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Prussia x Fem!Canada

Rated: T

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What cut does Canada wear?

"Oi, Birdie – I want my orgasmic panca–!" Prussia demanded, breaking through Canada's front door with ease and rushing towards the kitchen. However, before he could even finish his sentence, his red eyes widened and he paused while gaping at the frozen Canadian.

"P-Prussia!" Canada stammered nervously, blushing a bright red while desperately trying to cover her underwear with the red hockey jersey she had worn to bed, "I-I didn't expect you!" It was obvious, as she wasn't dressed and her long hair was a mess of blonde waves.

"Kesesesese~!" Prussia snickered, eyes locked onto the soft-looking thighs that were quite visible to his viewing pleasure, "I expected your sleepwear to be all prim and proper," His voice took on that of a high-pitched British accent, and it was obvious he was trying to imitate England, albeit doing very poorly, "Not some sexy wear like this."

"E-everything is in the laundry!" Canada tried to justify her clothes (for some strange reason), "I had nothing else to wear!" She covered her heated face with her hands, not noticing the burning pancakes while Prussia seemed to slink up to her.

"Let's see what kind you wear – boy-shorts? Panties, or maybe even a thong?" Prussia snickered, grabbing the edge of the jersey and lifting it up before Canada could move away, "Awww, purely-white panties... it definitely suits you, Birdie." He whistled lowly.

Canada grabbed the closet thing to her (which just so happened to be a frying pan sitting innocently on the counter), "Nooo!" With a loud cry, she hit Prussia clear across the head and slammed him into the ground.

It was only a moan that broke her out of her shock, "P-Prussia! I'm sooo sorry!" Canada panicked, flinging the frying pan away from her and kneeling down by the Prussian, "I-it's just that France does that it a lot and so does Alfred and–!"

"You got quite a hit," Prussia said casually, rubbing the bump, "You could give Hungary a run for her money." He waved it off and Canada sighed in relief and jumped up to get a bandage.

And she didn't notice Prussia's eyes locked onto her rear as the jersey rode up her thighs with her motions while he read the words stitched onto her underwear...

'Canadian girls kick ass'

"Yes... yes, they do, Birdie."