McKinley High School is having a high school reunion. All of our New Direction members now in their mid to late twenties, have been pulled in different directions. There's trouble for Finchel, Development for Quick, and News for Wemma.

Chapter one.


"Finn, Hurry up. I'm going to be first on the karaoke stage!" I said tugging at his hand.

"Rachel, let me just finish fixing my tie. . ." Finn didn't even finish before I tugged him in the car.

My dad brought Celine up to the car. "Bye mommy's little star!" She tugged at the little gold star on her bracelet. Finn had thought she was way too young at 8 months for it, but I had to buy her one the first time I heard her cry in a perfect high F.

"Thanks so much Hiram for watching her for us, we haven't really been out in a while. . ." Finn smiled, blushing lightly. I touched Finn lightly on the shoulder. So much had changed between us.

We waved to Celine one more time and I backed out of the drive way. We hadn't even cleared the block, when Finn cleared his throat. "When are you going to tell them that we're moving back to New York?"

I clenched the steering wheel tightly. "I will. Don't worry. They're just so happy we're back."

"I'm kind of happy too. . . "Finn mumbled under his breath.

I snapped my neck to look at Finn. "Do you really want me to give up my lead role? You know how bad I've wanted it. A whole musical about Barbara. . ."

Finn threw his hands up. "I know! I want this for you. But Rachel, I kinda miss Lima. I heard coach Beiste retired and they're looking for a new coach at McKinley and. . . ."

I pulled the car over to the side of the road. "You want to coach for McKinley?"

Finn looked out the window. "You know when I was in Algebra, the second time, I day dreamed a lot. We bought my old house the one I was brought home from the hospital to, I coached at McKinley, and you helped with New Directions. We had three kids too, two football players, and a soprano like you."

A tear slid down my cheek. I never knew any of this. "But Finn, you loved NYC. Remember how you went on and on when and the new club came to see us after their nationals win?"

Finn leaned across and hugged me. "I loved it because you loved it. And I love you."


"Two weeks of water and triscuits really paid off." I say looking at myself in the mirror. The smooth royal blue silk of the dress, hugged my body just right.

"I don't know, you went kind of Quinnzilla on me the last few days of that diet." Puck said, suddenly appearing behind me and kissing my ear.

I pushed him away. "The last time I had these abs you ruined it for me remember? I'm proud of myself."

He flopped down on the bed. "Q. You look beautiful tonight. Really beautiful. Kinda like that princess, Rapazoolull?"

"Repunzel?" I asked surprisingly. "How do you know about Repunzel?"

He smiled. "Don't you remember? When we went to Beth's 6th birthday party. The Princess party. She said "My Quinny you look like Repunzel!" Well I didn't know who that was, so when we came home I googled it."

Tears welled up in my eyes. "You never told me that."

He stood up and locked his arms around me. He lightly kissed my forehead.

My voice cracked. "There's still so much I don't know about you."

Puck dropped his embrace and got down on one knee. He fished a box out of his pocket. "Lucille Quinn Fabray. I love you when you're happy. I love your little scrunched up nose, I love how your eyebrow does that little arch thing. I love how you're still kinda frisky when you have a wine cooler. I love when you sing in my car, and when you order Chinese and find Schindler's list on Netflix every Passover. I even love it when you still think you're the HBIC." He smiled.

A tear rolled down my cheek. "What do you mean I think? I am."

He let out a nervous laugh and holds out the box. "Quinn. Will you marry me?"


"Em? Are you okay? You used all the cans of soft scrub last night, so you can't be cleaning?" Will said, knocking on the door.

I sat on the floor. The toilet loomed in front of me. The queziness rolled in my stomach, and just the thought of vomit made me gag. "Tell him NOW." My conciounce called. "I'll be right out!" I called trying to sound my chipper self. "Ok. I'm going to go get the invitations. I think they're in my car."

I fluffed up my ginger locks, and brushed my teeth. I looked in the mirror. I defiantly had that glow thing going on, that they talked about in the book I had picked up "So you're having a baby. It doesn't have to be gross."

I went to our bedroom, and pulled the small manila envelope out of my dresser. "Emma Schuester" was written in Dr. Wu's messy handwriting.

"Emma? Oh there you are. They must be in my desk at school. They weren't in the. . . Emma what's wrong?" Will says walking in to the bedroom.

I pat the bed. "Sit down."

His face scrunches up. "Is something wrong with the baby?"

I bite my lip. I wish I had a pamphlet for this. I pull out the ultrasound. "Nothing's wrong. With the babies."

He stares at the ultrasound for a moment. "Babies? Do you mean. . ."

I take his hand into mine. "Yes Will. We're having twins."