Bella's Realization

Edward watched his beloved with a smile on his face
Listening to her heartbeat quicken as she encountered some far off place
He thought over her actions
And frowned at the lack of satisfaction
She was his, that much they both knew
But that didn't mean that they couldn't love others too
That was why he encouraged her when he realized they had similar tastes

He should probably be jealous, and he was in a way
But it was far less than the rewards that their sharing would pay
Bella was a member of their family, but soon also the coven
Besides, Alice had shown him the future—these events already woven
Yet despite her assurances, he knew Bella was done
Rejection had broken her confidence, her insecurities had won
So he slipped out the window, ready to proposition his brothers for the second time that day


Author's Note: This might be the end. Probably not, though. Updates will come slower now (if at all) as I work out how deep I want to head into this story.