Okay Everyone here's the last chapter for Let Me In it was inspired by the song: Why Don't You & I by: Nickelback and just a little FYI - I am planning on doing a 3rd installment for Arms & Let Me In. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed both stories I hope you enjoy the 3rd!


Chapter 20 - Let Me In

Paul looked at his beautiful wife with worried eyes. She'd tried several times to deliver their first baby, but the doctor said that either the placenta was blocking the birth canal or the baby was bigger than expected and wasn't making it between her small hips. So rather than allow her to go any further in labor, he made a collective decision to do an emergency c-section to save her the pain and hopefully the baby from any distress.

Paul was grabbed by a nurse and he growled audibly at her. She turned and gave him a warning glare as he mumbled 'sorry' and continued to let her drag him into a sterile room; where she threw some blue scrubs at him as she turned and gave him a stern look. "If you want to go be with your wife while the doctor is taking the baby out, then you put those on right now, over your clothes and put that mask on and get your ass in there."

Paul couldn't get the scrubs on fast enough and he bent over and the nurse helped tie the mask around his face. She was kind of short. Like 4'9" short. And bossy. But clearly that was her job and Paul wasn't trying to get his ass handed to him by a four foot something female. He would be the laughing stock in the pack and there was no way to come back from an embarrassment of that magnitude.

Paul jogged behind the nurse as she led him into the delivery room, he went to stop but because of the blue booties over his sneakers he slid past Nyla as she laid prone on the table, he belly exposed to the bright operating light hanging above her. a small blue curtain separated her neck and chest, the doctor put it there so she wouldn't get the big fat idea to peek down as the baby was coming out and freak.

Nyla couldn't help giggle as Paul slid past her. She could see his beautiful onyx eyes as they scowled. "Stupid booties." He mumbled from behind the surgical mask. Nyla reached out and took his hand in hers, he had on blue rubber gloves that were way too small and cutting off his circulation, the nurse couldn't find the bigger ones. Naturally, not that that really surprised him any. His scowl slid off his face as he locked eyes with her. "How's the pain baby?"

Nyla smiled softly. "They gave me an epidural so I'm not really feeling anything from my ribcage down. I'm pretty groovy right now."

Paul couldn't help but chuckle. "Wow. I've never seen you drunk or doped up, this is kind of entertaining baby." He pressed his surgical mask covered lips to her forehead. "I love you Nyla."

Nyla's eyes were heavy lidded as she was relaxing, while the drugs took over her whole body. "I love you too pooch." Her hand tightened around his as he placed kisses on the back of her hand as he held it in place against his chest. She could feel his heart beat thumping against the back of her hand.

Dr. Montage stepped up as she took a scalpel and made a small incision into the bottom of Nyla's belly. Than packed off the outside with gauze as her hand went into Nyla's belly and gently pulled until a small body was retrieved; as the small boy's cries began to fill the room. "Congratulations mom and dad it's a boy. He seems a bit small but it's probably because he's a couple weeks early. We'll incubate him and monitor his vitals over night in the Nic unit. As long as he is stable I'd say you can take him home in five days."

Paul squeezed Nyla's hand. "Did you hear that baby. It's a boy."

Dr. Montage smiled under her mask but the smile clearly traveled up to her eyes. "What are you going to name him?"

Nyla smiled softly. "Adrian Michael, after Paul's grandfather."

Dr. Montage put her hand back inside to retrieve the after birth when she felt something strange. "Someone tilt this light a little more near the incision. I feel something abnormal."

Paul's wolf hearing kicked in. "Abnormal? Doc?"

Dr. Montage felt a little more as she gasped. "What in the world? This can't be possible." She grabbed what she felt and started pulling once it surfaced she smiled softly as she looked over at Paul. "I don't think you two were prepared for this. Congratulations, you've got twin boys."

"What?" Nyla gasped out.

Paul looked down at Nyla. "We've got twin boys. How is that possible doc?"

Dr. Montage laughed as the second baby boy began to cry softly as it matched his twin brothers cries. "He must've been hiding behind his brother; he's actually a little smaller then the first, but he seems to be just as alert as the other one. I really wasn't anticipating twins, and I'm sure you two weren't either. What will you name this one?"

Paul chuckled. "Adam Martin after Nyla's grandfather."

Dr. Montage smiled at both of them, it did her heart some good to watch as both of the new parents had tears sliding down their cheeks. No one knew that Nyla and Paul were going to have a two for one special that night in the delivery room. Adrian was a darker tan color like his father with his onyx eyes and jet black hair and Adam looked more like Nyla with the lighter complexion. He didn't quite have Nyla's indigo blue eyes but they were actually an aqua looking color with soft brown hair.

Two years later they brought another set of twin boys into the world: Nico Ray and Noah Ryan. Nico automatically taking over his father's traits, his eyes were a dark grey almost silver color and Noah with his mothers and his eyes were a navy blue.

Still two more boys to add to the family and no girls yet. Nyla wanted a daughter so bad. There was no way Paul would deny her a little girl. Paul promised they'd keep trying until she got her girl. Two years later it came in the form of Kaci Lynn and naturally as if they could break pregnancy tradition her twin brother Kegan Lee was born five minutes ahead of his little sister and of course took his father's traits as Kaci took her mothers, except her eyes. They were a grayish sapphire color.

It had been seven years since they'd started their little family and it grew into a huge family. They were all happy and healthy.

Paul had stopped phasing three years ago when Kaci and Kegan were born. But more than likely if he's passed the gene down to his sons he would start again if and when they started phasing. He wanted to make sure they weren't just thrown into it like he had been. He wanted them to feel prepared and not scared to death.

He knew he would have to watch for the signs incase Kaci got the gene as well. He wasn't sure if he could handle his precious angel phasing and breaking hearts all over La Push. As it was for some reason she was barely three and whenever the pack got together Jacobs youngest Joren Black had taken to Kaci faster than Paul would've liked. Naturally Nyla and Alexia thought it was adorable, but Paul's overprotective daddy mode kicked in. Joren was four and Kaci and Kegan would be four in only a few months older; so they would all be in the same grade once they started school.

Paul and Nyla decided they had enough punishment with three sets of twins and decided to call it quits with making beautiful babies together; deciding to focus on raising their family together.

After the Cullen's had left Forks, Jake, Embry and Quil had moved their families to the border, they wanted to make sure that forks was covered in patrol. Clearly the boundaries were expanded in all directions to include all of Forks and of course La Push. It was something that Jake and Sam had both agreed on. They wanted to keep surrounding areas where every one's kids from the pack might visit so they wouldn't have to worry about them as much.

Nyla was laying in bed as Paul walked into their bedroom with a look of complete defeat on his face. She couldn't help laughing as he fell into bed. She'd left him with the daunting task to get their 3, 5, and 7 year olds into bed. That itself was a enormous feat.

"I officially bow down to you baby." Paul mumbling into the comforter that covered their bed as he laid face down.

Nyla leaned over as she lightly kissed his bare shoulder. "Thought you was getting away with the easy part of the night didn't you. Mr. I'll Put the Kids to bed honey it'll be easy as a snap."

Paul chuckled as he rolled over onto his pack and pulled his wife over onto his chest. "Oh sure make fun of the old guy who didn't realize what a handful three sets of twins were to get to go to bed. I completely concede to you baby. You win I lose. You are the queen of my life for a reason."

"You just remember that when we die and get to the pearly gates baby. Because they are going to ask you what kind of impact you made in this life. You can say -I finally realized after seven years and three sets of twins, how hard my wife really had it- Hopefully St. Peter's wife will take mercy on you and let you in."

Paul smiled at Nyla as he kissed her lips softly as he felt her hand rub up and down his bare chest as she settled in tucked into his side. "Baby if you're not standing next to me at the pearly gates. They will never let me in."

The End