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Is this Heaven or is this Hell?

The late morning sun shone through the glass of the kitchen window where a young woman who was in her own little paradise stood.

She stood leaning against the breakfast bar in her favourite purple sleepwear and marvelled hypnotically at the small trinket wrapped around her finger.

It was a simple ring - a white gold band that twinkled with the princess-cut diamond embedded in it.

She was utterly captivated - by the meaning of the ring; by the memory of receiving it just the night before; and the implications it had for their future.

She did little to contain her happiness and elation - bearing a wide and unabashed smile proudly upon her features as she continued to stare in a daze.

Then the abrupt sound of recoiling spring in the loaded toaster that temporarily stole the smile off of the graceful woman's face.

Shizuru turned to face the toaster and her smile returned once more as she went to begin preparing her love's breakfast.

Not so far away laid a lethargic biker - her arm and head hung down the side of her queen sized bed as she fought a losing battle to convince herself to get up for the day. In defeat, she planned to retreat back into her warm nest beneath the blanket when the sound of their bedroom door caused her to freeze up in panic.

"Natsuki?" Her lover's angelic voice called out.

The blunette's heart beat in nervousness. She clenched her eyes shut as she heard the soft steps arrive before her and a quiet clink of ceramic on wood on her bedside table was made.

"I know you're awake Natsuki." Shizuru cooed as she sweep Natsuki's long hair aside to plant a sweet peak on the biker's cheek. "I made you breakfast."

Knowing better than to continue pretending Natsuki peeked cautiously at the woman crouched by her side.

She saw the sincere and heavenly smile on her wife-to-be's face and felt a moment of comfort before recalling she was the very reason she was in her current state.

Natsuki - weary and vulnerable - moved to hide further within the protective confines of her sheets, and watched with distrust at Shizuru who had turned her sights onto the previously placed plate.

"It's your favourite Natsuki: mayo on toast." the brunette informed tucking her stray hair innocently behind her ear.

"Really? You never let me have that!" Natsuki finally spoke - drawn from the safety of the warm sheets at the prospect of her favourite meal - reaching out to take the prepared food and wasting no time to consume it at a speed Mikoto would be proud of.

She was in heaven as the flavour of her favourite condiment danced upon her taste buds and consumed her senses.

"Well this morning is a little different. Plus, my Natsuki needs her strength for the rest of her day." Shizuru continued to speak sweetly, a hand lightly caressing one of Natsuki's bare shoulder that became exposed in her quest to reach her breakfast.

Her heart dropped.

Green eyes looked up in fear - they saw that heavenly smile still present on those angelic features - but as last night had confirmed and just as Natsuki fear: it was truly a devious devil in disguise.

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