FULL SUMMARY: Once upon a dream, Harry Potter finds himself face to face with a girl that gives him butterflies in his stomach; he is thoroughly convinced that this girl not only exists but she goes to Hogwarts with him. So what seems to be the problem? He's never seen her face; every time he comes close to seeing the face of this girl, he wakes from his dream. So when he tells his best gal pal, Elaine, she laughs and tries to convince Harry that his so-called "dream girl" really is just in his dreams. Is Elaine right? Or is Harry's dream girl a reality?

DISCLAIMER: With the exception of Elaine Port, the characters of this story are all J.K. Rowling's puppets; I am merely the puppeteer. Please enjoy!


To the girl who mocked my obsession for Harry Potter until she finally read the books cover to cover –faewallflower


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Chapter 01 – The Mystery Awakens

"Saint Potter, at last," sneered the cold voice of Draco Malfoy.

Rolling his eyes, Harry clenched his fists tightly. Couldn't he enjoy his first week back at Hogwarts without running into the likes of Malfoy? Apparently not.

"What the bloody hell do you want?" Ron hissed back as the Golden Trio turned to face the Slytherin posse behind them. "Isn't it enough that we have to share the same air?"

"What? Too poor to pay attention now, Weasel-bee?" the Slytherin taunted. "I'm only here for the four-eyed, scar head has been, not you or your Mudblood girlfriend."

Harry clenched his fist tighter, grit his teeth and intensified his glare. Why was Draco so intent on tormenting Harry right now? It was the beginning of the year and the last thing on his mind – if it was on his mind at all – was having to deal with the insufferable ferret boy.

"Can we settle whatever this is in the morning?" Harry crossed his arms across his chest, annoyed with the trio in front of him. "You're the last person I want to be dealing with right now."

"Nonsense, Potter!" Draco reached into his robe pocket, brandishing his wand. "Let's settle things the old-fashioned way."

Why was this necessary? Malfoy probably had nothing better to do with his life anymore, Harry thought to himself. Pushing Hermione and Ron behind him, Harry pulled out his wand and groaned; there really was only way to settle this.


Harry rolled his eyes as he was quickly hoisted into the air. He looked at Hermione and Ron, as if telling them to do nothing; these little run-ins with Draco were getting old and there was no known explanation behind any of them.

"Had enough, Malfoy?" Hermione scoffed as she rolled her eyes at the Slytherin and his two goons.

"Stay out of this, Mudblood!"

"Expelliarmus!" Harry watched as the scarlet light left the end of his wand. Draco's wand immediately flew across the hallway, leaving him disarmed. "Liberacorpus!"

Harry soon found himself face flat on the stone floor of Hogwarts. Groaning, he pushed himself to his feet and continued to glare at Draco. The Slytherin was really starting to get under Harry's skin; all he wanted to do was go to bed early with no disruptions whatsoever! Why was that so hard to ask of the universe?

"Going to run off to mother dearest now, are you, Potter?" Draco's statement prompted snickers from Crabbe and Goyle. "Because last I heard-."

"Shut up!" Harry whirled around, colliding his tightly balled up fist with Draco's face. As Malfoy collapsed to the ground, Harry turned once more, only to crash into a slightly shorter, light-brown haired student. The collision with the other student caused Harry to fall over, hitting his head on the floor below him.

The melodic sound of the piano filled the room as the light of the fire danced in tempo with the music. Harry stood beside the girl sitting at the piano bench, watching her hands flutter across the black and white keys of the piano. Slowly, he let out a sigh of happiness as he slipped himself behind the piano and on the bench. The raven-haired boy noticed the mysterious haze that clouded the girl's facial features. The young wizard, now sixteen, was sitting in the Room of Requirements – or so he guessed – with the girl of his dreams.

The peaceful tune stopped abruptly. "Harry, my love," the girl's voice purred as she drew her hands away from the piano, "you realize that this is all just a dream. Once you arise from your slumber, all of this…" Harry watched her motion to herself and their surroundings. "… will be no more."

Resting his head on her shoulder, he slipped his right hand around her waist. Harry couldn't help but want to get a peek at her face. "I would sleep forever if it means being able to hold you in my arms!"

"Harry James Potter… you are so… cheesy!" giggled the girl as her laughter filled the instrument-filled, candle-lit room.

Harry nuzzled his head against her shoulder. She seemed so familiar, but the feeling she gave him was so surreal. He brought her closer to himself, lifting his head to kiss her neck. "I… will be… anything," he said between kisses, "you want me to be."

The girl went along with the kisses, running her hand through his hair from time to time. He stopped kissing her for a moment to release her from his embrace. Smiling to himself, he sighed happily once more.

"Can I see your face?" he pleaded softly. "This has gone on long enough…"

"So you wish it," she whispered seductively in Harry's ear, "so it shall be."

"G'morning, Ron!" Elaine Port called from across the Gryffindor Common Room. "Where's Harry?"

The lanky red-haired boy looked up from his copy of The Daily Prophet. As his blue eyes locked with the short girl's brown ones, Ron let out a small laugh. He carelessly tossed the newspaper to the opposite end of the couch before standing to meet Elaine on the other side of the room.

"He found his way to the boys' dorm in the middle of the night," commented Ron, folding his arms across his chest. "Luckily, he seemed okay enough to make it there himself. But where were you? I thought you were gonna watch over him last night!"

Scratching the back of her head nervously, Elaine stifled a small chuckle. "Sorry," she sighed, "I guess I knocked out myself… he wasn't the only victim to the collision, ya'know!"

"Anyways, the last I saw of him was this morning," Ron went on. "He was still sleeping in the dormitory with a smile on his face."

"Why the hell would he be smiling?" Ron shrugged at Elaine's question.

"Beats me! But he was like that when he came over to the Burrow," Ron replied. "I was under the impression that he was just enjoying his dreams."

Elaine rolled her eyes. "D'ya reckon he's still having weird visions about You-Know-Who?"

"Why would he be smiling at that?" Ron wondered. "Besides, that's not really a problem anymore…"

Nodding, Elaine sighed, "Then maybe he's dreaming about Chang… or your sister!"

"Hey!" Ron shot a fiery glare toward the girl. "You can knock it off with those jokes now, Port. You might actually be giving Harry ideas."

"I only kid, Ronald," replied the Gryffindor girl.

With that, Elaine raced up the stairs and into the sixth year boys' dormitory. Looking at the bed in which Harry slept, she smiled slightly to herself. He looked so peaceful and happy… so different than when he was awake. It was only a week in and Harry was uptight and distraught about the world around him that it seemed like the boy she liked had forgotten how to laugh.

"Harry…?" Elaine called, kneeling at Harry's bedside. "Wake up!"

Harry jumped off the piano bench immediately.

"You can't be serious!" he exclaimed. "You're actually going to show me your face? No more mysterious haze blocking your head from my vision?"

"Wake up!" a voice called from the outside world.

Almost instantly, Harry was ripped out of his dream world, waking up to the round face of Elaine Port. The sixteen-year-old boy shut his eyes tightly, hoping to recapture the images from his dream before the entire scene faded from his memory forever. He groaned to himself as he threw his pillow over his face, encasing himself within total darkness.

"Thank you so much for the lovely wake up call!" Harry grumbled sardonically from beneath the pillow. "You've completely ruined everything!"

Elaine raised an eyebrow at her friend, a smirk clearly visible on her face. She propped herself on the neatly made bed beside Harry's. "What ever is the matter, Potter dear? I cut off your dream right before you snogged Ginny Weasley and rode off into the sunset to make deep, passion love to each other?"

Harry roughly lobbed his pillow at the light brown-haired girl. "What are you doing here? And why do you always joke about Ginny and me like that?" he asked, reaching for his glasses on the nightstand. "You know that she had feelings for me! If she overheard any of the jokes you made, you might give her ideas!"

Elaine let out a long, understanding sigh. "Yeah… I get it, okay?" she mumbled to herself. "You wouldn't want to be giving her false hope, right?"

"Exactly," Harry said, attempting to fix his perpetually messy head of hair. "I mean, c'mon. Ginny's like a little sister to me! Dating her would be like… dating you!"

Allowing herself to lay on Ron's bed, Elaine rolled her eyes. She stared at the fabric that hung above her. She grabbed Harry's pillow and screamed into it angrily before throwing back at Harry.

"I get it!" Elaine laughed at the reaction she got from Harry. Maybe screaming into the pillow out of frustration wasn't the smartest of ideas. "But it wasn't about Ginny, who were you dreaming about? Cho Chang?"

"No…" he murmured nervously.

Elaine stared at the boy with the lightning scar blankly. "Then…?"

"That's the thing; I don't know who it is!"


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