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Can you come over with the paperwork I left? I'd like to get some done while I'm home.

He re-read the email before hitting 'send'. He knew Hotch would do it. He had to, had to help his subordinate.

And his subordinate was sick. Sick and tired of only being able to watch the man from across the room, never getting too close. But, that would all change tonight. Even if it killed them both, it would change.

He stood up after a moment, closing his laptop as he did. He then walked down the hall, to his room.

Stepping inside, he looked around and crossed the room, aiming for his closet. He began digging through it, pulling out; two pairs of handcuffs, a blindfold, a TENS machine—along with the accompanying materials, such as the gel needed and cloths to clean the skin- and a sounding kit. He also grabbed a bottle of water based lube and set it on his bedside table. As he began to step back to see if everything was set, his doorbell rang.

"Showtime," he murmured, gingerly stepping from the room and down the hall to his front door. He opened it to reveal a slightly disheveled Aaron Hotchner. His dark hair was sticking to him, as if he'd just got caught in a storm.

"Come in," the other man murmured. He stepped out of the way and locked the door once Hotch was inside. "Make yourself comfortable. Would you like something to drink?

"Just coffee," Hotch replied. He slowly settled himself on the couch and waited, silently.

The other man nodded, and went into the kitchen. He pulled out two glasses and filled them both up with coffee and sugar. He then went over to the drawers and pulled out a small bag of what looked like salt. In reality, it was a date rape drug. One called Gamma hydroxybutyrate. It'd been prescribed for Narcolepsy, so it was a bit easier to get. He made sure to stir the coffee he poured the drug in, so it fully dissolved. He then picked both cups up and handed the drugged one to Hotch, settling next to the man.

Hotch took the cup gratefully, taking a long drink. He'd gotten stuck in a sudden downpour on his way over, which was why his hair was wet. He ran a hand through his hair before picking up the papers, and laying them out. He shook his head as sudden bleariness overtook him.

"Now, here's what you need to know. First, you missed the sexual conduct meeting," Hotch started, his voice already starting to slur. Thinking he could counteract that with liquid, he took another long gulp.

The man watched as the drug began to overpower Hotch. Within minutes, Hotch was falling into him, his eyes falling shut. The other man ran his fingers through Hotch's hair, something he'd been dying to do. He then pulled Hotch to his feet and towards his bedroom, fully supporting his weight.

The next thing Hotch knew, he was waking up in a bed. His body felt heavy, and he could barely keep his eyes open. "R...Reid?" he managed to get out, before noticing he was handcuffed to the bed, naked.

Reid turned to face Hotch, and allowed his eyes to move up and down his boss's body. He slowly, gracefully, made his way over to the bed. "Yes, Aaron?" He made the slip immediately, purposely trying to see how far out of it Hotch was.

"W...why are you doing this?" Hotch's eyes rolled back slightly. He forced himself to pay attention, but it was so hard. Whatever Reid drugged him with really worked. He shifted, not thinking about struggling.

"Why? Why? Because, Aaron, you never notice me. Hell, half the damn team probably knows I'm in love with you, but you? No, you just keep me at arm's length, and I'm sick of it," Reid explained, his voice shaking at the end. He dragged a hand through his hair before climbing on to the bed and kissing Hotch, roughly.

Hotch tried to turn his head away but couldn't. The drug was making him too weak. He made a strangled noise in the back of his throat when he felt his body begin to react to Reid's closeness. It wasn't the situation, he tried to assure himself, it had just been too long since he'd had sex.

Reid pulled away from the kiss to drag his lips down Hotch's neck, licking and biting as he did. He bit particularly hard by Hotch's shoulder, making the man cry out weakly.

"Please...Reid, you don't have to do this...I don't want this," Hotch begged. His head rolled to the side, as his eyes again slid shut. He forced them open and tried to fix them on Reid. His body, however, was reacting to the touches, and he was half hard already.

"It seems like you do, Aaron." Reid's voice was low and husky. He slid a hand down to grip Hotch's forming erection, stroking it slowly. Reid was already hard, but his clothing hid that. He sucked on the bite mark he made, having made sure to only leave marks where Hotch's clothing would cover it.

Hotch let out a low moan, as his body rocked forward against his will. He couldn't deny how good this felt...but, he didn't want to be drugged and tied up. His hips jerked again, as Reid continued to stroke him, barely picking up his pace. Hotch had a feeling Reid wanted him to beg for him to go faster.

Reid brushed his thumb across the tip of Hotch's length, earning him a groan. He felt Hotch's hips thrust into his hand and grinned. He reached over and grabbed the bottle of lube. He poured some into his hand, and began stroking Hotch again.

Hotch tried to pull his body away, to no avail. Another moan slid from his lips. "P—please...stop," Hotch mumbled. His body began to relax as the pleasure of what Reid was doing flooded past the drug's effects. "Nngh..." he groaned, his eyes rolling back into his head.

Reid grinned as Hotch's erection filled out. He knew Hotch would enjoy this, in time. And then maybe, just maybe, he could get Hotch to stay. He pulled back and began stripping off his own clothing, slowly.

Hotch made a soft sound of displeasure—one that shocked him—as Reid moved away. His eyes followed the younger man as he began to strip. His hips rolled again, seeking friction. He swallowed as Reid slid off the bed, his eyes never leaving the younger man.

Reid decided it was time to up the ante. He pulled out the TENS machine and drizzled a thin coating of the gel over one of the pads. He pressed it against Hotch's erection, carefully. He then repeated the action with another pad before securing them with a bit of tape. He then began clipping the connectors to the pads, and then the wires to the machine.

Hotch's body jerked as fear began to settle in the pit of his stomach. "Please," Hotch begged. There were tears at the corners of Hotch's eyes as his strong persona began to slip away.

"Don't fight it . . ." Reid said, as he turned the machine on low. He watched as beads of sweat began to form on Hotch's forehead. It was easy to see that the drug was still in effect, Hotch's eyes were glassy and half-lidded, despite his fear.

Hotch was still trembling slightly, trying to keep still so he wouldn't hurt himself. His chest was heaving. He took deep breaths, trying to calm himself down. Reid wouldn't do anything to seriously hurt him, right?

Reid gently ran a hand through Hotch's hair, while using his other to turn the machine on, choosing the lowest setting. He continued to run his fingers through Hotch's hair, watching his body jerk as electricity streamed through his length.

Hotch jerked before letting out a deep moan at the sensation. His back arched off the bed and his eyes rolled back again. His breathing hitched, as his hands clenched into fists, still bound.

"I told you that you would enjoy this," Reid breathed, his breath ghosting over Hotch's ear. He bit down on Hotch's earlobe, gently grazing his teeth over it. He heard Hotch suck in a breath, and smirked. He then ran the hand that was in Hotch's hair down, over his face and down his chest.

Hotch let out a small whimper before biting his lip, more beads of sweat rolling down his face and into his eyes. His eyes followed Reid's hand as it moved and turned the machine up a notch. He let out another whimper, his body arching up and straining against the bonds. "Oh, fuck," he gasped out.

Reid smirked again, tilting his head curiously. "Did you like that?" Part of him wanted to taunt Hotch and his enjoyment of this, and the other half wasn't fully sure. His hand continued to slide up and down Hotch's chest gently, scraping his nails from time to time. His hand came very close to Hotch's length, which was resting against his stomach, bobbing slightly.

Hotch nodded slightly. "Y-yes..." he mumbled. His hips jerked slightly, needing...what did he need? As he tried to ponder that, Reid's hand brushed the leaking tip of his erection, causing him to moan. His body instinctively tried to follow Reid's hand, by rolling his hips upwards. Despite the fear he still had, his body desperately needed release, so it was overriding what his mind was telling it. He let out another desperate whimper.

Reid turned the machine up once more, before kissing his way down Hotch's body. He paused by Hotch's balls and sucked on one, gently. He then moved even farther down, taking one of Hotch's toes into his mouth and swirling his tongue around it.

Hotch let out a strangled moan at the sight of Reid sucking on his toes, and his body jerked as he began to orgasm. His hands clenched and unclenched rapidly as his head fell against the pillow.

Reid looked up, shocked, when Hotch's orgasm started. He hadn't expected that, at all. He turned off the TENS unit and began carefully removing it. They wouldn't be needing that anymore. He then slid on top of Hotch and bit at his neck, lightly.

Hotch let out a cross between a moan and a whimper at the bite. His head rolled to the side, his eyes having closed as he orgasmed. His breathing was still heavy, yet erratic.

Reid licked at the bite mark he made, sucking the skin into his mouth. He knew he had about fifteen minutes before he could start touching Hotch again, maybe more. Until then, he would touch what he could. He turned Hotch's head towards him and kissed him, hard.

Hotch flinched before kissing back. His body shifted and pressed as much as he could against Reid. His eyes opened halfway before shutting again. This felt so good, but the drugged state he was in still unsettled him.

Reid continued to kiss and bite at parts of Hotch's body for the next fifteen minutes. Once he thought enough time had passed, he resettled over Hotch, and picked up the bottle of lube, drizzling some over his fingers.

Reid then slid a finger into Hotch, twisting it. He waited a few moments before adding the second finger. He slid the second finger in, and began scissoring them.

Hotch winced at the burn beginning to settle in his core. He whimpered at the pain, until Reid curled his fingers and hit his prostate, causing him to moan. He felt himself beginning to stir again and arched into the touches.

Reid had added a third finger and was just taking them out when Hotch arched into them. He gently put a hand on Hotch's hip, pressing him back into the bed. He then straddled the older man's hips, grabbing the bottle of lube and coating his own length with it.

Hotch groaned when the tip of Reid's length replaced his fingers. He struggled to keep his body still as Reid slid into him. He bit down hard on his lip to keep from crying out, sweat once again making its way down his face.

Reid reached up and brushed the hair plastered to Hotch's head away. He stayed completely still, waiting for Hotch to be ready for him to move. It was hard, though, all he wanted to do was fuck Hotch hard. He'd waited this long, though, he could wait a bit longer. He felt Hotch's body relax slightly, and finally began to move. Oh God, this felt so good.

Hotch let out a moan as Reid began moving. He rocked his hips in time with Reid's thrusts, moans continuously falling from his lips.

Reid moved his hand back to Hotch's length, stroking him in time with his thrusts. He ran his other hand through Hotch's hair gently. He angled his thrusts to hit Hotch's prostate, repeatedly.

The stimulation of his prostate, mixed with his previous orgasm, had Hotch already near the brink. "C—close," he gasped out. His legs fell further open, trying to give Reid more room.

Reid moved faster, his hips swinging quickly. He leaned down to bite at Hotch's neck as he moved. He pulled out almost fully, to slam back in, again hitting Hotch's prostate.

That last thrust sent Hotch over the edge. His body tightened and stiffened as his orgasm hit him again, hard. He let out a deep moan as he came.

Reid managed two more thrusts before he too tipped over the edge. He jerked erratically as he emptied himself inside Hotch. His back bowed as his body stiffened before giving out and falling on top of Hotch. He laid there for a second before rolling over, pulling his length out of Hotch's well fucked hole.

He laid there for a bit, knowing he had time. Hotch was barely conscious by this point, anyway. He knew what he was going to do next, though...

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