Lovely Curses

A Harry Potter Fanfiction.

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Sixth year had snuck up on dear Draco much to his dislike. He had a task. A task that would finally place him in his rightful side of life. Evil or Good? Strong or Cowardly? For months he had been proud to be the chosen one to kill the greatly loved Headmaster, but it soon dawned upon him that once he did it-he was a murderer.

So would he really do it? He can certainly try.

And he'd be all alone along the way.

Or so he thought.

Chapter Juan

It was the first weekend of the term. Anybody from ages 13 and older was probably venturing about Hogsmeade. Today was going to be Draco's first attempt to either kill or at least weaken the Headmaster. Earlier, Draco had stumbled upon an interesting item on the list he had received from the owner of Borgin and Burkes. It had been the first thing he requested by owl.

All he received the day after was a note on a small decorative card:

Dear Anonymous Customer,

I implore you to be very careful with this item.

I'm assuming you're using it for the Empatia potion,

but I warn you! More than one person could end up in a fatal position because of this.

What the item is commonly used for is the Empatia potion

as it makes better results than Le'noose. Though it is very harmful! Beca-

Draco became bored of reading the card soon enough and stuffed it in his coat pocket. To him, it sounded like the thing would do its job finely.

All there was to do now was wait for its arrival.

Though many of his friends had suggested he'd join them with a visit to Hogsmeade, Draco wasn't the type of person you would normally find frollicking about where he had no business. No, it was plenty good fun sitting here in the Great Hall. He found it rather delightful when a first or second year scurried off at the sight of him smirking upon the crowd. It made him feel control. Everyone else ignored his presence and that was fine by him. The solitude always did him good. Though every time he found himself alone he did have a faint empty feeling within him.

Eventually, his mind began to wander off. There was nobody at the Slytherin table this evening, and he wouldn't dare gaze at any Gryffindor student. Hufflepuffs? Pssh. It felt only safe to watch the Ravenclaws walk about. Really, in his opinion Ravenclaws weren't that bad. They weren't too far from Slytherins when it came to personality. Though, they were friendly with other houses which Slytherins would never be caught doing.

It was the usual bunch of people, today. Cho, Potter's ex-girlfriend, was having an animated conversation with her groupies. A few feet away was Luna Lovegood who sat alone. She was a rather odd sight with her radish earrings and colorful wardrobe. She made Draco look like a black and white film from the 50's. He was dull and grey compared to her.

Not that it mattered. He looked fine the way he dressed already. Only when he compared himself to her did it strike him that he was so dark.

Down from the ceiling soared a flock of multi-colored owls. Packages and letters greeted students eagerly. They were most likely from parents to congratulate the sorting. A big eagle-owl arrived with its claws around a small box. It almost looked like an engagement box for a ring. The owl fluttered over Draco's head and let the box plop down onto his lap. Carefully, Draco lifted the lid and gandered at the small item within the box.

It seemed to be a normal piece of broken glass. Though, around the edges there was dry brown-red splotches that decorated the glass harshly.

It was curious what such a small and stupid piece of glass could do to a man, but it had sounded so harmful in the description. Absently, Draco picked up the glass and began to think of ways he would use it. He began to wonder whether or not Dumbledore walked around barefoot. He could step on it! Though, that seemed rather idiotic. He didn't pay attention to his headmaster's feet, but he was sure there were shoes on them. He began thinking of the muggle approach: sneaking up on Dumbledore and stabbing him. That only gave Draco a morbid feeling. As he tried to think of other ways to do it, he accidentally pricked his finger on the edge of the shard. "Ouch!" He mumbled in-audibly to himself. He placed the dreadful item back in its box and then stuffed the box into his pocket.

What a waste of a day. Draco lifted himself up and stretched before he left the large room. It was only the beginning of the year. He had plenty of time to jump into this whole murdering business. As of now, it was time to head to the dungeons and to the Slytherin common room.

As he casually made his way down the halls he found himself dozing off slightly. He became very tired suddenly and had come to a complete stop. Just as he thought he was about to collapse to the ground, a melodonic voice brought him back. "Draco, you're bleeding!"

When he lifted his droopy eyes, he found himself staring at Lovegood who was no more than 3 feet away. He began to mumble something grouchy to make her go away when his hand had been snatched up. Luna held his hand gently and with her other hand began to tie a ribbon around his finger. Before he knew it, the whole world reappeared and he was back to his conscious state. Luna smiled proudly as she rose his hand up for him to see his binded finger. "" Draco was too surprised to come up with a snobby comeback. Luna nodded happily and skipped away as fast as she had appeared.

Draco kept an eye on her until was hidden by the corner. With that, he left the hall and headed for the dungeons. It was then that he became tired once more. As he dragged himself down the small steps he could barely move anymore.

Finally it was only the stone floor in sight before the blackness.

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