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"Mail's here!" Tarble exclaimed as he came into the door.

"Like anyone cares," Raditz said as he stared at the TV. A girl with synthetic red hair was on the screen, giggling and holding a dark purple giraffe plushie.

"You and your Victorious," Tarble groaned. "Don't you ever get tired of that show?"

"Hey, as long as they've got hot babes on here, I'm gonna keep watching it," Raditz replied.

"I can't believe we're still getting these," Tarble said, glancing down at the mail in his hand. "I guess they haven't taken us off the mailing list yet."

"What are you talking about, Nerd?" Raditz asked.

"Ayame used to get these Victoria's Secret catalogs in the mail all the time," Tarble explained, holding up a magazine with a thin blonde in a hot pink minidress on the cover.

"Victoria's Secret?" Raditz perked up and looked away from the TV. "As in...the lingerie shop at the mall?"

"I guess," Tarble said, shrugging.

"Gimme!" Raditz exclaimed, snatching the magazine from Tarble's hands.

Raditz turned to Tarble agin.

"You get these...in the mail...for free?" he asked. "I knew there was something I loved about this planet! I've got to get a subscribtion!"

Raditz's eyes widened as he opened the catalog and began leafing through it.

There were beautiful models wearing an assortment of form-fitting mindresses, revealing bikinis, and Raditz's eyes widened even more, his jaw dropped, and he let out a shout of excitement when he reached a section entitled 'Lingerie'.

"What? Let me see," Tarble said, wondering what had the older Saiyan so hyped up.

At that moment, Raditz snapped the catalog shut.

"I just wanna see what had you all worked up," Tarble said.

"You're too young to handle it," Raditz replied.

"Raditz, you're only three years older than me," Tarble snorted.

"You're still too young to handle what's in this catalog," Raditz replied.

"Oh, what's the big deal?" Tarble asked.

"If you don't know that, then you're definately too young to handle it," Raditz answered.

Tarble frowned.

"Come on, Raditz," he snorted, snatching the magazine out of Raditz's hands. "I took a course of Advanced Biology, I think I can handle one little magazine."

"I think that I'd better hang onto this," Raditz said, taking the magazine back from Tarble. "You know, just for safekeeping. And I don't want an innocent little nerd like you getting corrupted."

"Well what about you?" Tarble inquired.

"Oh, it's waaay too late for ME," Raditz chuckled. "Anyway, I better be getting upstairs."

"Are you gonna do your homework for once?" Tarble teased.

"Heck no, I got that hot blonde Isabelle from my English doing that for me," Raditz answered, batting the air with his hand.

"WHAT?" Tarble demanded.

"Hey, I get my homework done and she gets seen with me," Raditz reasoned. "We both win."

Tarble sighed and shook his head.

"I'm going home," the fifteen-year-old Saiyan groaned.

"Good, I have a lot of 'reading' to do," Raditz grinned, waving the catalog.

Tarble facepalmed himself as he opened the door and left.

With another evil grin, Raditz raced upstairs to his room to begin his 'reading'.

...Two hours later...

"Brat, you'd better be doing your homework," Bardock growled as he opened the door to Raditz and Goku's room.

The Saiyan warrior saw his oldest son sitting on his bed, with a open magazine.

"That doesn't look your homework getting done," Bardock said.

"Oh believe me, it's getting done," Raditz replied.

"Well that doesn't look like your homework," Bardock shot back.

"I'm looking at plenty of Biology here," Raditz grinned, his eyes not leaving the glossy pages of his precious catalog.

Bardock groaned and made a grab for the catalog.

"No! Stop, Dad! You're gonna tear Anna!" Raditz cried out in horror.

Bardock looked dumbfounded.

"Anna?" he asked.

"Yeah, the hot redhead's Anna," Raditz said. "The blonde's Katrina, the one with black hair's Samantha, and the one with light brown hair's Bethany."

"Raditz, are you telling me that you know these girls?" Bardock asked, looking shocked.

"If only," Raditz sighed dreamily. "But no, I looked up their names on the Internet."

'Whoa, check out that babe on the cover. I've got to get that thing away from him,' Bardock said to himself.

Bardock sat on a recliner in the living room, staring at pages the catalog, a blissful expression on his face as he flipped to the page where several model were wearing skimpy string bikinis in a rainbow of different colors.

"I feel like I'm in Heaven," Bardock sighed dreamily.

"Oh really?" Fasha's voice asked.

A second later, the Saiyan female's hand shot out and freed the catalog from Bardock's grasp.

"You'll feel like you're in Hell if you don't explain what you're doing with this," Fasha growled.

A second later, she looked down at the offending catalog.

"Hey, I'd look hot in this," Fasha said, showing Bardock a hot pink string bikini.

"You would," Bardock said, trying not to drool as he stared at his wife, imagining her in said bikini.

"Then stop looking at them!" Fasha snapped, smacking him on the side of the head.

"Dad, I want my catalog back," Raditz said as he came walking down the stairs.

"So you're the one who brought this trash into the house?" Fasha demanded, rounding on her son.

"B-but I got it from Tarble, Mom!" Raditz exclaimed.

"Tarble? Oh come on, Raditz. You've given me some pretty lame excuses over the years, but this, this is ridiculous!" Fasha growled. "You really expect me to believe that Tarble was the one that brought that into this house?"

"Well...Yeah," Raditz said.

Fasha glared at her son.

"I swear!" Raditz insisted.

Before Fasha could say anything else, they saw Goku and Tarble come into the living room.

"Raditz, I need that catalog back," Tarble said. "Ayame called. She's on the phone screaming at my dad now for witholding her mail."


"I know you have it!" Ayame screeched. "I know you have my Victoria's Secret catalog!"

"Woman, what would I want with that?" King Vegeta shot back.

"I know exactly what you want with it, you perve!" Ayame yelled. "I just know you're sitting in your new place right now, looking at it!"

"Why would I be interested in a clothing catalog with pictures of scantly clad Earth women?" King Vegeta demanded.

"I knew it! You were looking at it!" Ayame shouted, causing King Vegeta to pull the phone away from his ears and keeping it an arm's length.

"You have some nerve, looking at women ten years younger than you!" Ayame snapped.

"It's a lot better than being forced to look at you," King Vegeta retorted.

"Why, you-," Ayame growled, but King Vegeta cut her off.

"Because I can," the Saiyan king interrupted.

A second later, the Saiyan king hear a loud screeching sound on the other line.

"OOOOOOHHHH! You no-good, skirt chasing, womanizer! MY MOTHER WAS RIGHT! I AM TOO GOOD FOR YOU!" Ayame screeched.

"Ah, yes, your mother," King Vegeta smirked. "If you let her outside, you do realize the leash law's strictly enforced nowadays."

"How dare you!" Ayame screamed. "How dare you insult my mother!"

"Insult? That was a compliment!" King Vegeta laughed.

"Are you suggesting that my mother is an animal?" Ayame demanded.

"Well, put a collar around her neck and she should pass for some breed of dog on this planet," King Vegeta said.

"WHAT?" Ayame screeched.

"If you don't know what your mother is, then I certainly have no idea," King Vegeta said.

"Well, I never-" Ayame started, but once again, King Vegeta cut her off.

"If you never figure out exactly what she is, then it's probably for the best," King Vegeta said before hanging up.


"Tarble, you're saying that you brought that rag into this house?" Fasha asked, looking absolutely horrified. "And Raditz didn't?"

Tarble nodded, oblivious to the situation.

"Apology accepted," Raditz said smugly.

"I didn't give you one," Fasha growled.

"EEP!" Raditz exclaimed, looking away.

Bardock and Fasha's jaws dropped in shock as they turned back to Tarble, only to see the younger Saiyan prince picking up the fallen catalog.

"I am calling your father," Fasha said, grabbing the phone.

"To let him know that I got Ayame's mail?" Tarble asked.

"Wait, that woman thought she could pull any of this off?" Fasha asked, grabbing the catalog.

As soon as this question was asked, Fasha, Bardock, Tarble, and Raditz all look at one another and shuddered.


There was a furious knocking at the door.

Vegeta opened the door and took a step back.

"Whoa! Is it Halloween already?" Vegeta asked with a smirk.

Ayame glared at him.

"Ah, you're here," King Vegeta said, coming up behind his son. "Funny, I didn't hear your broom pull up."

"That is enough, you two!" Ayame screeched, her hands balled into fists.

"Now now, Dad," Vegeta said. "Cut her some slack. You know she's never been the same since that house fell on her sister."

Ayame's jaw dropped.

"And look out there in the car!" Vegeta exclaimed, pointing outside. "She even brought Toto with her!"

"No, Vegeta," his father corrected him. "That's her mother."

"I SAID THAT'S ENOUGH!" Ayame screeched as loud as she possibly could. "NOW GIVE ME MY MAIL!"


Two hours passed and everything had gone back to normal. Well almost.

"Am I in trouble?" Tarble asked his father.

"I can't believe I'm saying this," King Vegeta sighed. "But yes. You are for starting all of this mess."

"Well, I guess I can only dutifully accept responsibility for my mistakes," Tarble said.

"That's not the way it works," Vegeta said. "You're supposed to deny everything and try to blame someone else for it."

"No, I am willing to be mature about this and take whatever punisment Dad decides to meet out," Tarble said.

"You're grounded for a week," King Vegeta said. "And you can't any educational television for that entire week."

"But what am I supposed to do for recreation?" Tarble asked, looking horrified. "I can still do my homework right? Tell me!"

"My brother the nerd," Vegeta groaned as he walked upstairs.



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