Only the second ever PoTC ff I have written so please remember that haha! Also my other one was more written from the movie whereas this is my own ideas.

So yeah this is gonna be 26 chapters A - Z about the lovely Jackelica! Fell in love with the pairing haha brilliant couple. Hoping to alternate whose p.o.v they are from, this is obviously from Jack's and B (which is almost done) is from Angelica's etc :) Stuck on deciding what to do for some letters so send a PM or leave suggestions in a review :)

Read, enjoy, review, follow!

A is for… Always

"I love you." The dark haired Spanish pirate looked up at the scruffy yet dangerously handsome Jack Sparrow. He looked at her for a moment.
"As do I. Always have, always will." He admitted. The couple leaned towards each other, but before their lips could meet, Jack pulled back.
"I gotta go." He turned and started walking back to his boat.
"JACK! This is not over! JACK!" Angelica yelled after him, following him quickly. As he scrambled back into the long boat, she ran back to where she had dropped the pistol he had left her with. One shot.
"Missed!" Jack called, as the bullet landed in the water. He rowed away, leaving the woman ranting on the edge of the island.

Did I really mean it? Jack wondered as he rowed. Did I really mean that I've always loved her, and always will? He shook his head. No, he was not the type of man who could truly love a woman… was he? Right at that moment, he wasn't sure. He had always convinced himself that his first and only love was the sea and yet he could not deny the way he felt around Angelica. Enough to risk himself in order to save her, it seemed. He recalled that, just a few short days ago during their quest for the Fountain of Youth, he had jumped off of a cliff edge to prevent her from doing it herself. He had acted on impulse, not willing to watch as she potentially hurt herself. Or worse…

He realised that he had stopped rowing, and was gazing back in the direction of the island. Should he go back for her? The woman was a perfect definition of femme fatale; irresistibly attractive but with the potential to lead a man, namely Jack, into difficult situations such as the one he was in now and many others he had been in over the years because of her.

No, he would not go back for her today. Their paths would cross again soon. They always did. With one last long look at the island, Jack picked up the oars and started rowing away once more.