First ever PoTC fanfic woo! If you have not watched the 4th film (On Stranger Tides) yet, this does contain an awful lot of spoilers as it is basically the film from Angelica's p.o.v. Thought it would be interesting to see her take and feelings on it all.

Read, enjoy, review, follow :)

Entry 1

My plan worked better than I had hoped. Not only had my pretence of being Jack Sparrow – sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow – had men signing up to join the crew in many towns, but tonight in London, I managed to get the real Jack on board! I hadn't known he would be in London, but for one reason or another he was there and must have heard that Jack Sparrow was signing up a crew last night in the pub, The Captain's Daughter. Somehow he found his way into the back room and we drew our swords, duelling for a short while. I note that I nearly killed him once or twice, not that the bastard will ever admit to it. Anyway, eventually I had him backed up against the wall which circled the fire in the middle of the room. He paused, causing me to do the same.
"Only one person alive knows that move." He said, before grabbing me and turning so that I was now the one backed against the wall. Before I knew what was happening, his lips met mine. I kissed him back, feeling the flames of passion as I did whenever we kissed. I may not care for the way he never fails to leave me, but as much as I hate to admit it even to myself, I cannot deny that there is at least some small part of me which does not detest the man.

The kiss was over, too quick it seemed although I was sure it had lasted for a good few moments and he looked at me. I could have sworn I saw the passion I felt reflected in his eyes.
"Always wanted to do that." He said. Was he referring to kissing me again, or the fact that I was dressed like himself and so, in theory, it was like kissing himself? I decided that the latter probably made sense considering who had spoken the words, and yet the small part of me that does not detest him hoped, and still hopes, that he meant the former.

We conversed for a while, until Scrum entered and told that there were men of the army or navy, I do not care to find out which, in the pub. We attempted to barricade the door, Jack admitting that he "may have" "unintentionally slighted" the king. No change there then. Trouble seemed to follow Jack Sparrow. Then the men broke in and we fought them for a while, but eventually I had to admit to Jack that we were at a disadvantage.
"I am Captain Jack Sparrow." He said, before proceeding to use his sword upon the many barrels of alcohol. The gushing liquid made the floor slippy and many of the men were unable to keep their footing. The few that did, though, eventually cornered us. I swung round and cut the rope which held up the trap door. Jack and I fell through, down into the sea water below. We swam to land and I asked him what he knew about the fountain. He told me that I needed two silver chalices, and asked if I was aware of the ritual. I told him that I was, and he quickly asked what it was before a dart found its way into his neck. As he plucked it out and stared at it, I uttered three simple words.
"A mermaid, Jack." Then he fainted, the dart having made him unconscious.

Jack Sparrow, welcome aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge!