~ The Divine Love of Protection~

Chapter 5: Truth

Seriously, I think he was absolutely adorable.

His cheeks were all red, his eyes glimmered a beautiful shade of violet, and yeah, that loopy curl was twitching slightly. See? Fucking awesomely adorable~

I blushed feeling Mattie's head rest against my shoulder. Mein Gott, how will I ever be able to tell him that I love him? Watching the movie, I barely laughed at the funny parts. I was too concentrated on this angel.

Did I...


Did I accidentally get Mattie drunk? Well sure, I could hold my alcohol better than him, I mean he's never had it before! But was it really an accident? No, I couldn't just take advantage of him, right? But he smelled so clean. With a hint of maple syrup... it was so sweet. Uh ... am I thinking a bit un-awesomely?

The movie was half way through, and the scene were the man kissed the other man just got to me. Even if it was weird. He's MINE dammit!

" Mattie." I said his name in the calmest, coolest, most awesome way I could think of. He looked up to me, with wide eyes. Yes, they were still glowing. " Y-yeah, *hiccup* Gil?" I grabbed his cheek. It felt so warm and soft under my touch. I leaned in an planted one right on his soft lips. I did it! I was the person to give him his first kiss! Kesesesese! I-i think... I'm pretty sure I am.

He gasped a little bit, but then he relaxed. He wrapped his arms around my neck, and I place my hands on his hips. I then poked my tongue out at him, asking him for entrance. He hesitated, but soon opened mouth slightly. I pushed my tongue softly into his mouth, exploring his moist cave. I easily won over dominance, considering he probably didn't know what he was doing. I let my tongue travel over his, and we were dancing together in our own spit. He tasted like beer, but also like maple syrup. Wow, he really loves those pancakes. I probably tasted like beer and wurst, because that was really all I ate today. He let out a groan, and boy, did THAT turn me on. I felt my pants get tighter as I let my hands roam free throughout his body. His skin was so soft to the touch, but he still had a somewhat firm chest.

We released our mouths from each other so we could take a breather. A thick trail of saliva hung between us, and I licked the rest of the spit off his lips. I pushed him down on the couch, so that he was laying on his back and I was on top of him. I smirked at the picture in front of me. His face was extremely red, while his eyes were clouded with a darker shade of violet and lust. He was obviously aroused, as I could make out the growing erection under his pants. I leaned down and started kissing him down his neck. I breathed him in, loving the way he smelled. I sucked on his delicate skin, leaving my love marks there. And they were special! They were to mark him being mine...

He let out more groans, they were still low and soft, but he still let them out. While still adorning him with my kisses, I reached down to rub his bulging manhood that was under his garments. His groans became a little louder, which was good. That meant I was pleasing him. He tried to resist, but he jerked his body towards me, asking for more. He was obviously embarrassed to do so, as he looked away. I grabbed his chin to make him looked back at me, and kissed him hard again. After rubbing a little faster, a moved my hand to unzip his pants. I don't think he noticed until I pulled back from him and delicately yanked his pants and boxers right off at the same time. He covered himself right away, but I shook my head and slowly removed his hands, which he hesitantly obliged.

Wow, he was pretty big and hard already. Awesome~ I let my hands massage his thighs and move slowly towards the erect member. I grabbed onto it with a little bit of force. He gasped loudly at the feeling. " A-ah! G-gilbert!..." I pumped him slowly at first, but then sped up my movements as he got used to it.

Then I took his dick and licked around the top of it, a little bit of pre-cum sputtered out. I took the member and shoved it into my mouth, moving up and down, keeping a steady rhythm. After a while I moved faster and faster, trying to see how much I can take him into my mouth. His groaning increased with every thrust I took in of him. Finally, he reached his climax. " A-ah,..ngh...a-ah,...G-GIL!" He released his seed into my mouth, and I gladly swallowed it all, removing my mouth with a slight "pop" sound. I licked the cum that trailed down my mouth and smirked. He looked absolutely embarrassed, what with his cherry red face, and tried to cover it with his hands. " I-i-i'm sorry..." I shook my head. " It's not a problem, Mattie..." I gave him another loving kiss, giving him a taste of what he tastes like. I pulled away from him and he suddenly grabbed onto my shirt tightly. " Hm?" I asked as I looked back into his eyes. Whoa, they looked pretty lusting. Yummy~

" G-gil...p-please... I-i ... I nee-" Before he could finish his request, the power shut off. He gasped a little scared and hid his face under a pillow. I looked around my room, barley seeing anything, the moon shining outside was being used as my only light source. You could hear a small "Eep!" coming from downstairs, probably Feli being all freaked out by the dark.

All of a sudden the wall next to the window explodes and as the dust cleared up, you could see a ... fist? Suddenly Ivan's head popped into view from the window.

" Ah, I'm sorry comrade for destroying your wall~ But I just couldn't let you go any further with the little Matvey, da?" He nodded his head, still having a creepy smile plastered on his face. He then waved goodbye and... fucking floated away chuckling to himself.




" WHAT THE FUCK!" I yelled, so utterly confused. Matthew had a fearful look on his face, but tried to remain calm. He quickly pushed me aside with an apology to put on his boxers and pants, because I was still on top of him. " G-gil..." I stared at him, still pointing from him to the window.


" Gil..."



I stopped talking, probably because I was in shock. I've never heard him use that tone... but hell, I was still freaked out! " Gil... I-i have to tell you something... I-i don't know if I was suppose too... but I want to tell you..." I stared at him, trying to concentrate and listen to what he has to walked up to me and took my hand, putting it on top of his chest. He looked down and took a breath, looking back up at me with a determined face.

" I-i am an angel ... from Heaven. I was sent to Earth for a mission. I-i don't know yet... w-what it is... but it has something to do with the school... I-i think... or maybe someone from the school... a-anyways, Ivan is a demon. I-i don't know why he's here though..."

After he stopped talking a burst into laughter. " Oh, Mattie! Kesesesese! That was a good one! An angel and a demon? Really?" He then had sort of a sad and disappointed look on his face. " Y-you don't believe me?" I coughed a little, feeling a bit guilty. " W-well Mattie, come on! T-this is a joke right? I mean, yeah, he probably did some weirdo awesome magic trick there or something..."

Then my heart broke.

When I saw the tears roll down his cheeks.

His look of sadness was replaced by a more angered one, but he managed to control himself. " A-alright Gilbert... if you don't believe me..." He grabbed Kumajiro in his hands when suddenly a bright white light enveloped around him, and two puffy wings sprouted from his back, leaving this sort of glow around his body. He felt so warm and bright, and I never wanted the feeling of him to leave. I stared at him completely speechless. I didn't know what to fucking say...

" G-goodbye Gil... " he managed to choke out as he turned towards the window and jumped off the roof. " M-MATTIE!" But he was already flying away from me. Thankfully, no one was outside or anything, or that would have been freaky for them as it was for me.


Holy shit.

He was telling the truth, and I shunned him off like the un-awesome guy that I am. I didn't want this. I DIDN'T! I wanted him to be with me! I fucking love him, dammit! I pounded my head with my fists and cussed my heart out in German. Gilbird tried to calm me down, but his chirping wasn't really helping.


What the FUCK was I going to do?


I woke up on the floor. I probably didn't sleep well last night. I looked out through the hole in my wall to see the sun peeking up on the horizon. " Fuck..." I muttered as I stretched. Then yesterdays events quickly came back into mind. " Oh, shit Mattie!" I looked at the time; it was 7:18. Wow, I woke up pretty early. Mother fucker I'm awesome.



I took the quickest shower of my life, dried myself, and changed into fresh clothes. I combed my hair until it looked satisfyingly awesome. Yep, I even brushed my teeth like a fucking(awesome)maniac. I ran down the many stairs we had, passing by the kitchen I saw my brother and Feli eating breakfast. " Got to go to school early, k bye!" I didn't even looked back. Not to eat, not to drink, nothing. I just wanted to see that angel. And I'm not even kidding now, he was actually a fucking angel!

" Ve, see you later Gilbert~!" Feli waved at me with a smile, not really seeing that I was in a rush. My brother on the other hand pinched the bridge of his nose. " Mein Gott, bruder ..." I grabbed my bag and headed out the door, not bothering to take the bus. Fuck the bus. I was fucking running to school! Poor Gilbird was trying to catch up to me, and managed to rest and cling to my head. I finally arrived to school, early. I looked at the clock. 7:56.

Okay then, Matthew was definitely here. He told me he liked to be early at places. Um... where was he? Not on the benches outside... I ran into the school and searched. He wasn't at his locker, or the cafeteria...

Of course!

The Library! He said he loved to read!

I moved my ass into the quiet library, making somewhat large noises that resulted me getting scolded at by the librarian. Yeah, when she turned around, I stuck up the finger at her and mumbled. " Fuck off bitch.." Thank Gott she didn't hear that~

I searched the insanely huge room filled with shelves and shelves of books. Oh... it got me dizzy a bit. Then Gilbird starting chirping in a certain direction. " Piyo, Piyo~!"

I turned to see Mattie hidden in a corner in between these two tall shelves, sitting on the floor, reading a huge book. Nope, no wings on his back, he just looked like a normal human being. Of course he wasn't, duh. He was holy.

" MATTIE!" I said in a loud whisper. He looked up at me and his face turned into a nervous, somewhat angry expression. You better believe that I fucking awesomely jumped him. He tried to push me away, but fuck yeah I was stronger than him, so I carefully pushed him down on his back. " N-no Gil... get off ... p-please..." I shook my head. " Not until you forgive me, Mattie. I'm so sorry for not believing you! I believe you now, a-and I'll believe you forever!" Before I gave him a chance to speak or protest, I planted a kiss on his delicate lips. But it was like a "Please forgive me for being a douche bag" kiss. He protested and tried to squirm, but I let my hands roam under his shirt, and soon, he seemed to melt from my touch. He ran his hands through my hair (Thank Gott I showered~ I was nice and clean, bitch!) and tugged on it playfully. Yeah, I was loving this moment, and I was going to tell him I loved him. Right then and there.

" AWWWW, YEAAAH! YOU GO AN GET SOME, FROSTIE!" Matthew's eyes widened as he broke from me, feeling breathless. I turned around to see Matthias with this huge( hate to admit it, but also kind of awesome) smirk on his face. He winked at me and Mattie, causing the Canadian angel to look away embarrassed and me to want to choke him with his tie again. I tried to control as I stood up, also helping the boy. I crossed my arms and tried to stare down to Dane.

" The hell do ya want, Matthias? Go... eat out of a garbage or something..." He shook his head. " Frostie, I'm surprised that the "awesome" you finally found a lover~ Ha!" I blushed, but refused to let this moron get to me. Matthew probably felt like he was dying of embarrassment. " Oh come now, Matt... why don't you just run off back to Lukas and leave me and my business alone...for once?" He frowned slightly. " Hmph... Will do, Frostie~" He gave me another wink as he headed off in some other direction, shuffling his feet at a fast pace. Smart ass did the right thing. I would have punched him! " And don't call me Frostie, ya hear!" He waved a hand at me without turning around. " Yeah, yeah..."


He was still going to call me that, the dick.

I turned back to Matthew, who was still blushing furiously. I was going to speak, but he beat me to it. " G-gilbert... I forgive you, okay? I-i'm sorry, I shouldn't have freaked you out like that." He hugged Kumajiro closer to himself. He looked so damn cute... I hugged him tight, making him let out a quick gasp. " Danke, Mattie..." I released him from my grip and Gilbird flew from my head onto his. He looked up at the bird and smiled. Once again, he was fucking adorable! " Hmm... ya know, I think I should give you another nickname..." I thought for a bit. " Aha! How about Birdie? Gilbird seems to like you a lot, too! A-and since you're an angel, you have wings and you fly like a bird...s-so..." Wow, I suck. But he seemed to like to like it, since he giggled and nodded his head. " That's fine. Thanks Gil~" I blushed, but tried to shake it away.

" S-so Birdie, want to go for a walk? Maybe to kill some time until school starts?" I asked with a weird smile, hoping he would agree. He smiled softly and happily nodded his head. We started walking in an awkward silence. Damn I hate those...

Then suddenly this huge blob of a person zoomed into me and we both fell on our asses.


What the fuck dude.

I looked up at the un-awesome person who bumped into me. Aw, great, it was that stupid loud American from my calculus class. I mean, he was pretty cool, but he always said he was this hero! I mean, that sounds just a bit too awesome to me. Which is a no-no. I am the King of Awesomeness, so ha~

" Oh God, stop bloody bumping into people, Alfred!" The British dude! He was... a senior right? Eh... he was too strict for me. Alfred(the hero?) shook his head like a dog and realized that he dropped his glasses. " Uh, shut your trap, Iggy...now where did my lenses go?" He finally found them and stood up.

" Ah, sorry dude! The hero wasn't watching where he was goin-" He put his glasses on and froze. All the color drained from his face and his pupils grew huge. Like the fucking size of a baseball. He actually looked freaked out or something. ...No more like shocked. He stared past me and I moved to the side.

He was looking at Matthew.

The American walked over to Mattie and stared at him. " N-no..." He choked out. He reached out and grabbed the Canadian's cheeks. He stared into his violet eyes while his blue ones were filling up with tears. Matthew stared at him back, furrowing his eye brows so much, like he was trying to remember something.

" Who the fuck are you? Tell me your damn name...now." Wow, did his voice sound serious. The angel felt scared at the moment, but answered him nonetheless. " M-my name is... M-matthew. Matthew W-williams..." The taller boy yanked his his hands away, like he was still in shock by his name and the sound of his voice.

I should have done something, but I wanted to know what was happening. He stepped back, letting me get a good look of his face. Tears were streaming down his face and sadness clouded his eyes. " Y-you're...f-fucking lying! You can't be here! Dammit, Mattie! D-don't you remember me? Y-you... can't be real..." He turned around and dashed away, a confused Englishman chasing after him. " W-what?...A-alfred!"

I was so utterly confused... again.

I looked back at Mattie and he still had a confused face on. He blinked, over and over again. I walked next to him and put a hand on my shoulder. " B-birdie?"

He looked at me with wide eyes filled with tears, as if some realization came to him. He grabbed my shirt and let the tears fall. " N-no... this can't be right... they told me that I am a pure soul... I couldn't have been a human..." I took hold of his hands. " Mattie, tell me what's wrong..." I made eyes contact with him.

" G-gil... that boy... was my brother...w-when I was alive..." He cried into my shirt, having finally remembered the memories he shared with his eldest brother. His brother?




Holy fucking shit, dude.

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