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As Canada walked into the town square that served as the nations' meeting place, he grew more and more excited, certain that for once he would be more popular than his brother. After all, he figured, who cared about having a new gunner around? It was a popular class people chose because it looked cool. His attacks weren't as powerful as a melee fighter, and he had nothing else to offer, except attacking from afar while everyone else got their butts kicked.

Healers, though, were a class everyone needed, even if they made fun of them. And because nobody wanted to be a healer, he could very well be one of the only clerics among the nations! Everyone would want him to join with them.

He had become so certain of this, that the disappointment almost felt like a physical blow when he spotted a pair of young men – auburn haired, one scowling, the other with his eyes shut for some reason – wielding cleric staffs. Well... two still wasn't a lot. Hopefully he would still be popular. He looked into the other clerics' stats, blinking in surprise. North Italy and South Italy? How did that happen? Did other countries get split up to make more characters? Did America have a Southern gent counterpart somewhere?

Canada looked around at the others strolling in or milling about. In turn, they noticed him, staring at the new nation with what looked like mostly curiosity. Every class was represented: monks, rogues, berserkers, summoners, several warriors with huge swords, and one with what looked like a metal pipe for some reason... Canada chose a polite-looking warrior to approach. The warrior's stats identified him as Japan.

"Hello." Canada smiled inwardly. In real life, he was much too shy to just walk up to people and talk to them. Most of his friends were online-only. At least the game would give them some semblance of realism.

Japan bowed politely. "Hello. So you are the new Canada."

"That's right. So I was-"

"Hey!" America squeezed between them, grabbing Japan's hand to enthusiastically shake.

Canada rolled his eyes, smiling weakly at Japan's silent cry for help. He backed away as his brother hogged his potential new friend, looking around for somebody America wouldn't be interested in.

He was about to approach the large fellow with the pipe when an arm draped around his shoulder. Canada glanced over at the friendly long-haired blond, whose blue eyes seemed to sparkle. "Hello."

"Bonjour! Comment ça va?"

"O-oh!" Canada laughed nervously. "Um. Ça va bien. I've only recently started taking French in school. I suppose I should study more, now that it's one of my official languages. Oh, but you can't understand me, I don't know why-"

"Relax," the other nation said with a laugh. "I speak English just fine."

Unsurprisingly, his character turned out to be France, and he was a rogue. How many players were the same nationality as their character? Or maybe it was a phony accent. It did sound kind of phony, so that was entirely possible. "Oh, okay."

"Your friend is quite friendly."

"My brother." Canada glanced over at America, who was still chatting and laughing with Japan, as well as a couple other Asian nations. "I think he's either going to unite the world in enthusiastic harmony, or bring about another World War."

"Ah. The Italies are brothers, too. They chose the same face entirely by accident, and it is a constant source of agitation for them. One of them, anyway. Was it the same for you?"

"It was an accident for us, too. Though we're twins in real life, so we're used to it."

"Twins? Really?" France managed to lean closer. "Interesting."

Canada coughed. "Are you really French?"

"As a matter of fact I am!"

Yeah right. Canada had no idea about the etiquette of discussing their personal lives during the game's official business, so he refrained from asking further questions. Instead he resumed watching the gathering nations.

"He's pretty," Canada noted, watching a passing berserker. He had delicate features, curly brown hair, and wore lots of tight leather. The large axe seemed out of place with him.

"He is, isn't he?" France chuckled. "That's Hungary."

"Hungary? Is he really Hungarian?"

"Yes she is."

Canada blinked. "What? She?" He looked closer, but the outfit left nothing to the imagination, and that figure was definitely male.

"Oh yes, female player."

"Is that common?"

"You'd be surprised. But not too common among the nations. I can't think of any besides her. And she does have a female alt when she's in the mood."

"Oh." Canada hadn't even considered choosing a female character. He glanced down at himself and wondered what that would be like in such a realistic game.

He suddenly found himself wanting to find a private area and take off his clothes to see just how realistic the game was.

Then he shook his head, wondering what had gotten into him.

"Picturing yourself with knockers?"

"What? No!" Canada stepped away, crossing his arms over his chest.

"She has a boyfriend who also plays." France gestured toward Hungary. "It makes things a bit awkward for him."

"I can imagine."

"We do have our suspicions about China," France mused, glancing toward a petite Asian. "But he insists he is male in real life."

"Is he bothering you?" America strode closer. Even in his new avatar, his Unnecessary Overprotective Brother look was unmistakable.

"We're just talking," Canada said. He eyed France, hoping the handsy manner was just a French thing.

"That's right!" France said.

"Okay, everyone seems to be here," a tall fellow with severely slicked back hair said. Germany, a warrior. "I guess we should get started."

Seeing that his brother seemed unmolested, America looked around to find Japan again, but the other nation seemed to have disappeared in the crowd. Oh well, their meeting seemed to be starting. How boring. This was supposed to be a fun game, not a job.

"I'll start," Germany said once it seemed he had everyone's attention. "The German economy seems to be improving. The hackers were caught and dealt with. And several very expensive money sink items have been created to help get rid of some of the excess ill-gotten loot."

"They're great!" China interrupted. "I've got two." He glanced around when eyes started turning his way. "I didn't mean I used ill-gotten loot to buy them..."

Germany cleared his throat. "Anybody else?"

"My little problem seems to have improved," said the jerk who had been getting too close to Canada. France. Great. "There are stricter rules in place regarding doing... things in public, where any underage player can be walking by. And there are new adult-only areas."

England eyed him. "In other words, you've created brothels."

"If that's what you want to call it."

A scruffy man in old fashioned Roman-looking armor popped up. "Do these places require real money to get in?"

England was quick to interrupt. "The pirates off my coast have been taken care of."

"Excellent," Germany said, nodding. "And what about the orc army that was seen heading for China?"

"No problem," China said. "They were ugly."

"And the one that was nearing Russia?"

"They won't be doing that again," the creepy tall nation said with a smile.

"The army has been defeated, then?"


Orc armies! That sounded a lot more fun than standing around talking. And... pirates! America scooted closer to England, eager to hear more about the pirate raids going on. Maybe he could help! Maybe something like that was going on in his country. Maybe he had cowboy towns being attacked by Indians! No, that wouldn't be considered politically correct. But hopefully cowboys would be involved somehow.

"You get pirates?" America said. "How do you fight them? That sounds awesome."

"It is rather fun." England continued to focus on the nation who was currently speaking.

"Can I help?"

"Don't you have your own missions? What did your boss say?"

"I haven't seen him yet."

"What? Why not?"

"Well I was going to, but you came along and told us to come to this meeting."

"Oh. Well you should go as soon as we finish. And you should pay attention."

"Can I see your place first?"

England coughed. "The pirates are gone."

"All right..."

"I think."

America perked up. "You think?"

"There was one ship unaccounted for, I assumed they ran away."

"Let's look for them!"

England smiled slightly. "You just want to put off seeing your boss."


"You can look for pirates with me, if you promise to get right to your own missions afterward. It might be easier if you level up some with me, anyway."

"Okay!" America grinned, turning back to the speaker. Denmark was talking enthusiastically about a dungeon in his country, so that was interesting enough to pay attention to for now.