I'll get it set up."

"Sure." Alfred handed it over, then plopped down on the floor to flip through the manual. "'You are one of the nations of the world! It is up to you to keep your country running smoothly, whether it's paperwork' – Yeah, that sounds exciting – 'or fighting off hordes of invading monsters' – Now that's more like it!"

Matthew hummed in agreement as he watched the loading bar.

Alfred lost interest in the text, flipping through to look at the artwork. The characters looked like they came from a regular old medieval fantasy game, which was odd considering the game took place in modern times. Oh well.

Nations were no longer the only characters, they knew. After the game had taken off in popularity, it had become apparent that a game with finite characters would not work out well, and so states, provinces, even cities started becoming available characters. Hence the twins' lack of interest. Their young cousin Peter had been playing for a couple years, and his character was a ridiculous metal fort that claimed to be a sovereign state! No thank you, they wanted to be somebody interesting. By now they would probably be lucky to play as a park or a cave.

But then Alfred had won a drawing, his prize a set of codes that would allow them to create country characters and name them America and Canada. He had waited no time before calling Peter to brag! They got to be two of the best countries in the world!

Alfred continued to idly flip through the manual while he waited, humming to himself. "What class do you think you'll be? What's a good class for Canada?" Unable to choose, they had held a mini drawing to decide who would play which character.

"I don't know." Matthew was still working intently on getting the game in working order.

"I don't know, either. We'll decide when we get going!"


A short time later, Matthew finally made a pleased sound, indicating the waiting process was over. Alfred bounded to his seat, grabbing for the helmet device. "Okay! What do I do?"

"Didn't you read the instructions?"

"Sort of."

They went over a brief lesson in gameplay, then took their places at their computers and settled the helmets on. Alfred blinked in surprise at the screen that popped up around him, displaying the image from the cover of the game box, only surrounding him in 3D. "Awesome..." He clicked through the boring introductory text, not pausing to read until he reached character creation. Grinning, Alfred selected 'male' and 'nation'. When prompted to name his character, he typed in 'America', after which he had to input his code. Success! He now had a nation. "Okay, class, class..." Impatient to get started, Alfred scrolled through the options. "Mage, hunter, summoner, gunner... oh! I like that." It was the only thing that didn't sound out of place. Grinning, Alfred made his selection. He was definitely okay with shooting things!

In the character customization screen, Alfred got to work bringing his character to life. He went with tall and blond, somewhat muscular but not overly so, a friendly cheerful face. Over his plain clothes, Alfred gave him a leather jacket. And for the finishing touch, he decided his nation self would wear glasses, just like his real self.

Satisfied with his appearance, Alfred started the game. He could only gape in amazement as an entire world opened up before him.

Alfred—America—gazed around in wonder. He wouldn't have guessed he was in a game, the city he stood in seemed so real! It even felt real, he could swear he felt the breeze that ruffled his hair, the ground beneath his feet. He stomped a few times just to check, grinning. "Well! Look at me, I am a nation." A pair of belts crisscrossed his hips, a holster at each hip housing a nice big handgun. "A badass nation." He tugged them out, twirling the guns around, which would surely cause a disaster were he to try that in real life. "Awesome." He looked around at the city, at the people who wandered around. "Uh, now what?"

He heard a small ping sound, and an envelope icon popped up right in front of his eyes. "Oh, mail." America reached out to poke the icon, and words took its place. "Huh. Blah blah, meet your boss, he will give you your first mission..." Hopefully it would be one of the missions that involved killing things, rather than talking or paperwork or whatever.

Someone approached America—another player? NPC? He wasn't sure how to tell the difference yet—looking nervous, moving with the aid of some sort of walking stick. He had longish blond hair, with goggles nestled onto the curls, glasses, and a long beige coat with belts crisscrossing it. Always with the excess belts. This is a modern RPG all right... But he was rather handsome, and America wondered-

"Is that you?" the other person said.

"Oh!" America grinned. "Matt. Er, Canada. Hey! You used the same face as me!"

Canada peered closer, his own smile falling. "I think I did. I guess we have to be twins in the game, too."

"I guess so." Oh geez, I was checking him out! I checked out my brother! "Well, uh." America cleared his throat. "I'm a gunner!"

"I see that. Um, I'm a cleric." He gestured with the walking stick. Oh, a magical staff.

"Oh man..." America chuckled.


"You went with the lamest class!"

Canada rolled his eyes. "We'll see how lame I am when I'm healing and reviving your ass."

"Yeah, yeah."

"Oh, hold on." Canada made a button-pushing gesture, apparently checking his own email. "Ah, we're supposed to meet our bosses. Each one of us has a boss, and he'll be the one who gives us missions. Or she, I suppose."

"Beginner missions will probably be boring..." America looked around at the surrounding city again. He thought back to the crash course in controls, and brought up the map. "If we take the train to Station D, we can explore the... Mortuary Fields!"

Canada took a step back, clutching his staff close to his chest. "That does not sound like a good place for us to go, we're level one! Let's go find our bosses."

"Come on, Matt! I just want to explore a little, pleeease?"

His brother rolled his eyes again. "I hate it when you do that..."

Grinning, America grabbed his arm, tugging him toward the train station. This was going to be fun!