AN: I fell in love with this pairing and I had to do this... I do not own anything except my copy of the DVD... 2005 version

I know this chapter is short, but it's just an intro

He smirked, watching as I dropped the skateboard to the ground. I took a deep breathe in, let out a sigh, and shook off my nerves.

"Any day now princess," Kelly replied to my actions.

I took off into the pool like structure. So far so good. At least I didn't fall on my ass… yet. First jump coming up, nailed it. Second? Not as easy. The jump left me a bit off balance, but by the third I was showing off. Take that Lee. I came back around to the edge where Kelly was still watching in awe where I was standing less than a minute ago.

"See you tomorrow at practice Lee." I smirked, before walking straight past him, hitting his shoulder on my way past him, a sense of accomplishment raging through my entire body.

"What did he say?" Buttermaker asked as I walked to the car.

"He's coming tomorrow. You can thank me later." I replied, jumping over the convertible door.