"Q, where ya goin? Coach Sylvester will kill us if we're late." Santana called.
"That's not the only thing that's late." I muttered.
She snapped her head back. "What?"
I sighed. "Go ahead, I'll be there soon. Stall if you have to."
Her and Brittany linked pinkies and continued down the street to McKinley high.
I slipped on my boyfriend Finn's big McKinley tartan's sweat shirt and pushed open the door. The little bell rung alerting Dock that someone was entering. Dock's quick stop was the last little mom and pop store in downtown Lima. The drones of McKinley high students who stopped there to get there snacks while they were skipping school is what kept him in business.
Dock was at the counter discussing creams with an older lady. Now was my time. I walked down the aisle coyly. I picked up the box and grasped it tightly in my hand. I walked toward the counter. My chest tightened. I couldn't breathe. My stomach rolled and my palms felt clammy. Cool beads of sweat glistened across my forehead. I couldn't do this. I crammed the pregnancy test onto a shelf next to the Fritos and ran out of the store.
After practice I met with Finn's best friend Puck in the back of the auditorium just like we had arranged. "Well did you take it?"
"I couldn't buy it." I said kicking the railing.
"Quinn!" He hissed.
I furrowed my brows. "What if my parents find out? I've already been blaming cafeteria food for me puking my guts out every day! That's lying! That's a sin."
He shrugged his jacket on. "Whatever. Do you realize what WE did was a "sin"?" he threw his hands up in the air.
"Since when did you get oh so holy?" I snapped.
He pushed open the door. "When I started messing around with the virgin of McKinley."
That comment angered me. "Why don't you leave? Just like your dad did. If I was pregnant Finn would be much better for the baby anyways! He's going somewhere!"
Puck walked out slamming the door.
"Just a small town girl. . . Living in a lonely world. . ." the voices wafted up into the balcony. I squint to see where it's coming from. I see Finn dancing across the stage. WHAT was he doing! Especially with that horrible Rachel girl? I flipped open my pale pink phone. "Yeah, you need to come see this. Auditorium. Now."
Coach Sue, Santana, Brittany and I watched as five of the schools biggest losers sang and danced across the stage. They were actually kind of good. Sue crumbled her plastic cup in her fist. "I will not stand for this!" she said stomping away.
Later that night. . .

"Quinn. . ." I heard a voice whisper. Then I heard a tiny peck on my window. "Quinn!"
I rub my eyes and I see a shadowy figure in my window. I open the curtains to see Puck on a ladder. He throws a box on my bed. "here. I picked it up when I tried to score some Natty light."
"You bought a pregnancy test? And beer?"
"Stole a pregnancy test. If we're getting technical. And the cashier was new and I.d. me. I had to have some man buy me some."
"It's no big deal really; I do it all the time. . ."
"Puck. . ."
He flops down on my bed. "Just take the test."
Five minutes later I emerge from my bathroom. "Negative." I sigh.
"Thank you Jesus. . . I mean could you imagine. . ." he said jumping off my bed.
I forced a smile. "No not at all. . ."But the truth was the whole time I waited for the test to develop thoughts of Puck talking to my round belly danced through my head. An image of him reading to a chubby baby girl with thin blonde wisp of hair floated by.
"Well I'm out. " Puck said climbing out of the window.
"Yeah. Goodnight." I said clutching the test behind my back. The little unholy plus sign burning into the palm of my hand.