Soul Eater: Resonance

Chapter 2

Rin laid in one of the beds of his and Yuri's new dormitory, fast asleep. He was sprawled out and snoring loudly as drool ran out of the corner of his mouth.

Yuri stood over Rin with a nervous expression on her face as held her hand over him. She looked away, out of the corner of her eyes before placing her hand on Rin's shoulder and shaking him gently.

"Go away... let me sleeeeeeeep..." Rin whined as he pushed Yuri's arm away before rolling over onto his side.

"But Rin, you need to wake up... Our first mission is tonight..." Yuri informed.

"Mission?" Rin repeated as he suddenly sprung awake and stood on the mattress to Yuri's surprise. "Why didn't you say that before? YES, A MISSION! FINALLY SOME ACTION! HELL YEAH!" Rin exclaimed before charging out through the wall right next to the door, leaving a hole in the shape of his body. A couple of seconds later, Rin suddenly opened the door and poked his head in through the doorway. "Uh... Yuri? Where am I supposed to be going?" Rin asked with a confused expression on his face.

Yuri silently walked out of the dorm and passed Rin. "Follow me..." She requested as she walked down the hallway.

Rin began to follow her but stopped to look at the hole in the wall he made. "Uh... I'll fix this..." He stated as he pointed at the hole. He took a second look at the hole before looking away. "...eventually..." He added before running down the hallway and towards Yuri who was waiting for him at the end of hallway.


Ai and Demon walked down a path underneath several torii resembling scythes, Demon with an irrated expression on his face and his hands shoved into his pocket and Ai with a smile on her face and without her black longcoat.

"Hey Ai, why do we have to babysit a bunch of noobs anyway?" Demon asked as he turned his head towards his meister.

"Because Demon, as senior students, it is our duty to observe our junior peers and assist them if needed." Ai stated.

"Hmph, you sound like such a nerdy, goody two shoes, what a troublesome girl you are..." Demon grumbled.

"Hey! Don't you remember when we were just starting out ourselves? Sometimes, its hard for a new meister and weapon team to fight effectively, which is exactly why older teams like us are sent to superivse." Ai explained.

"Tch, whatever..." Demon said rolling his eyes.


"Huh?" Both Ai and Demon mumbled as they stopped to look back before being suddenly ran over by Rin who sped down the path with a cloud of dust in his wake.

"Ugh... what's that jerk's problem?" Demon asked.

"Did he just call us... lovebirds?" Ai asked, causing an awkward silence between he and Demon. "Pffft..." She immediately scoffed at the idea.

"Hah, as if I'd be dating a troublesome girl like you..." Demon commented.

The two stood up with Ai dusting herself off as Yuri walked up beside them. "I appologize for meister's rudeness... he's a bit... enthusiastic..." Yuri appologized.

"Enthusiastic isn't what I'd call him..." Demon grumbled through his teeth and under breath.


Rin ran down to the end of the path before stopping in front of a large mirror. "Alright, my first mission! I'm so psyched!" He exclaimed. "I wonder what this Shinigami looks like, he's probably a large horrific monster who's form can not be comprehended by the human mind." He contemplated, not noticing Ai, Demon, and Yuri walking up behind and specifically Demon sneaking up behind with his hands up to strangle his neck.

The image in the large mirror suddenly changed from a reflection into Lord Death the Kid in the Death Room, causing Demon to throw his arm over Rin's shoulder in a false friendly way with a false smile instead of strangling him.

"'Sup Lord Death?" Demon asked.

"Huh? Who the hell are you?" Rin asked as he turned his head toward Demon's.

"Oh good, it seems that you've already met, this makes things easier." Kid stated. "Dark Arms Meister Rin and Demon Dark Arm Nakatsukasa Yuri, for your first mission you have orders to hunt down an Evil Human and take its soul. Scythe Meister Ai and Demon Scythe Demon will accompany you to observed and assist if needed. Any questions?" He asked.

"Just one," Rin stated as he raised his hand. "...what the hell is a Dark Arm?" He asked, causing his senior meister and her weapon to facepalm as his own weapon sighed.


Rin, Yuri, Ai, and Demon stood on top of the roof of large building at night with Ai putting on her longcoat. "I still want to know what a Dark Arm is..." Rin stated.

"Enough with this foolishness kid, it's time to get down to business." Ai stated as she peered over the edge.

"Sir yes sir, Sempai..." Rin said mockingly as he rolled his eyes and folding his arms behind his head while turning away.

Ai suddenly grabbed Rin by the collar and held him up close to her face with an angry look. "Let's get one thing straight right now punk, when addressing me, you do so with respect, got it?" She asked.

"You know~, up close like this and in the moonlight, you actually look kinda cute Sempai~." Rin complimented with a smile and blush on his face.

"Ugh, let's just do this thing and get it over with..." Ai groaned as she released Rin and turned away from him.

"So... uh... how exactly do we get down from here?" Rin asked as he looked over the edge of the roof.

"Simple," Demon answered with a sadistictic smile. "... you jump!" He said as he suddenly pushed Rin over the edge.


"HAHAHA!" Demon chuckled before being smacked in the head with a book by Ai. "Ow... what did I do?" He asked as he held his head in pain.


Rin landed on the sidewalk below, face first before Yuri landed beside him perfectly on her feet and Ai followed using the blade of Demon's scythe form to cut into the side of the building, slowing her descent. Rin stood back up with blood running down from his forehead. "ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?" Rin shouted.

"Ma~ ybe..." Demon teased as his reflection appeared on the blade of his scythe form, nonchalantally picking his teeth while rolling his eyes.

"Shape up rookie, the Evil Human's close." Ai informed.

Almost on cue, a large, fat Evil Human burst out through the wall of house that was further down the street to Rin and Yuri's surprise, though Rin's reason for surprise as little different...


"Grgrgrh?" The Evil Human grumbled as it looked toward Rin before licking its lips.

"Yuri! Transform! Time show this fatso what I'm made of!" Rin exclaimed.

Yuri nodded before she leapt into the air, becoming a mass of green light that took the form of a sai before the light enveloping her faded.

Rin leapt into the air and went into a backflip, caught Yuri in her sai form midflip, and landed back on his feet.

"Impressive... if this was gymnastics..." Ai commented.

"Just watch Sempai, I'll take this fatass down in the blink of an eye, you won't even be needed!" Rin boasted. He charged toward the Evil Human only to get smacked away and skid backward along the street. He jumped back onto his feet before charging toward the Evil Human once again



Rin skidded back to where he began again before jumping back onto his feet and repeating the cycle as Ai and Demon continued to watch.

"This is embarassing to watch..." Ai deadpanned.

"He's not going to stop is he?" Demon asked. "Maybe he should try something that's not just 'Charge at the enemy and attack'..." He suggested.

Ai watch Rin swiped Yuri's blade at the Evil Human, leaving large, bloody gashes on its chest before switching repeatedly pummeling the Evil Human's face with his free hand. "I don't know, it seems to be working for now..." Ai stated. "Huh?" She mumbled as she suddenly perked up and looked to her left with an angry expression before running off as Rin and Yuri fought the Evil Human.

"Hey Ai, what's the matter?" Demon asked.

"I just sensed a soul with a strange wavelength that has me worried, so I'm going to go check it out." Ai stated.

"What about the two newbies? Should we really leave them alone like this?" Demon asked.

"Those two are more than capable of handling that Evil Human on their own, we have more important things to deal with right now, because if I'm right about what I'm sensing, then we have a witch on our hands!" Ai stated.

To Be Continued...