FULL SUMMARY: Dream after dream, Harry Potter sees a girl that just give him butterflies in his stomach; he is thoroughly convinces that this girl does to Hogwarts with him. His only problem with her? Every time he comes close to seeing the face of this girl, he wakes up from his dreams. So when he tells his best gal pal Elaine Port, she laughs and tries to convince Harry that maybe his so-called "dream girl" really is just in his dreams. Is Elaine right? Or is Harry's dream girl a reality?

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Chapter Fourteen – Let the Drama Unfold

Elaine sighed, watching Harry rush out of the somewhat empty dining hall. How many times, she wondered, would she have to watch the boy of her dreams walk away from her because of Ginny? Shaking her head at the thought, Elaine looked at the plate of food before her; the lonely unbuttered piece of toast have been left untouched after the incident that had just played out in front of her.

"What the bloody hell did he write in that letter?" Elaine muttered to herself, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. "Honestly, does that boy not know how to be straightforward with a girl? How hard is it to just come out and say, 'Hey Gin; you're the girl of my dreams!'? I mean, c'mon…"

With that, Elaine stood from her seat at the Gryffindor table and stormed off without touching the rest of her breakfast. She raced out of the Great Hall, making her way up to the staircase to the seventh floor. Maybe she could get her mind off of things if she helped Hermione unpack. Elaine had not expected for Hermione and Ron to return to Hogwarts only to have more drama unfold between her and Harry; if anything, that was the last thing she expected and yet, she was now in the middle of it all.

"Password," the portrait of the Fat Lady demanded from Elaine as the latter approached the entrance of the Gryffindor Common Room.

The round-faced girl looked at the Fat Lady and recited the password thoughtlessly. "Abstinence."

As the portrait swung open, Elaine crawled into the Gryffindor Common Room, where she happened upon Hermione and Ron. By the looks of it, the couple seemed to be discussing a private topic, for the two of them were pressed closely together on the couch and speaking in hushed tones.

"Ronald," Hermione whispered to the redheaded boy, "I just don't understand; it seems as though even Harry doesn't know what's going on. Are you positive that your sister isn't just – oh, I don't know – overreacting?"

With a confused look on his face, Ron put his hands to his head as he leaned forward. "I dunno, Hermione! She's really upset; I think the two of them just need to talk it out. I mean, even if it is a misunderstand, this shouldn't be something we get involved with."

"You just don't want to deal with your sister, do you?" Hermione scolded. "Ronald Weasley, do you realize that your baby sister is upstairs in her dormitory sobbing for the umpteenth time since that day at the Burrow; she is heartbroken! The very least you could do is show her that you care."

"Were you not just saying that she was overreacting?" Ron asked, confusion striking him harder. "Plus, she's a strong girl, Hermione; she can handle this one on her own."

Elaine sighed, looking down at the ground below her. Ginny was crying? What, Elaine wondered to herself, did Harry write in that blasted letter? If Elaine had found out she was the girl of Harry Potter's dreams, she would be far from upset about it; at the very least, she probably be overjoyed. She rolled her eyes; why did Harry have to mess things up – intentional or not.

"Oh!" Hermione exclaimed as her gaze met Elaine's. "You're back from breakfast early."

Elaine nodded as she plopped herself in the squashy armchair across from Hermione and Ron. "I guess I wasn't that hungry…" she lied. "Plus, breakfast has not been the same without you, mate; I can actually eat my meals in peace."

"Shut up," Ron laughed. "I've missed you too, Elaine. Mum knit you a beanie and she got you a Christmas present too."

Elaine gave Ron a crooked smile before looking at the staircase that led to the girls' dormitories. Her mind began to wonder about what was going on with Ginny. How bad, she asked herself again, was Harry's letter? It was the only question that lingered in Elaine's mind.

"Really?" she said in awe. "Thank Molly for me, would ya, Weasley? I swear, your mother is the sweetest thing on the planet. What'd she get me this year?"

Ron smiled back at Elaine as he put his arm around Hermione. "More yarn for your knitting and new needles."

"Sweet!" Elaine chirped. "Uh, random question, but where's Harry?"

Elaine noticed the exchange of looks between the couple; a look of disapproval from Hermione and a look of uncertainty from Ron.

"He's in his dorm," Ron explained. "He said something about not being ale to sleep last night before jumping into bed."

Elaine looked at Ron with bewilderment; Harry had told her that he was off to find Ginny to explain the probability of misunderstanding his letter.

"Oh, of course," Hermione added, "that was shortly after Ginny nearly ripped his head off for what he did to her."

"What did he do to her?" Elaine wondered.

"She just went off about some letter he wrote to her," Ron added. "But I don't understand why she had to drag you into it."

"What!" Elaine bellowed. "You're kidding. What the hell?"

"No," Hermione replied. "We heard your name a couple of times, but then they took their fight outside the Common Room."

"Maybe Gin just needs some time to cool off before she and Harry can patch things up," Elaine offered, now wondering her role in the entire situation. "After all, this is the first time they've seen each other since Harry wrote that letter, right? Assuming this is about that letter. Maybe all the emotions that Ginny couldn't express back home resurfaced when she saw Harry again."

"Maybe…" the couple said in unison.

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