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Little Accident

Emily was sitting on the stairs that where in the school entrance. She sat silently while nonchalantly kicked dirt and her gaze was fixated on the ground. This was really unusual because she would be the one frolicking with the other children and running around while her brother sat silently reading under a tree or in a corner. Gill leaned against the doorframe and rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

This is very odd he thought to himself. He then squatted next to her and lightly taped on her shoulder. "Is something the matter Emily?"

Emily looked up to Gill and pouted. "How did you know uncle Gill?"

Gill smiled at her and ruffled her hair a bit. "Because I'm your uncle silly. So, what's bothering you?"

Emily giggled and fixed her hair. "I'm just worried about mama…"

"Oh don't worry too much about that. Doctor Jin will make sure your baby brother and mommy come out ok. He always makes it better. Promise."

Emily pouted again and let out a sigh. "It's not that uncle Gill…It's just that…well…" She then started fidgeting with her fingers as if trying to find some words.

Oh I get it! I read it in a book one time Gill thought to himself, she must be going through one of those phases where children think their parents wont love them anymore once the baby is born. It's just a matter of reassuring her that nothing like that will happen. I better give Chase a call after she calms down.

"Emily, listen. Your mother and father love you very much. They wont replace you or forget about you once your baby brother is born. They love you very much, don't ever forget that."

Emily looked at him confused and was silent for a few minutes before she finally spoke up. "What are you talking about uncle Gill? I know mommy and daddy will love me no matter how many baby brothers and sisters I have."

Gill gaped at her for a few minutes then shook his head to regain his composure. "So….then, why are you worried?"

Emily looked around her and once she thought it was safe to talk she whispered in Gill's ear. "I think mommy isn't potty trained…"

Gill blinked and covered both mouth with both hands and started to shake as he tried to suppress the laughter. Apparently it wasn't good enough because Emily stomped her foot and crossed her arms across her chest. "It's not funny uncle Gill!" she then placed her hands on Gill's shoulder and shook him lightly. "Like today in the morning when she was setting up the table for breakfast she just….SHE JUST PEED!"

Gill's could no longer contain his laughter and burst into a fit of laughter with tears forming on the edge of his eyes. "Oh Emily, that's what you were worried about?"

Emily once again stomped her foot on the ground. "It's not funny uncle Gill! Papa said it was her…her water balloon? Water facet…A-Anyway! It's not funny!"

Gill was now hunched over and was now having a hard time breathing. After he composed himself he lightly patted her head and smiled. "Emily, don't worry about it. Your mommy just….had a little accident is all. I'm sure it wont happen again."

"Really?" Emily looked at him hopeful.

"Yes really. Now, it's almost time to ring the bell. Would you like to help me out?"

"Really!?" Emily jumped happily, "Yay! I've always wanted to ring the bell!"

And with that, Emily ran towards the school. Gill started to make his way to the school and a smirk creeping on his lips.

Should I tell them…. Gill though to himself. He looked up at the sky and smiled widely. Nah….


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