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People complain how I shape Naruto in my stories. What part of countless years passing and all these experiences happening to Naruto do you lot not understand? Of course he's a flirt? Of course he is powerful! He has centuries amount of experience fighting and people rubbing off on him. This is not canon Naruto. This is a Naruto who has other aspects of people merge into him. In fact for those who have seen my latest Shinobi Chronicles chapter I've finally introduced the elements for why Naruto is so different.

You don't like harems? DON'T READ MY STORIES! It gets so annoying when I see people complaining everywhere. I mean this is a fan site where fictional stories are written for enjoyment. Its one thing to inform people if they make errors in their stories like spelling or grammar, but stop bitching about pairings. If you don't like it then YOU write non-harem stories then.

The Naruto I write travels from world to world. He has a wide range of abilities and a lot of experience not to mention he was specifically trained to be unstoppable. He was trained to be unstoppable and have no stand a chance against him. Also I have plot points and things in line written down! So for those of you who aren't me you don't know what I have planned so stop assuming you do.

Frankly, I shape Naruto's personality, behavior, and relationships according to the fact that no normal person or people have ever come close to the wide array of stuff that happens in that series. You believe these women wouldn't share a guy I accept that, but stop trying to make something fiction into something that's completely realistic. The realism was thrown out the window the moment magic, demons, and stuff like that was introduced. I'm not rejecting established rules, laws, and other stuff like that a universe is bound, but certain things you want to happen aren't just going to happen.

So by now if you can't accept that then whatever. If all you flamers and stop got time to sit around and bitch at authors in reviews or complain in forums then why don't you write stories of your own? Now for those with the common sense to realize and accept these aren't paid works, but amateur stories just for amusement please enjoy the next chapter of this story.


Story Start


The trio were on a small boat and on there way to the feared pirate ship of the Oto pirates. It took them a few hours but they finally came across the massive wooden ship docked at an island. Formerly a majestic vessel that took years to construct and was one of Mist's proudest accomplishments was now an old, run-down, and dirty ship; it's apparent condition the result of the carelessness of its current handlers who only did the bear minimum in maintaining it.

Climbing up the ropes that were carelessly hung over the side the trio made it to the deck of the ship as they looked around. ''I don't see Orochimaru or anyone else for that matter.'' the blond said as he took a few steps forward. Though considering the size of the ship it would be a one in a hundred chance that they encountered anyone.

"I don't think Orochimaru took Kakashi and the others here." Ino spoke up.

"Or he's laying a trap so keep your eyes open.'' Sakura said as they began searching around the ship. After a few minutes they found the Captain's Cabin and besides the usual effects of a bed, dresser, mirror, and other furniture that a person's room would have nothing was out of place.

''Damnit not even a clue. We need to see if we can find some Oto pirates to interrogate,'' Naruto said as they continued searching the deck.

''This is boring...why is this so dull...I'm bored.'' an Oto pirate said as he looked over the side of the ship. ''Why do I have to patrol the ship alone why the rest of those jerks get to sit on their asses and drink? It's not fair.'' the pirate whined as he paid no heed to the steps behind him. Though he would have wished he kept his mouth clothes when a pair of hands grabbed him; one wrapped around his torso and the other his mouth.

Taking the Oto-nin's sword Ino placed it against his throat.

''We want information and we believe you can give it to us. If you want to live past today you won't make a sound or attempt to escape and tell us what we want? Deal?'' Ino said pressing the sword against his next as he nodded.

''Where is Kakashi and the others you swine kidnapped?'' Naruto demanded as the Oto pirate began stuttering.

''I..I don't know. I'm just a grunt; no one tells me these things.'' he said as Naruto shook his head making a tsk sound.

'' to show him how we do things on Konoha Isles?'' the blond asked with a creepy grin that freaked out the Oto Pirate.

''Gladly...'' she answered as she cracked her knuckles and stalked towards the badly shaking pirate. Next thing he knew he was being held by his ankles over the side of the ship where some sharks had gathered, smelling the freshly spilled blood that Naruto had left seeped from his hand from a kunai wound he made.

''P-Please...I don't know...'' the Oto pirate whimpered in terror and even going as far as pissing himself. Of course they were only scaring him was not going to drop him, but that didn't make them feel less like asses nontheless.

''Anyone else feels like an ass right now?'' a rather uncomfortable Ino asked.

Naruto sighed and made Sakura a gesture to pull him up. ''He doesn't know anything so let's go.''

After Sakura pulled him up Naruto used some Kunai to cut some rope from the rope other side and tied the boy up followed by promptly knocking him up. ''So what we continue our search?'' Ino asked as Naruto paused for a moment.

''Maybe we should split up and cover more ground.'' he said as he went and grabbed the bottom of a mast. ''I'll climb up the mast and see if I can spot anything high up above.''

''I'll guess I'll go inside and explore the inner bowls of the ship then.'' Sakura volunteered which left Ino to explore the rest of the topside of the ship.

Naruto swung on a rope to a mast as he continued treading up the long thick objects. He scanned the area of the ship down below, but besides seeing Ino climb up some barrels nothing of interest came into sight. 'What the hell is going on? This ship is practically deserted.' he wondered as a shadow suddenly enshrouded his form. 'Aaw shit!'

Sakura meanwhile was contending with some rather drunken Oto pirates. Jumping back from a downward swing on one of the pirates she charged forward and slug him in the jaw sending him crashing into some of the others. Putting up her fists she swerved and dodged the attacks waiting for an opening before punching one in the gut then spinning around and kicking another in the face causing him to crash into his companion.

Jumping back and landing on a table she kicked a candle off a table at the pirates who stumbled back and gave a shriek when the fire connected with some of the spilled alcohol of one of the damaged barrels lightning ablaze. 'What the hell is in that stuff?' Sakura wondered as she made her way to the stage.

Ino meanwhile was hiding behind some barrels and avoiding some panicking and fleeing Oto pirates screaming about a fire. Though a crow's caw drew her attention as she looked up to see a giant crow resting on the crow's nest. 'Oh great...just what in the hell is going on in this place?' she thought as she ran outside. ''What the hell is going on?'' Ino screamed to Sakura over the screaming and caws from above.

''I don't know!'' she said as she tried to make out what was going on. ''It's Naruto!'' she shouted as she pointed out to the crow's nest. ''And he's fighting a giant crow!" she cried out in disbelief.

Speaking of insanity Naruto was balancing along the mast as the giant crow's continued to dive at him, trying to shred him apart with their claws. Using the pirate sword he conveniently found, he lashed at the creature's claws, using the ropes to steady himself. The creature began jerking his neck back and forth as he began firing nuts from him. Naruto began moving back as he used the sword to slice through the nuts, fending off the beak attacks from the creature. One of the creature's attack got itself stuck into the wooden part of the ship as Naruto ran forward and kicked the creature in its skull, grabbing onto the mast with his one arm. For a moment he froze as he involuntarily looked down, realizing just how far the drop from the ship would be.

The dizzied creature let out a shriek of pain as it shook its head. It soared at Naruto hand, its claw tearing into his arm flesh as it sped by, nearly taking off his arm. Naruto gritted his teeth as he pulled himself up, the crow coming by again. Naruto attempted to lash at it again only for it to knock the sword out of his hand and down to the ship below. Naruto fearfully looked up again as the creature cawed. Naruto was able to pull himself back up to the crow's nest, heavy breathing escaping his mouth as he tried to steady his heart rate.

''Naruto! Catch!''

Naruto turned to the voice, Sakura's voice as he reached out and caught the sword. ''Thanks, you guys.'' he said as both hands nestled around the grip. ''Alright you over grown turkey let's dance.'' he said as the bird caw and began flying towards Naruto again. Taking a deep breath Naruto charged forward and brought the blade to his side. Suddenly a shot rang through the air and hit the creature in the side distracting him allowing Naruto's blade to pierce its chest.

''Hell yeah! Direct hit!'' Ino roared, holding up the musket she found on the ship up in the air in victory.

Naruto fell off, grabbing onto the ropes and letting his sword along with the crow to drop into the dark and dank ocean depths below. After a few minutes the trio had untangled themselves from the rope and went to the main cabin of the ship. Getting their hands on some map they began mapping at their next destination to chase after the Oto pirates.