Chapter 1 - Missing

A shrill ringing echoed through the apartment.

Indigo blue eyes opened sleepily and stared at the offending electronic device sitting on the nightstand. The blue eyes darted to the alarm clock next to the cell phone and it read 3:00 AM; The witching hour.

Great; anyone who calls people at 3 AM is calling to give someone bad news. She debated on whether or not to even answer the damn thing or fling it across the room and let its rubbery cover bounce it around.

Curiosity got the better of her as she rolled over and picked up the phone, she sighed heavily she should've known it was going to be one of her idiot brothers. Ever since she'd left La Push three years ago they called her non-stop. Her mom wasn't any better. But the boys called at all hours, they'd get off patrol at four or five in the morning and call her.

"Calvin you better have a really good reason for calling me this damn early in the morning."

"Nyla..." His voice sounded different, he didn't sound like himself. He was the loudest out of every one in the family and right now he was so quiet she could barely hear him.

"What's wrong Calvin? What is it?" Nyla questioned.

"Nyla you need to come home. It's mom."

That three letter word was all it took for Nyla to jump out of bed and run around like a crazy person packing her clothes. She couldn't even wait for her brother to finish what he was calling about. Calvin wouldn't call her and tell her to come home if it hadn't been a life threatening emergency.

Nyla found herself sitting in the passenger seat of her Jeep. She had finished college a year earlier than expected; so once she'd gotten a job, she sold her Toyota and got a Jeep. She could suddenly see why Leah liked hers so much. She'd stuffed two suitcases, a couple of pillows and one large blanket in the back.

Calvin had called her back a few hundred times while she was trying to drive as fast as possible from California to Washington, she finally picked up when she stopped for gas and told him she was on her way. That's all she had to say. He knew he didn't have to keep bothering her anymore.

Nyla stared out the windshield as she sipped the warm liquid. She'd had about five cups of coffee and stopped to pee a dozen times at least, but she was trying to stay awake to get to La Push before sun down. She was completely surprised she hadn't been pulled over and given a ticket for speeding yet. Of course she could always pull the crying female jag on the officer as long as they were male.

It was amazing what crying females in a speeding car could get away with when it came to male police officers. Nyla shook her head. The last time she'd stopped for fuel, Nyla couldn't take the suspense anymore and finally called Calvin back for a second time and asked him what was going on with their mother. Calvin's voice was distraught, but had a strong quietness to it. It was definitely killing him the most.

"Mom's missing...We don't know where she is. We can't track her scent. We tried to and it stopped in the middle of the damn woods. There have been search parties out looking for her for the last 48 hours and nothing yet. The Forks police department is getting ready to call off the searches in our woods and Sam is getting ready to let the pack search. We had to stay out of the way in case someone from the search party ran into one of us." Calvin kept his voice steady any emotion he was feeling he would have to keep in check or Nyla would get upset and start crying and he wanted to keep her safe while driving.

Nyla just listened to everything Calvin was saying and kept her emotions in check, she knew if her brother even heard a hint of emotion he would make her stay put and he'd phase and run to her and driver her the rest of the way home. That was just the way Calvin was.

So here she was back to driving again. Worry was just expanding through her brain. Who the hell would take an ex-alcoholic who didn't drink anymore and was still attending Alcoholics Anonymous? She couldn't be THAT much fun anymore could she?

Lord she knew that was all wrong. Calvin, Collin and Brady had been keeping her up to date with the guy she'd recently been dating and hooking up with as Brady put it. Brady's room was right next to their mothers so there was never a shortage of moaning and groaning coming from the room the nights her 'boyfriend' stayed the night. Brady usually picked those nights to patrol voluntarily so as to not be within an ear shot of his mother's 'oh yes's' and 'oh god's'….It was just a little more than he could handle even if he had recently turned 22. He still wanted nothing to do with hearing his mother 'get it on' with some sweaty dude. Again Brady's words.

Around 5 pm, Nyla passed the 'Welcome to La Push' sign. Naturally since she passed the border she suddenly couldn't get her mind off the one man who plagued her dreams and her nightmares.


It took her a long time for the pain in her heart and the feeling of constantly missing him to pass, but it finally did. She hadn't dated anyone since she'd left because she just couldn't wrap her mind around him not being in her life. She'd not heard from him since she left. Clearly her brothers still had to coexist with him in the pack and he still hadn't given a viable reason as to pulling the plug on the wedding. Though they could confirm he was just as miserable as Nyla was.

According to her brothers Paul had stayed in wolf form for the first six months and kept his thoughts to himself. Every time the guys were phased with him they could just feel the sadness and the physical pain that radiated through him twenty-four hours a day - seven days a week.

Everyone she kept in touch with tried to get her to understand that an imprint bond couldn't be broken, he'd eventually realize what a huge mistake he'd made and come back to her and beg for forgiveness. The only think she realized was broken…was her.

She found the familiar house was shined on with her jeep headlights, the first person out to see her was of course Calvin, who ran out and jerked her from the vehicle and practically hugged the breath right out of her.

"Oh my god Nyla, I missed you so much. I'm so glad you came home. Brady has been quiet since mom went missing and he's been blocking his thoughts when he's phased, you've got to talk to him, he'll open up to you."

Nyla patted Calvin's back as he finally set her down on her feet in front of him. "Okay slow down. I'll talk to Brady. How are you and Collin doing?"

Calvin frowned. "They are going to call off the search for mom tomorrow some time, so Sam is making the pack stay out of the woods, until after the search party is gone. Collin is pissed off because he wants to go find mom and Sam refuses to let us phase. He gave us an alpha order."

Nyla nodded. "I don't blame Sam he has to protect the pack, if you guys go traipsing around the woods while the search party is there, they'll report mutant wolves and start to try hunting you guys, instead of trying to find mom. I realize you guys are practically indestructible, but I'm not so sure you're bulletproof. And I really don't want to find out either."

Calvin nodded in agreement.

Nyla smiled softly. "I'm going to go for a walk, while the sun is still up. I need to clear my head from all the caffeine I drank on the way here."

Calvin kissed her forehead softly. "I'll bring your bags inside and put them in your old room."

"Thanks. I'll be back in a few. I won't stay out long." She turned and walked down the path towards the beach.

Before long she found herself at the cliffs. She wasn't sure why she was there. It was only natural to return to the scene of the heartbreak.

"Nyla…" A little bit of deja vu was felt as she turned and watched as Brady walked up to her.

"Brady, it's so nice to see you little brother."

Brady scoffed. "Who are you calling little?" He smirked at her and she couldn't help but giggle at the cocky attitude he'd inherited from Collin and Calvin. She couldn't believe how big he'd gotten. He was her little brother but he was as big as Collin and Calvin now.

Nyla laughed. "I see the twin's cocky attitude has finally rubbed off on you."

Brady's thick deep chuckle filled the air. "Or maybe I gained one of my own from hanging out with cocky pack brothers." Brady frowned and suddenly he couldn't keep his feelings in check anymore. "Nyla it's my fault that mom is missing."

"What? What do you mean?" Brady wasn't making any sense.

"I was sort of supposed to be patrolling the south area that included mom's home and my imprint sort of surprised me with dinner she cooked and when I got home after patrol she was missing. It's my entire fault, had I just kept patrolling in my head and not my imprint she'd still be here and she'd still be fine."

Nyla frowned as she watched tears begin to slide down Brady's cheeks. Out of all his brothers Brady was the most sensitive but NEVER showed his feelings; Nyla pulled Brady down as he buried his face into her shoulder and she held him as he cried.

"Don't worry Brady we'll find her. I promise. We will."

She could only hope she was speaking words of truth.