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Natsuki's Lust

I rang the door bell and waited, and before long it opened to reveal the ever graceful woman that had been, for some time, the only friend I had - now she was one of a few, but still… the most important.

"Welcome, Natsuki. Come in, make yourself at home. I'll just be a moment with a few last minute preparations." My friend, Shizuru greeted while she guided me into the all too familiar apartment.

It's been over a month since she graduated and moved into her new abode and I've been coming over frequently ever since. I've grown familiar with her new home now - comfortable with her quarters and her presence; comfortable with so many other things too.

I glanced at her back that faced me as she busied herself with the dinner she's preparing for the two of us.

I wondered what this feeling I've been having is - ever since that night the carnival ended, whenever I see her that feeling grows and I'm no longer sure if my answer had been the right one.

"Shizuru? Do you need any help?" I asked as I entered the kitchen area.

"No, its okay Natsuki, I'm nearly done." She replied, turning her head to smile at me - such a beautiful smile.

She's always been so patient with me, so caring. She said she'd accept that I couldn't return her feelings; she said she was just happy and thankful that I didn't hate or reject her for all that's she's done.

But I can't help but feel she was the giving one; the kind one.

She understood my need to stay friends because she was my only friend; because she means so much to me. She accepted that selfish request and she returned to the way we used to be.

... But I'm sure it's more painful and uncomfortable for her than she lets on.

No, I'm the thankful one. To have such a kind and loving person care for me; to look out for me.

My heart can't seem to stop this weird yearning.

"Natsuki, can you please bring out the strainer?" Shizuru asked, ripping me away from my train of thought.

My eyes fell back upon her - gripping the pot's handle with both hands in preparation to lift its heavy contents.

I made my way to her side, laying my hand over hers.

"Here, let me get that and you go get the strainer." I proposed. Unconsciously leaning close - an odd pull drawing my body to hers - my heart beat rapidly and I was tempted to breath in her scent when she pulled away.

"Mm." She quickly murmured, slipping her hand from underneath mine and maneuvering around me to get to the cupboards.

Instantly, I missed her presence and was perplexed.

'What am I doing again?' I wondered.

My mind has not been fully with me for the past few weeks and I can't help but feel… it's high time to get my thoughts sorted before this yearning consumes me.

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