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"You know we have two Vampires in the store dear, oh it's so exciting" startled I looked up in shock from the clothes I had been packing away, Kathrynne (in her far too low top considering her age) was flushed red from excitement at her words.

"W..what do you mean" I only stammered these days when nerves, hopefully Kath wouldn't notice, then again she wouldn't notice if she caught on fire she was that thick.

"Well I was helping this gentleman and he told me he was a Vampire" she looked away embarrassed for a second, and I knew she was leaving something out. " I know you don't get many Vampires in Australia love, but don't look so dang scared, they're really very nice. Anyways this other tall man started talking to him, and oh Gabby you should have seen this man. He looked like one of them Viking folks, so of course he must be a Vampire too" before I could ask her anything more, Kath fluttered away in search of another person to tell.

Looking past the colourful racks of clothes I found who she was talking about easily. Both handsome they stood out among the ordinary people, one was tall with neat brown hair and almost black eyes, he reminded me of Rhett out of Gone With the Wind for some reason. The other was a giant, Kath hadn't been joking when she said he looked like a Viking, with his blond hair and blue eyes it was frightening the resemblance he had to the long dead culture. Even in the fashionable jumpsuit that would have looked ridiculous on anyone else, he pulled it off and still managed to look like a predator.

Ducking down low, I used the rack as cover as they came closer, I could just make out their words above the noisy shoppers.

"Which is where Sookie comes in" muttered the blond one, immediately Gabby felt shivers cover her, she could sense his aura, and it was dark.

"No" growled the other with possession, his aura felt murky green, strange like he was hiding something important.

"As she's yours, I'm asking your permission to take her with me to Dallas" god the way they spoke you would think they were talking about cattle, not a person.

"Eric, you can do whatever you want with me... but I am not putting her in this position anymore. I cannot and I will not allow you to being her into these matters." I could sense the love in his voice, it was pure and beautiful, and that blond guys a real jerk for trying to force them apart, Gabby knew only too well how fake love could be sometimes.

"We made a deal, your human and I. That if I didn't kill anyone, she would work for me as often as I like. Now you remember this, don't you? You were there". Shocked at how cavalier the blond giant was regarding humans, I began sneaking away before they scented me, their kind always did find me easily.

"Honey what an earth are you doin" startled I slipped, hand hitting the side of the rack I looked down in horror at the blood seeping from my cut.

"O..h god" grabbing a top of the bargain bin, I slammed it onto my wound, hissing in pain I looked around quickly just praying that the Vampires where gone. They weren't, both where staring at her bleeding hand, fangs out and panting they looked like monsters. The blond one recovered first, teeth snapping back in he regarded me with anger.

"Where you listening to us human?" numb I shook my head, a quick movement and he was in front of me, gripping my wrist hard. Moaning I felt more blood seep out, dripping down it slowly trailed down onto his hand.

"Eric, she doesn't know anything. Let us leave before we attract more attention, the humans are already starting to notice." Surprised that the other Vampire was still there I looked up and around. He was right people where starting to look nervous, I could only hope one of them decided to call the cops. Eric didn't seem to notice though, or he just didn't care.

"I asked you a question human, where you listening" he tightened his hand so much I felt like it would break.

"No, p..please I just wanted to get a..away, I swear" tears began to leak from the corner of my eyes, I felt Eric's eyes on the clear liquid as it trailed down my cheek.

"Eric" snapped the other Vampire, "we must go. Leave the girl, she is nothing." I nearly wept in relief at his words; maybe they hadn't scented me properly, but it far more likely that Kath's strong perfume was blocking the air.

"You should consider yourself lucky that I have recently fed human" Eric released my wrist, but I didn't dare move. He stood up and began to walk away,

"You should get that looked at" came an old southern accent from next to me, shocked I looked at the other Vampire.

"Yes" not trusting myself to say more, he seemed to believe that I meant to go get help, strangely I felt secure around this Vampire.

"I am Bill, and I apologise for my... acquaintances behaviour, he is not one to favour humans." nodding to Bill I risked a glance at Eric; he was absorbed with talking to a blond woman, one who seemed to be smuggling watermelons under her top. Accepting Bills assistance I stood up, remembering what they had been talking about I was unable to stop myself from reaching for Bill's arm as he motioned to leave.

"Please I know you care for Sookie, but you cannot trust E..Eric, he is the darkness. Please, I know I sound crazy, but stay with her, no matter what" I couldn't believe what I had said; now he would wonder what I was to know something like that. I watched in fear, as confusion snapped across his features, but rather than tell Eric of my sudden prophecy, he just bowed his head in an old fashioned way and walked away.

Before the Vampire Bill could change his mind, I wrapped another shirt around my still bleeding hand and quickly as I could, got out of the store. It seemed hours before I finally got home, but I knew it hadn't even been fifteen minutes. Not that I really considered the flea bag motel/hotel home, crappy sheets and a shower that only ran cold where the best things about the room. But it was cheap, and that counted for more than hot water and a good night's sleep in my mind. Glancing at my phone on the way to the bathroom, there were several messages. Not seeing any reason to check them, it would just be Kath checking on me, and after all I would be leaving soon. It was never good to stay in one place for too long, especially if a big blond Viking Vampire had noticed you, even if for only a second. My pitiful first aid skills became tragically clear when I tried to tape my cut together, only to have the blood weaken my brilliant work. Sighing I knew I would need stitches, and that meant a hospital, which meant money. God sometimes I longed for my home country, where ordinary people could actually afford health insurance.

"Would you like assistance with that" startled I spun around, and hit a brick wall, a very Viking like brick wall wearing a black wife beater.

"What do you w...want" secretly I was proud of my almost lack of stutter, as the terrifying Eric stared down at me with hunger in his eyes. "And I do not need ass..assistance" moving around him as best I could without touching, which was a feat in itself considering how small his presence made my crappy excuse for a bathroom.

"Aren't you even the least bit curious about why I am here human? Or have you figured that out?" Eric's eyes followed me as I slowly backed away from him, aiming for the general direction of the door, or a stake whichever was easier. I didn't need to answer him, his eyes locked on my neck and bleeding hand it was obvious, and id be damned if I let that happen.

"Yes I know Eric, a...and you can go to h...hell" I stammered out, finally my back met the door and I reached wildly for the doorknob. Before I even had it open and inch, Eric seemed to just appear in front of me and slam the door shut, his arms caging me in.

"Not a wise choice of words girl, don't you fear me? One would think you would know better than to anger a predator." I felt his teeth slide up my throat, eyes shut I refused to allow him to attempt to control me. Every time a Vampire tried that in the past, my body rebelled, what was left of the Vampire after that was not pretty. Eric nipped my neck bringing my mind back to the present, "Now tell me sweet one. Why do you smell different? You cannot be part werewolf, they hardly smell like strawberries, and shifters carry a distinct smell of dirt. Disgusting really" eyes at the floor I tried to figure out what to do, but sadly once again my smart mouth got the better of me.

"What and Vam...Vampires smell so much b...better" wishing I had a filter from my brain to my mouth I froze, I could feel Eric's aura fill with bright red anger.

"And what do you, a pathetic half breed thing think that Vampires smell like" growled Eric.

"Blood and pain" I whispered out the words, knowing lying would do no good. He chuckled and I felt yellow humour enter his aura, letting out a pent up breath I finally opened my eyes. Ice blue was the only word that came to my mind when he captured my gaze; I could feel his mind attempt to drag mine in.

"Don't, please. I do..don't want to harm you, if try to glam...glamour me you will d...die" I managed to say that just as I felt the power rising in me. He may be here to kill me, but I wouldn't wish pain upon anyone. The pull I felt instantly left, feeling my power retreat I nearly fell over in relief, or would have if not for Eric holding me up.

"No matter, I like it better when there's a fight in it" before I could scream for help, Eric slammed his hand over my mouth and sank his fangs into my neck. Screaming into his palm, I felt tears trek down my cheeks and onto his hand, agony filled me. This was the worst sort of violation, unable to stop his hunger, I withered in pain as he moaned in pleasure at the taste of me, a taste I knew only too well he would come to crave. Finally he stopped, unable to hold my head up; I numbly let it roll to rest on my shoulder, never had I felt this weak and drained of energy in my entire life.

Unable to even cry, I sank to the floor silently when Eric released me. I could still feel the blood seeping out of me, Eric was stone still and I knew he was absorbing my blood. Just as my vision began to go dark, I saw Eric move back towards me; raising his wrist to his fangs I heard a sickening pop before more blood began dripping onto the floor from his wound.

"No" I gasped out as his lowered his bleeding wrist to my mouth, even as I said the words his sweet taste flooded my mouth.

"I have never tasted anything like you" he said by way of explanation for his actions as I looked up at him questionably. Unable to stop myself I began swallowing as much of his powerful blood as possible, and he was smiling while I was doing it. As I drank I could taste his life, he was extremely old, by far the oldest Vampire I had ever heard of. Visions of battle fields and a blood stained bodies littered my head, but before I could understand what I was seeing he pulled away his wrist slowly. Thankful I didn't have to see more of his horrific life I sank back, but was unable to stop the growl that filtered out of my throat at the sight of his wound closing. Eric smirked at the very animalistic noise coming from my throat, stupid nature. But before I could think about pouncing on him, he quickly looped some torn bits of sheet around my feet and hands. Opening my mouth to scream at him, Eric slipped the last bit of sheet into and around my mouth, effectively gagging me. Staring daggers at him I could do nothing as he lifted me up into his arms, and walked out of my crappy room.

Shocked I stared at the plain building in front of us; it had nothing really special about it except the neon flashing red sign that read Fantasia. Well I suppose that was funny, to a grandmother or something. Fuming in Eric's arms I quickly found myself inside of the club. There was nothing particularly interesting about it, except the throne and way too obvious stripper poles. At the moment the club was empty, thankful that nobody could see me in my current predicament, because there was no way they could help me even if they did.

"Because I cannot trust you not to escape my pet, you will have to stay down here until I am done for the night." Lifting myself up as best as possible I stared at what he was doing, with a hidden flick he opened a door down into a basement.

"M...ffff.f" I yelled from behind my gag, something that loosely translated into "Let me go you bloodsucking fiend". True not my best words but given the situation, very appropriate. Without even pausing Eric began walking down the stairs, and I was instantly assaulted with the smell.

Screaming I looked down in horror at the torn apart body that lay on the floor. It looked like something had ripped it apart in hunger, like an animal...

"I apologise for the mess, he angered me." I looked up in horror at Eric's words, how could he do this to somebody, was this what he was going to do to me? Shuddering at the thought I blocked it out quickly, unwilling to think that far ahead. Kicking the body out of the way Eric made his way over to a group of poles sticking out of a turn wheel. Moaning from behind my gag, I believed he meant to chain me to one of the blood covered poles. Instead he walked over to a far wall, one that had a thin mattress on the floor next to a bucket. Laying me down on the almost not there mattress, Eric grabbed something from behind me and snapped it around my wrists. I didn't need to look down to see the shackles that now kept me trapped to the wall, tearing my binds of Eric finally took the gag out of my mouth. Without thought I spat in his face, no longer caring if he decided I wasn't worth the trouble. A rough hand grabbed me around the jaw, jerking my head up until I was forced to look him in the eyes.

"You shouldn't think that I have been cruel so far, however try something like that again and you will find out how cruel I can be" jerking my face forward he kissed me, it was hard and he nipped my lip. Hissing I bit him back, my darker side beginning to make an appearance. Shoving my face away Eric stood gracefully, "be good sweet". I almost wished he stayed, rather than leave me alone in the dark and stink of the basement. Almost needing to hold my hand over my mouth to stop myself from begging him not to leave me, I mealy shuddered in fear as his footsteps echoed away.

Eric ran a hand through his newly cut hair; maybe he shouldn't have let Pam cut it so short. Surprised he was able to even think about his hair considering what he had chained up downstairs, Eric walked into his office. It always amused him to see people's reactions when they saw how normal it was, like they expected floggers and chained up women, no he kept them elsewhere.

"Pam" calling to his Childe, Eric waited only a second before her heels clipped into his office.

"Yes and if this is about your usual meal, I am having her sent to your office later on" crossing her arms she tapped her foot like a petulant child. It really was adorable, and one of the reasons he turned her, she entertained him and never feared him. Not like the pathetic excuse for a creature chained up downstairs, he could practically smell the fear coming off her from where he was, but there was still something intriguing about her.

"This is not about food Pam, I need you to get me some female clothes, we have a... guest" stated Eric relaxing behind his desk.

Raising an eye brow Pam smirked "Is she for me?"

"No" growled Eric, standing up instantly his hands slamming onto his desk.

"Hmmm we are touchy about this one. It wouldn't be Miss Stackhouse would it? She wouldn't like my fashion" said Pam running a hand down her three thousand dollar musk coloured dress.

"No Miss Stackhouse however will be joining us soon, the guest downstairs is something else" Pam made an exasperated noise at my words.

"I'm beginning to miss the days of ordinary people, you remember those Eric. The ones where creatures stayed hidden" with a lady like sniff, Pam sauntered out. Knowing her she would take as long as possible. Closing his eyes Eric aloud his senses to pick up the young lady he had captured. Small thing hardly reaching his collar bone, she was basically just big brown eyes that cried too easily and a stubborn stuttering mouth. But her blood was ambrosia, never in all his year had he ever tasted anything quite that perfect, and he intended to keep her forever if need be.

Slowing my breathing I realised I wasn't alone in my hell, there was a man huddled up in the corner, a man who looked like he had been her awhile.

"Hello, I'm Gabriella but most people call me Gabby" speaking clearly I sensed no danger from this poor person.

"Lafayette" croaked the man, he was clearly traumatized.

"Would you like to leave here Mr Lafayette?" I asked already knowing the answer as his eyes lit up. Smiling at his unspoken conformation, I assessed the chains around my wrists. It was obvious Eric had no idea what I was, or he wouldn't have left my eyes uncovered. Focusing my gaze on the metal constricting me, I felt my hands slowly start to fade. The cuffs fell to the ground with a loud 'clang', praying Eric hadn't heard I pulled myself up and slowly walked over to Lafayette. He was shaking badly as he looked between my hands and my no doubt glowing eyes.

"What the fuck are you" not taking offence to his words, I carefully checked his bondage. There was no way I could break this off, I was strong but not that strong.

"Where does he keep the key?" I whispered, Lafayette looked at me in wonder.

"In his pocket, I..I think anyways. Couldn't get a good look whenever he brought someone new down... Or took them up" I didn't have to wonder at what happened to the people who 'went up'. Realising this was nether the time or place to stage an escape, I walked back over to my corner. But not before giving Lafayette the mattress, his eyes filled with tears and I could only guess what he had been witness to down in Eric's prison. Walking back over to my chains I placed my wrists back over them and faded my hands in and out, soon I was back where I started, minus a mattress.

It seemed forever before Eric finally came back down, he had changed again into a black suit and damn did he not look bad in anything. From above I could hear new age music, and smell the sweat of crammed in bodies and sex; disgusting really that people act that way, I'm all for freedom but at least do it safely. Instead of walking over to me Eric instead hunched down in front of Lafayette, who was straining against his chains allowing it to break his skin without thought.

"Tell me Lafayette where did you get the mattress, because I distinctively remember that not being present before..." Eric only had to raise and eye brow and poor Lafayette was shaking like a leaf. Reaching out a hand Eric trailed in down Lafayette's arm, I knew then I couldn't let this go on.

"Obviously I...I gave him it" raising my chin I swallowed my fear. Quicker than my senses could detect Eric was in front of me.

"How, you are chained to a wall" stubbornly I refused to answer. Growling Eric wrapped his hand around my throat, chocking as he slowly tightened it I only had to look at Lafayette's scared face to realise Eric had enough people doing what he said, damned if I would be one.

"I will find out exactly what you are" Eric looked over at Lafayette "human what is her name?"

"Gabby" he said without a pause, I wasn't upset I knew a survivor when I saw one and I didn't blame Lafayette for wanting to live.

"Well Gabby, I think it is time we went upstairs" before I knew it Eric snapped my chains and we were in the main part of the club, I would never get used to how fast Vampires where. Every gothic wannabe Vampire groupie in the place ignored Eric as he carried me through to what I could only guess was his rooms, even the Vampires looked away out of respect for Eric, who exactly was he?

Rather than take me to his rooms like I expected, Eric walked into a spacious bathroom. Surprised I looked around in wonder at the wealth being portrayed, everything was white as snow and sparkling like new. The huge bathtub and spacious shower both had what appeared to be emeralds as decoration on them, and the walls had gold patterns made into the shapes of trees, it was simply magnificent.

"I see you approve of Pam's decorative skills, it's a bit rich for my tastes but she enjoys it" Curious I looked into Eric's eyes as he spoke, I could feel the love he had for Pam, but I knew from the colour of his Aura it was not passion but rather fatherly love; was it even possible to Vampires to have children?

"Pretty" I mumbled softly, Eric looked down at me in surprise with a strange look in his eyes.

"Very" seeing he wasn't looking around him but at me when he spoke, I blushed involuntary and looked away, and that shower sure did look inviting.

"Could I please have s...some privacy E..Eric?" I had a feeling that he wouldn't comply. True to his nature Eric just smirked, walking over to the spa with me still in his arms Eric clicked a button on the side and it began filling with water.

"You know your scent reminds me strawberries, it's so strange... Gabby" I looked up startled as he said my name, I had never heard it said like that, like it was treasured.

"Leave alone, you monster" I growled as best I could, before I knew what was happening Eric dropped me. Squeaking in fright I landed on the floor, hard.

"You have twenty minutes" with those words Eric was gone. Not even waiting I jumped up and ran for the door, of course it was locked. The window was my next stop, only to pull back the curtains to find there are no windows.

"Dirty trick" I mumbled, that steaming bath did look nice. Sighing I walked over to it, the water stopped running by itself. I may be a twenty first century child, but sometimes technology freaked me out, things shouldn't just stop on their own, it's weird. Checking to make sure the door was still shut; I slipped out of my smelly clothes. Slipping into the bath I felt a twinge of guilt at the thought of Lafayette, shaking it away instantly, after all I knew I couldn't help him at the moment anyway, so I may as well enjoy myself. I had no idea how long I relaxed in that bath for, but it was not even ten minutes before Eric made his usual dramatic entrance. Squealing I covered my breasts as best I could with my hands, crossed my legs and sunk down into the spa; concealing myself as much as possible.

"Hmm very nice pet" drawled Eric, walking up to the spa he ran a finger through the water, "perfect". I took a second for it to register what he was doing, shocked I squeaked as he began taking of his clothes.

"What are you doing" hissing I didn't even notice my lack of stutter, I was too busy covering my eyes from his amazingly muscular physique. Eric didn't bother answer, and every time a piece of his clothing hit the floor I shuddered in fear.

"Oh g...god" I knew I was trapped, I could risk getting up but then Eric would notice the markings on my back...A dead giveaway. Pressing myself as far into the side of the spa as I could, I heard the relaxed groan of Eric as his body sank into the water; thankfully the big spa meant I didn't have to touch him.

"Pet, wash me" startled I looked up through my hands, and was struck dumb. He looked every part the Viking god even while in water, hell more so. His wildly muscular chest tampered down into a well defined stomach with deep arrows leading to his... Shocked I looked up; I had only seen photos of a cock on the internet, but going by that Eric was scarily well proportioned.

"If you are finished ogling me" Eric gestured to a wash cloth, grudgingly I picked it up and slowly drifter over to Eric's side of the spa, still trying to hide myself. Sighing in frustration Eric reached behind me and turned on the spa, relieved I felt the bubbles cover me from the chest down.

"Now human if you are done with your delusion that you have anything to show me that I have not already seen, and no doubt better versions thereof. Now wash me." Keeping my front to him I was unable to stop blushing at both Eric's words and our close proximity, but managed to bring the cloth up to his collar bone and start scrubbing. To my relief Eric closed his eyes, relaxing more I concentrated on washing Eric as quickly as possible. Soon I had finished washing his chest; hesitating to go lower I simply moved behind him and began washing his back.

"So what are you Gabby, shifter? Or something more, you will tell me eventually." Yelping I found myself face to face with Eric, he seemed to have gotten bored with my excellent washing capabilities. Shrinking back I tried to find an escape from the very real and naked Vampire in the spa with me, but every time I backed up, he simply followed like an annoying mirror image.

"I am n...nothing" I said the words easily; after all they had been repeated and forced into my head since I was old enough to understand them.

"Oh you are something" Eric grabbed my wrists one in each massive hand, and spread them wide. Forcing me to arch my back, I squealed and struggled when my breasts slowly revealed themselves. Chuckling Eric popped his fangs up, I froze.

"If nothing else you are certainly pretty" with my eyes closed, I could only feel as Eric's fangs trailed down my throat and to the side of my breast. I heard a slight hiss and knew he was about to bite down, not realising it my body fazed in and out. Watching in shock I felt Eric go through me and hit the side of the spa, ignoring the no doubt hilarious look he had on his face I pushed myself out of the spa, grabbing a towel on my escape route I quickly jumped out the door before Eric realised I was even gone from the spa, hells yeah one point to super speed. Deadlocking the door behind me, I nearly laughed to see the door and lock where both silver, meaning Eric was trapped; though why he would put silver locks on his own door was a mystery, and no doubt one he was now regretting. Thankfully for my kind silver only halted our powers and temporarily at that; it didn't harm us like it did Vampires.

Darting between doorways I quickly found Eric's office, it was surprisingly bland; I would have expected chained up women, but then he probably kept them in the basement like he tried to keep me. Breathing in and out I tried to calm myself down, and not hyperventilate while doing it, so not an easy task. Ok a big bad Vampire knows where I live, work and no doubt exercise, he wouldn't have taken me without finding everything he could about me. Which meant I was officially screwed, like major goodbye Gabriella kinda screwed; running my hands down my face I pictured all the people I knew, and none would help me... I need new friends I thought to myself in slight amusement, so it would have to be somebody I didn't know who could help me. Yeah brilliant Gabby, so who is this mysterious person who will help a complete stranger then it hit me Bill. From what I could tell the Vampire Bill loved his Sookie unconditionally, stupid name and all. Maybe my little pre- warning would garner some sort of debt, and if that didn't work I'm sure I could predict something else for him, hell it was what I did best. Ok next step, find clothing. There were several red shirts on Eric's desk, without checking I threw one on. Looking down I read the words Bite Me, oh how original. Snorting in disgust I rifled through a few more of Eric's belongings, finding a little cash and luckily enough a list of all the Vampires in Eric's domain, finding the one quickly that said Bill Compton Bon Temps. Ok so I had a location, money and what might be called a mid thigh dress; now just gotta escape a Vampire infested club full of fang bangers and god knows what else, hell I should fit right in with my spanking new bite marks and shirt. Shaking my head I wished I was this spunky around other people and not just myself, I sure could have used it whenever Eric spoke to me and I stuttered, but hey that guy is terrifying.

Before I could figure out how I was going to get out of this hell, the door to Eric's office opened. Startled I spun around expecting to see a furious and still dripping wet Eric, instead a pretty blond was looking at me with the general opinion of disinterest.

"Eric had retired for the night, we no longer require you services. Keep the shirt" the blond women's voice was high class, wait services did she think I was a hooker. Wow I must look slutty in this shirt I simply nodded my head, not trusting myself not to stutter.

"I will escort you off the premises, we wouldn't want anything to happen to you" talking as she walked away, I quickly realised I was supposed to follow. Hurrying after her with my money and address hidden, the Vampire led me through the gyrating crowd and out the door, practically throwing me, not that I minded as long as I was out.

The streets where dark and un-welcoming, but a thousand times better than the monster that awaited her inside the aptly named Fangtasia. Already I could sense Eric begin to awake, a slight tick in my mind, damn he must have hit his head hard; stifling a laugh I quickly assessed the parking lot. Until I could find a witch to remove the blood bond, Eric would know where I am...Always.

Which meant I needed a car, there were several to choose from, but the really nice red sports car spoke to me.

"Come to momma" laughing I ran up to it, and sure enough the keys were in the ignition. Arrogant Vampires thought that no one would dare steal from them, well I was already screwed so might as well do it in a damn fine car. Sitting in it I immediately noticed the scent left in the car, double good luck I chose Eric's car, maybe I can smash it; later of course and after my brilliant and well planned escape.