Chapter 12:

Clyde stood there stunned for a moment, his mind spinning as he tried to process what just happened.

"...E-Eddy Elce?"

His reflection nodded smirking making him flinch slightly.

"What's the matter Clyde? You're not scared, are you?"Eddy snickered in his mind.

Clyde shook his head, "I'm not-"

He saw Eddy frown before smiling in a devilish way, "How about now? Look at the water."

Confused, the brunette looked then gasped taking a step back.

"Aw, Clyde. There's nothing to be afraid of."Eddy said faking his concern.

Clyde bit his lip trying not to scream at the sudden metallic scent he can smell.

He looked back at his reflection swallowing thickly when Eddy chuckled,

"You know...I can help you get rid of these meaningless fears, Donovan."

Clyde tensed and stepped even more back from the pond, but he can still hear Eddy's voice in his head. "...You're l-lying. You can't help me..."

"Don't you want this to go away Clyde? Really, I could help you."

Unsure of this, he asked in a quiet voice making his way back to look at the Eddy through the now crimson pond,


Eddy smiled but behind that smile he was smirking.

"Mind closing your eyes? That way, you can see me properly."

Taking a shaky breath, the brunette obeyed. "Okay."

After a couple of seconds, he saw Eddy in front of him making him take a step back.

Eddy still had that devious smile he had in the reflection of the lake when he spoke in a gentle tone.

"Don't be afraid Clyde. Just take my hand and I will make it all better."

Clyde stared at the extended hand in front of him then glanced back up at the other.

"Trust me, Clyde. Everything you need is inside you. You don't need anyone." He heard him whisper.

Clyde bit his lip and nodded reaching out his hand about to grasp Eddy's-.

"Hey Clyde! Is that you?"

The brunette's eyes shot open, blinking, he recognized that voice.

He turned around and saw the person walking closer until they came into view.

A/N: I'm seriously thinking the South Park fandom has died or something. :l, if anyone is still paying attention to this story (btw sorry if this chapter is short), who do you think should be the person who saw Clyde? I'm debating whether them to be Kenny, Tweek (I'm terrible at writing how he talks, so its a maybe) or Kevin S. Please tell me who'd you think it should be. I honestly wanna continue this. So review.~