Beth. The name couldn't have suited anyone better. The baby slept soundly, the glass window blocking out the hustle and bustle of Lima hospitals maternity ward. "Did you love me?" Quinn asked, her eyes never leaving the baby. I swallowed hard. "yes, especially now." See, people think I'm all hard and stuff, but the truth is I do love Quinn Fabray. I loved her even before I knocked her up. I remember that day Finn came to practice smiling ear to ear because he had just asked out the Queen Bee and she said yes. I could have kicked myself. Yea, the ladies love me and all but there was just something about Quinn. The way she furrowed her brows together when she was angry, those dresses she wore which were way sexier than her Cherrios uniform, Her slightly raspy voice. I was so angry when Finn took her to breadsticks. Now here we were, staring at our baby. "Say you love me Quinn. Come on. I know you do." My thoughts were rampant. We could raise Beth together. I could change my pool cleaning business into a pool AND hot tub cleaning business for a little extra cash. Maybe I could listen in class a little bit and go to the community college. I didn't have to be a Lima loser.
"I'm going back to the room" Quinn said, wiping a tear from her eye. I stood staring at my baby girl. She looked so much like Quinn I know it hurt Quinn to even look at her. "baby girl Fabray" the crib card read. I wanted to rip that card out, replacing it with "Beth Puckerman". "Where's she at?" Mr. Schuester said walking up and patting my shoulder. I got ready to point her out when he said "ah, I see her. Looks like Quinn." I put my face in my hands. Tears were welling up in my eyes. ", it's hard. That's my baby girl in there. No one knows how I feel." He patted my shoulders in some kind of awkward man hug. Then he whispered to me. "I know exactly how you feel. If you remember, in one way or another, Beth was sort of my baby girl too." I had never thought of it like that. Sure Mrs. Schu had been a total whack job and all thinking that Beth was hers and 's , but had just thought of her as his baby girl. In a crazy, messed up, young and the restless kind of way Mr. Schu had almost been Beth's father. "I'm gonna go check on Rachel. Shelby was in here and I don't want her to put two and two together." Beth begun to cry and a nurse came over and patted her. She quickly went back to sleep. She was a good baby. We could be parents to her easily. "Hey, uh, how's it goin?" someone said behind me. I turn around to see Finn, tall and lanky, his hands stuffed in his pockets. "Look at her man. She's beautiful." I say gesturing to her.
He watches the baby sleep soundly for a few minutes. "you know this whole day has been kind of crazy. I can't help thinking about how I was almost Beth's dad."
I blinked. "what?"
He shook his head. "I know it's crazy, but I keep thinking what if Rachel hadn't blabbed and blasted the whole baby gate thing out in the open? She's sorta my baby girl."
I just stood there silently.
"You're handling it so much better than I would have. I mean she's just like my almost daughter and I'm having a rough time with this."
"Rachel's fine. She's singing a Barbara Streisand medley to the geriatric patients. She'll be distracted for hours." Mr. Schuester said walking back up to the window. "Look at her Finn. Isn't she beautiful?"
"Mr. Puckerman? We have the adoption papers ready. We are just waiting for you to sign them." The nurse called from the little station across the hall.
"Just a minute." I say.
I wrap my arms around and Finn in a little awkward man hug and we all watch Beth sleep. I'm pretty sure we were all thinking about what could have been.