It's been two weeks. I apologize. I've been marathoning Doctor Who in my free time from work, and well... Yeah.

A lot of you seemed shocked about how quickly the media caught on. I'm a communications media major at university, this is my third year studying it. Believe me, something happening at night and making headlines the next day is no big deal. So, say nothing serious was going on in the area that required front page headlines, why not? It's really not all that unusual. Newspapers are a business, and interesting headlines sell. Wimbledon is actually quite the big deal. And any country would want the athlete from their home to win the big event in their home country. So it's only natural Arthur would be in the public eye, and for them to know Alfred's name, even though he's simply a qualifier. Wimbledon is Wimbledon. While any win is amazing, let's just compare winning Wimbledon to winning the World Cup in football, or the Super Bowl in American football. I hope this helped clear up any questions, and if not, feel free to ask away about anything you don't understand or might be curious about, pertaining to anything. I understand not everyone reading this is the expert tennis fan/obsessive fan person that I am. Hahaha

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Anyways.. on with the show!

Francis had allowed Alfred to keep the copy of the paper he had shown him in the hallway, claiming he had more copies back in his own hotel room to tease Arthur with.

Alfred had taken the paper and folded it in half to hide the cover, and then moved as quickly as he could back to his room.

Inserting his hotel card key into the reader on the door, he waited until the light turned green and turned the handle, pushing the door open and shutting it quickly behind him. He set the paper down on the desk near the door, and immediately went for his laptop.

Lucky for him Matt was totally an insomniac. He was a little relieved when he pulled open his facebook page and Matt's name appeared as online. He wasted no time in sending a chat.

Alfred: Yo, Mattie. Sleep is good for you, dude!

Matthew: whatever. Where the hell have you been?

Alfred: Oh, you know. Out.

Matthew: Out? All night? Literally, the whole night?

Alfred sighed, opening up a new tab and running a google search on last nights events. It was a huge relief to him when he had to search for a minute to find something concerning specifically Arthur and himself. In the end he had actually had to go to the website for the paper that he had been given earlier. He copied the link and pasted it into the chat with Matt.

Chewing on his bottom lip, Alfred watched as the little pencil that appeared to signify Matt's typing a response appeared, then disappeared for a moment before appearing again.

Matthew: Isn't he known for doing things like that with someone else?

Alfred: Arthur? Yeah, whenever he makes it into the news it's because he's out dancing with Francis. The one I told you about that he's always fighting with.

Matthew: Do you think they're together? Arthur and Francis? You've mentioned them a lot in the past while talking about tennis

Alfred: I can't tell, dude. Sometimes I swear they are, like earlier Francis asked Arthur if he was bored with their love.. but then Arthur just gets all pissed and kicks him out of the room.

Matthew: You're going to get mixed up in something you don't want to be

Alfred: Like?

Matthew: Arthur and Francis's personal and obviously complex relationship.

Alfred: Nah, I'm not interested in that! Just winning, and totally being the hero for America! I still can't believe I'm here.

Matthew: I can't either, no offense.

Alfred: You totally have to sign up for lessons now, by the way. You lost the bet.

Matthew: Seriously? You're actually going to make me go through with that. C'mon, Al...

Alfred: A bets a bet.

Matthew: We'll see. I'm going to sleep now. Don't get mixed up in any drama! Arthur may be known for going out and messing around with other men and whatever, but you're a new face. Media is scary. You don't know what they can do. Seriously, Al, be careful out there.

Alfred: I'll be totally fine, dude. Go to sleep. You're talking crazy.

Matthew's name dimmed, and the chat box read that he was no longer online. Alfred sighed, thinking about what the other boy had to say.

Arthur Kirkland was known for being a little more on the rebellious side off the courts. It was odd, considering how much of a proper sportsman he was on them. It was almost as if the man had two personalities, one which Alfred had watched many times on the television over the last few years, and another that he had read articles about...and had gotten a glimpse of first hand.

He felt strange. He had never woken up in bed with another man before. Sure, there had been the times when he and Matt were little and they had been thrown into the same bed during nap time by their mothers... but never another man that he hardly knew.

Definitely not an internationally known athlete.

He thought about what Matthew had said about Arthur and Francis, and wondered briefly how he had ended up mixed in with them. Right in between then, it seemed. Because he happened to be in the lobby at the right time the other night with Francis? Because he just happened to be in the same elevator as Arthur? That could have happened to anyone, and they didn't have to speak to him. But for some reason they had.

Perhaps that had just been Francis. Just a part of the mans personality to talk to anyone he could, or something. And maybe Matt was right, and they did have some kind of relationship. And now Arthur was talking to Alfred just to make sure he wasn't going to be some kind of competition.. or something that got in the way of them.

And everyone knew of Francis's reputation as the playboy.

But would Arthur really willingly take his 'competition' out for drinks? Maybe that was just some way of getting to know Alfred to make sure he was able to find some way to stop it.

But what would he be stopping? Francis? But Francis wasn't doing anything. He had seemed amused by the newspaper article. And if he were together with Arthur, wouldn't he had been at least the least bit upset? It wasn't like he would be used to it happening. Whenever Arthur ended up in the news for something slightly ridiculous like this, Francis was the other person involved.

Alfred groaned. He would know, he was the tennis fan turned pro. He was the one who followed tennis news and individual profiles himself.

He sighed. He was starting to give himself a headache. Truth was, he was probably over thinking about everything. Or maybe not. He didn't know.

He didn't know anything about either of them outside from what they let the public see.

Sure he knew all these facts... but who were these men, really? And was it a bad thing that he wanted to find out?