Then she was gone. She broke in my arms, and stole fragments of my life. The sights of her and that boy… Sora, she called him... Sora was the somebody the one who disappeared said I had. I wish the one who broke and stole mine away could've taken them all away. My chest felt weird, it hurt. And the knowledge I'd possessed wasn't right, make too little sense. It hurt my head. I left the life I knew, I left my friend. The friend tried to stop me, then I wouldn't budge. Then I forgot, I don't know how, but I found nothing in the darkness of my thoughts that could be found. I lost the rest of the memories I had and my life changed. It became what some would call normal. No more new worlds, no more magic, no orders, just being with people I called 'friends' and hoping something exciting would happen. I felt things. I had no heart, but I felt things. Not strong things, not emotions exactly, but fragments of them. The world I couldn't remember kept haunting me, I could feel it there, twisting my humanity. It would visit my dreams and taunt my memory with whispers only I could hear. I met new people. I met new friends, and stayed with them until my forgotten past came back. The flaming red hair, and blonde with white… They man in red tricked me and I rejoined with Sora, but now… I wasn't a part of him anymore. My memories seemed to burn in my chest, a heavy crushing spread. I had to figure out why I had a body again and I seemed to feel. Like I had a heart. I needed to ask, but there was not a soul to hear my prayer. That was who I am now, a question walking with a possible heart. Who could answer my question when I can't seek them through the doors? I can't touch the darkness or the light. The corridors don't work, and I can't summon my keys. This world is purgatory. I don't understand.

I felt a groan escape my lips and I rolled onto my stomach. I smashed the pillow to my ears to drown out the really annoying beeping noise. God I hate that thing. I reached out and grabbed the cord that attached the black box to the wall and yanked. My lips curved into a smile when the high pitched keening stopped. I didn't exactly feel satisfied, but something close. Yet again, only a fragment of the real emotion. If I could, I would say it's frustrating, but not quite. I hated thinking about this, it only made me think in circles. I groaned into the pillow, feeling my heart-rate quicken as my body reacted to my 'frustration'. I took deep breaths to calm my body down. I hated these partial feelings. The strongest fragment I had was what I've been told is called 'wishing'. I wished I could go back to Sora, but I didn't know if I could anymore.

"Dammit," I muttered as I sat up. I fumbled for a second, but managed to plug the clock back in. I waited as the numbers blinked at me, watching for the numbers to appear. That's when I remembered I had to reset the stupid things. How stupid. I pushed the covers off my legs and kicked them off the side of the bed and pushed my body off the mattress. I stretched my arms up and a sharp pain cracked in my shoulder, but I felt the muscles loosen so I let my arms fall. I walked over to the bathroom and opened the door, avoiding the clothes and video games and all the other worthless crap that filled my room. It wasn't easy, but I managed. I missed the keyblades, even missed fighting heartless. I'd lost a lot of my fighting ability. Now the only thing physical I did was get in fights or play sports. It was stupid. I wished, for the millionth time, I could go back to being a part of Sora. I turned the knob to start the running water, and turned to look at my calendar. Yup. Saturday. I must've forgotten to turn the alarm off yesterday. I sighed and marked the day. Now it was Sunday, I snorted at that. For some reason I always liked that. It gave me the impression that I had some tiny ability to control something. I glanced up at the clock, and sighed. Two in the afternoon. Yet again I overslept. Dang, I hoped I didn't have to work today. I shook my head and twisted back to the sink, cupping my hands under the water. When I had enough in my palms I leaned over the sink and rubbed my palms against the skin of my face, closing my eyes. I shook my head and opened my eyes to look at myself in the mirror. I pulled my shirt over my shoulders and looked at my chest. Apparently all the girls at school thought I was hot because I had abs. It always made me laugh sarcastically. I mean, really. They liked me because I had a 'nice body', how shallow can these people be? If I could 'like-like' someone I wouldn't like them because their body appealed to me. I'd 'like-like' them if I knew them and actually felt that way. Wow. I started the shower and walked out my bedroom door and grabbed the remote to turn on the stereo. I clicked the button and had no idea what was playing, but didn't exactly care. I walked into the kitchen and opened the freezer and grabbed a pack of pop tarts. I liked them better frozen, don't ask. Then I reached below and pushed a couple things out of my way so I could grab my Dew. I popped the can and got ready for another completely normal day. Well, I hoped not, but that was what was probably going to happen.

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