"A 5, 6, 7, 8. . . And step ball change twirl down. . ." I called to the kids. I rub my pregnant belly and sigh. Our Regional's competition was a week away and my kids had to be on top game. "Mrs. Hudson! The camera crew is here!" Evangeline screeched as she peered out the window.

"Go ahead Rachel" said. He grouped the kids back into formation. "From the top!"

"And here I am with coach of the championship winners Mr. Finn Hudson, coach of the McKinley titans. Finn, is it true that your team warms up with Beyonce's "Single Ladies" before each game?" Rod Remington asks.

Finn smiles "It's a tradition my brother Kurt," he waves into the camera "HEY KURT! started a long time ago. We haven't lost a game since."

"Whether it's the dance or Coach Hudson's amazing ability the team certainly has improved. Ah and here is Mrs. Hudson co-advisor of the New Directions glee club." I smile and link my arm with Finn. "Mrs. Hudson is due any day now with the couple's second child. Any names for the young one?" he says smiling into the camera.

Finn rubs my belly and smiles. "William."


The silver frame holds a picture of Puck and me on our wedding day. I remember it so vividly. I walked up the isle in my white ruffled ball gown, orchids laced through my hair. I got to the alter and Puck whispered "Why are you wearing white?" I placed the frame back on the shelf next to the the picture of Puck and I at Beth's birth. On down the mantle is a picture of us holding our newest daughter, Caroline. I smiled at her name. The night after the reunion Puck took me to the top of the City of Lima's water tower. He had made me a picnic and sang Sweet Caroline. Once I found out I was pregnant with a girl, I knew her name had to be Caroline.

"Babe! Come quick she's walking!" Puck called from the kitchen.

I rush in there to see Caroline toddling toward Puck. "That's my baby!" I coo.

Puck picks her up and twirls her around. I wrap my arms around both of them.


"Kayla?" I ask peering at the tiny baby swaddled in pink.

Will shake his head. "Jordan?"

I look at the small blue bundle that he's holding. "No. That's just not right." Nine months later and we still didn't have names for our new bundles of joy.

"We need something Em." Will said.

"What about Journey? Like the band?" I ask cautiously.

"Close. But that's not it." Will said rubbing his chin.

Our daughter began to cry. I bounced her gently and started to hum "I could have danced all night."

"THAT'S IT!" Will shouted, jarring both babies awake.

"What's it?" I ask as we both calm the babies down.

"Gene and Marnie. Gene after Gene Kelly who sang "Dancing in the rain" and Marnie after Marnie Nixon who sang "I could have danced all night."

"Perfect!" I said, smiling.

I looked at the babies who were both asleep again. "Hello Gene and Marnie".