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Virason = sea breeze.

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V is for… Virason

They had left Shipwreck Cove the following day and were now back out on the open ocean, though their heading was as yet unknown to Angelica.
"Where are we going, Jack?" she asked, not for the first time that day.
"You'll see when we get there."

Angelica rolled her eyes and walked away. That was all he had said today. She hoped he wasn't taking her back to the island to leave her again; she was pretty certain that he had finally accepted his feelings for her, but one can never be quite sure when things involve Captain Jack Sparrow. He wasn't the most unpredictable Pirate on the seven seas for nothing!

It was a few hours later when land finally came into sight and, though she couldn't be quite sure where they were, the tall buildings assured her it was not some island on which Jack was going to leave her.

Another hour, and Angelica had worked it out.
"You know we can't come here!" she hissed into Jack's ear.
"It'll be dark by the time we get there." Was his only response.
"There will still be people around!" She shook her head in disbelief. "If people see us together, do you know what they'll say?"
"Angelica, darling, you've changed a fair bit since the last time you were here." Jack smirked, finally turning to face her. "Besides, if anyone is still looking for the nun who disappeared all those years ago, they're not exactly going to think she's become a Pirate." With that, he turned back to the helm, slowing the speed so that they would arrive in darkness.

Sure enough, the only light when they dropped anchor was from the full moon and the many stars that were shining brightly.
"Ready to go ashore, love?"
Angelica turned, her eyes narrowed.
"Why here, Jack?"
"Because this is where our journey started." He answered simply.
"And this is where it ends?" she spoke softly, almost not wanting to hear his answer.
"What?! Angel, no. After all that's happened recently, how can you think I'd leave you again?"
Angelica raised her eyes to meet his, searching and finding nothing but truth in them. Of course, Jack was good at hiding lies, but she wanted so much to believe he was being honest that she nodded and allowed him to lead her into the longboat.

The town of Seville was eerily silent when they stepped foot on land, and Angelica's eyes were immediately drawn to the small window she knew so well from her past; it was the window to her old room in the Convent, and her old life. She found her thoughts straying to those she had left behind, most notably Samantha, who had been the old person Angelica felt she could really call a friend. Of course, she would be Sister Samantha now, just as Angelica would have been Sister Angelica had she stayed.

"You alright, love?" Jack's softly spoken words and his hand touching her arm drew Angelica from her reverie, and she looked up at him, smiling slightly.
"I am."
"Follow me, then."

Jack lead her through the town, past the various houses and buildings that were either reminders of Angelica's past, or of how much things had changed since she had left. As Jack turned a corner, she realised where he was taking her, and she smiled properly for the first time that day. She had only taken this route once, and that had been on the second night Jack had visited her. It was not considered proper, after all, for young ladies from the Convent to visit the beach.

As they stepped onto the sand, Angelica stopped, causing Jack to turn round, his expression questioning. Angelica simply smiled, her eyes glinting in amusement, as she stooped to remove her boots before digging her now bare toes into the cool sand. Jack followed her lead. Both rid of their boots, the two pirates walked hand in hand towards the sea, just as they had all those years before.

The last time she had been here, Angelica had realised she had feelings for the mysterious Pirate who had come into her life barely twenty-four hours earlier. They had shared their first kiss on this beach, and he had promised her freedom. Now, wrapped in his arms as they stood in the water, the waves lapping at their feet and their hair dancing in the gentle sea breeze, she realised just how much she loved the very same man who had captured her heart way back then.