~ The Divine Love of Protection~

Chapter 1: Angel

I loved how the starry sky looked tonight. The breeze ran through my hair, and the air smelt like the earth. This was my favorite hill. I come here every night to watch the busy streets below. So much movement, so much action, ….so much life. I even decided to name the hill, "Vie", which means life.

Why was I sent here again? I can't remember.

What was my purpose here? Don't ask me, I wish I knew.

All I know, is that tomorrow, I'm going to school. High school, to be exact. I am pretty scared, nobody would probably notice me or anything anyways, but I was still nervous. What do you do in high school? Oh…. you learn. You're supposed to make friends, study, and do your work.

That's good because I always finish my work.

But why me? I know I have a job, a task to fulfill. I mean, when an angel is sent to earth, there's a purpose to that, you know?


Since I don't have a home on earth, I usually go to Vie to sleep. The grass can be used as a wonderful bed. I use my wings as a blanket.

Kumajiro was already asleep in my arms. Right. I couldn't forget about him; I needed him to help me fall asleep. But eventually, I forget his name and he forgets mine.


I had to remember who I was as well. I thought long and hard, it was slowly coming to me.

My name…

My name is Matthew Williams. I am an angel sent to earth to….to protect someone? I didn't know my task yet, but I'm hoping to find out soon enough.

And I know my task starts tomorrow, on the first day of school.

I wrapped myself in my soft, warm wings, sending tingling feelings down my back. I smiled as I hugged my bear to my chest, and with the sounds of the busy streets slowly fading, I had fallen asleep.


I woke up to the feeling of a bear's paw patting my face. I half opened my blue-violet eyes to see Kumajiro looking at me with a blank expression on his face.

"K-kumakiki?" I said with a drowsy voice.

The bear cocked his head to the side. "Who are you?" he asked in a curious tone.

I had gotten pretty upset by that question. I'm the one who took care of him and he still had no idea who I was. Still, it was a regular daily routine. "I-I'm Matthew, your owner…"

He stared at me with the same expression, not saying a word. I sighed, and took him in my arms. At least he didn't complain about that.

I stood up, brushing some grass of my jacket. W-when did I get into these clothes? No matter, I think it looked good on me anyways. I hid my wings from sight, so I looked like an ordinary human. Great! I suppose I was ready for school…. I looked around and spotted a bag containing school supplies. "Thank you" I said out loud looking up at the sky. As I left Vie, I was wondering how school would be like. I knew where it was, I was able to sense it.

I hope some humans recognize me. Some angels in heaven tend to forget when I'm in the same room with them. I got lost in my thoughts, until my gaze finally rested upon the school.

It was pretty big, and that made me even feel more nervous. I've never been to a school before, let alone a high school. I looked into my bag to find a class schedule. It included my name, my various subjects, and the grade I was in. It turns out that I am a sophomore. That comes after a freshman and before a junior. Got it.

I was pretty early, since there were only a few students outside. I looked over at the mini clock tower. I was 8:00am and school started in about a half an hour. So, I decided to sit down on a hard, stone step and wait until the bell rings. I looked down at Kumajiro and I smiled as I petted his head.

"Wow, what a freaking asshole! Bringing a stuffed bear with you on the first day of school! He's probably a fucking freshman or something…"

I looked up to see a boy with his friends apparently mocking me from a distance. They were laughing at me and my bear (he is NOT stuffed!)….. and I felt myself blush of embarrassment.

Then I noticed that they started walking towards me, their faces full of evil.

"Let's teach this asshole pussy the right way to come to school prepared..." One of the boys cracked his knuckles and other spit in my direction.

Then it dawned on me, 'They are going to beat me up… w-what do I do?' All I could do was watch in horror as they came closer and closer to me. I clutched onto Kumajiro for dear life, although I was probably squeezing him to death as well. When I knew the first boy was going to strike, I closed my eyes and waited to feel pain. Something I had never felt, but I had heard stories from those angels who had once been humans that pain was not a pleasant feeling.

The boy was laughing cruelly as I heard him raise his fist into the air, aim it at my face, and swing.

Then I waited.

And waited…

And waited…

W-what? Where's the pain? I didn't feel anything, and I was pretty sure that it didn't take that long for a buff kid like him to punch a scrawny little angel like me. Out of curiosity, I decided to slowly open my eyes. My eyes grew even wider when I saw what had happened.

A boy with silver hair and (beautiful) crimson red eyes was standing in front of me. He had stopped the punch that the kid was going to throw at me.

"Gi-gilbert! What the fuck, man? Get out of the fucking way!" The boy's eyes glared at the silver haired boy with hatred and annoyance.

The silver haired boy looked at me and smirked, which had somehow caused me to jump and blush deeply. He looked back at the kid that was trying to kill me.

"Listen up, the awesome me is talking! This guy over here is my best bud. So if ya think an un-awesome person as yourself would hurt him, you got another thing coming!"


…... All I could do was watch.

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