Soul Eater: Resonance

Chapter 1

[New York City, New York]

It was a dark night in the city of New York as a woman ran through the streets frantically as if she was afraid of something. She ran across an intersection where cars were driving, stopping in the middle of a street when she was caught in the headlights of a car that was about to hit her but luckily stopped in front of her.

"Hey! Are you crazy or something?" The driver of the car asked.

"Please..." The woman pleaded as she climbed onto the car's hood. "YOU GOT TO HELP ME!" She exclaimed.


The woman's eyes widened as she was suddenly bifurcated to the car drivers horror. Her body disintegrated and spiraled in to her blue colored soul.

"Wh- what the hell?" The man gasped. He suddenly heard a thud on the roof of his car before seeing an arm reached out and snatch the woman's soul. "GYAHH!" The man screamed as a butcher knife suddenly sliced through the roof of his car, right in front of his face before being pulled back, revealing an Evil Human on top of the car that glared down at the driver with a toothy smile.

The evil human raised his knife into the air before swinging in downward as blood was suddenly splattered on the windows.


The Evil Human walked down an empty street sniffing the air. "Need more power... must eat more souls!" He rasped. "There, I smell a fresh soul!" He exclaimed. He looked up and saw a girl crying in the middle of the street.

"I'm... I'm so scared... someone help me!" She cried. She had chin length blackish brown hair and wore a school uniform consisting of a black sweater vest over a white polo shirt with a black skirt to match the sweater vest and black socks that reached up to her knees.

The Evil Human crept up behind the girl, raising his knife above her head. "Don't worry little girl, that fear is about to go away real soon." He sneered.

"Hehehe..." The girl chuckled.

"What's so funny?" The Evil Human asked arching an eyebrow in confusion.

[Scythe Meister Ai Akiyo]

"Gotcha sucker!" Ai exclaimed as she turned to the Evil Human, showing her blue eyes and a red headband she wore as she stuck her tongue out at him while holding up a bottle of eyedrops.

"WHAT?" The Evil Human shouted before being suddenly being elbowed and knocked away by a boy with dirty blonde hair and black that wore a sloppily worn school uniform consisting of an open black high collar long lseeve shirt with a Shibusen skull of the back over a white polo and black pants. He had a brown bookbag that hung from one shoulder and carried a black longcoat that also had the Shibusen skull on the back.

[Demon Scythe Demon]

"Man you're such a troublesome little girl..." Demon commented as he tossed the longcoat to Ai.

"Oh shut up and turn into a scythe already..." Ai retorted as she caught the longcoat and put it on as she stood.

"On it, 'bout time we had some action!" Demon laughed as his body suddenly became a red light that streaked into Ai's outstretched hand and took the form a scythe.

Ai spun Demon in his weapon form before passing it to her other hand and spinning it that one before she finally rested him on her shoulder as the red light enveloping Demon faded, showing the all black coloration of his weapon form. "You're soul is mine..." Ai stated sinisterly.

"Grrr... RRRAAAAGH!" The Evil Human roared as he swung his knfie down onto Ai's head in an attempt to stab her.

Ai, without flinching or batting an eyelash, blocked the knife by using Demon's shaft to stop the knife. She followed up her defensive action by jump kicking the Evil Human in the chest with both feet, causing him to stumble backwards.

The Evil Human caught his balance only to see Ai leap into the air above him while spinning Demon above her head. He attempted to stab Ai once again, only for Ai to knock the knife out of his hand using the bladeless end of Demon.

Ai spun in midair while spinning Demon with her body, swinging his blade across the Evil Human's chest, bifurcating him.

The Evil Human's body disintegrated and spiral into his Kishin Egg Soul which Demon grabbed onto with his arm sticking out of the blade of his weapon form.

Ai let go of Demon's shaft as his body became a red light again before he revert back into his complete human.

Demon shoved the Kishin Egg Soul into his mouth and swallowed it whole before he grinned a smile filled with sharp teeth in pleasure.

"That makes twenty, at this rate I'll reach the level of the legendary Maka Albarn in no time." Ai said pumping his fist up as she got stars in her eyes.

"You know, when you talk like that, it's really annoying, you really are troublesome ya know that?" Demon commented getting a punch to the head by Ai.


Ai and Demon sat on a bench at a bus stop as Ai wrote a number in her pocket mirror. "Die- Die- Kill..." She mumbled under her breath.

In the mirror, Ai's reflection disappeared and was replaced with the image of a figure that wore a mask that resembled the Shibusen skull with his golden eyes shining through the eye holes and a black trench over a black vest that had a set of white rectangles going down the middle, a white long long sleeve shirt with a high collar closed with a black tie with a shibusen skull on it, and a pair of black slacks.

[Lord Death the Kid]

"Hello, Lord Death." Ai greeted.

"'Sup?" Demon added as he peeked over Ai's shoulder.

"Good Evening Ai, Demon, I trust your mission went well." Kid asked.

"Perfect." Ai informed.

"Or as you would probably say, precise and perfect! Hehe!" Demon laughed, earning himself a punch to the face from Ai, giving him a bloody nose.

"Good to hear that, I have special assignment for you two to do tomorrow night." Kid stated.

"Tomorrow night?" Ai repeated.

"Hey, isn't that..." Demon began.


[Death City, Nevada]

(Soul Eater OST- So Crazy)

Above Death City, a boy resembling Death the Kid with white hair and black Lines of Sanzu on the right side of his head flew over head riding Kid's old skateboard.

[Scythe Meister/Shinigami Death Junior]

Junior wore a black sweatervest over a white polo shirt that was closed with a tie similar to Kid's and black pants, the pockets of which he had his hands shoved into, with black dress shoes.

On Junior's back, a girl had her arms and legs wrapped around him, clinging tightly to him as she had a worried expression on her face.

[Demon Scythe Valentine Ortega(Insert joke about Dragon Quest III here)]

Valentine had red hair styled into a side bang, green eyes, and dark skin. She wore a uniform similar to Junior's but she wore a skirt instead of pants.

"Hey Valentine, you okay?" Junior asked. "You seem a little tense." He observed.

"WE'RE A THOUSAND FEET IN THE AIR!" Valentine exclaimed.

"I know right?" Junior said with a wide smile and stars in his eyes. "Exactly 1000 ft, not a fraction of an inch more or less, completey perfection and a thousand is such a round number, this is so precise and perfect!" Junior stated as he got blush stickers on his cheeks. "Er- hem! Anyway, the reason I brought this up is because... well, uh... your breast... I can feel them pressed up against my back..." Junior said nervously.

"Does it make you feel horny?" Valentine teased with a cat like smirk and half lidded eyes.

"Hrmph! I told you to stop doing that!" Junior reminded as a blood vessel bulged in his forehead.

"Heeheehee!" Valentine laughed at Junior's expense as clenched her eyes shut and smile widely.

(OST End)


"WAHOO! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THEY'VE SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST! YOU'RE HERO, THE BIG STAR HIMSELF HAS ARRIVED!" A teenage boy exclaimed as he pointed toward the sky for some odd and random reason with a big smile on his face. He wore a white opened and unbottoned shirt with the sleeves ripped off over a black T- shirt with a pair of black pants and white sneakers. He stood outside of the Shibusen, in front of one of its faculty members.

"Uhm... yes, what was your name and role?" The Shibusen staff member asked.

"You better remember this name, its Rin, a meister, but not just any meister, the soon to be greatest meister in the world, better than the Shinigami, better the mighty-"

"Here's your name card, go down the hallway inside and its the fourth door to your right..." The Shibusen staff member informed as he handed Rin a card that read, 'Rin, Meister' and cut him off.

"Thanks, now to go find the perfect weapon partner for a meister of my caliber!" Rin exclaimed before running inside.

"Man these kids get more annoying each year..." The Shibusen staff member sighed.


"ALL RIGHT EVERYONE! THE MAN YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR IS HERE! WHICH LUCKY WEAPON WANTS TO BE-" Rin stopped midsentence when he noticed that everyone in the auditorium that he burst through was already paired off, weapon to meister. " partner..." He finished as the doors behind him closed. "Dammit! I'm to late, all the weapons have been takened." He said in frustration as his clenched his eyes shut and gritted his teeth as he hung his head. He opened his eyes and raised his head. "Huh?" He mumbled as he noticed a girl sitting alone without a partner.

[Demon Dark Arm Nakatsukasa Yuri]

Yuri wore a white polo shirt with a black ribbon tied into a bow around the collar with a black jacket over it, a black skirt, black stockings that stopped at her mid thigh, and white dress shoes. She had black hair in a bob haircut and blue eyes. She stared off into space with a blank look on her face.


Yuri looked up and saw Rin standing over her.

"You don't have a meister yet do you?" Rin asked.

Yuri silently shook her head in the negative in response.

"Good, then it's settled, you and I are partners!" Rin proclaimed.

Yuri remained silent as she looked down at the floor with a blank expression on her face.

Rin suddenly grabbed Yuri's arm and stood her up, yanking her out of the chair. "HEY! WHAT'S THAT LOOK FOR? YOU'RE ACTING AS IF BEING MY PARTNER'S A BAD THING! YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY THAT SOMEONE AS GREAT AS I AM EVEN CHOSE A WALL FLOWER LIKE YOU!" Rin shouted angrily. "Come on, we're getting a dorm to live in!" He ordered as he pulled her along behind him and out of the auditorium, but not before catching the attention of everyone inside.


Outside of the auditorium, Rin pulled Yuri along behind him and down the hallway. "...Sorry about that, it's just that I really wanted to make a friend." Rin appologized.

"Huh?" Yuri asked.

"Before today, I never really had any friends and I was hoping to make you my friend... if that's okay...?" Rin asked.

"...You have a warm feeling in contrast to my cold persona... yet it feels like we're a lot alike..." Yuri mumbled.

"You and me alike? HA! That's a good one! We' re complete opposites!" Rin laughed. "Anyways, starting today you and I are partners and more importantly... friends!" Rin exclaimed with a wide smile.

Soul Eater: Resonance

Chapter 1 End.