I straddled him. Running my fingers through his silky long hair, playing with the collar of his shirt. I kissed him hard and passionate as I felt his hands travel up and down my sides. His tongue traced my bottom lip and I gave up a moan. I pressed him down into the couch as we started to make out heavily. His hands found their way under my top and I shivered. "Roza" he whispered against my lips. I sucked on his bottom lip as I unbuttoned his shirt. I was just about to tear his shirt of when his cell phone started buzzing. I froze. He wouldn't dare to-

"Rose I've got to-" I jumped off of him before he could finish. I kicked the table a little too hard and it turned over pushing down the lamp on its way. I groaned loudly and disappeared into the kitchen with out a word. I heard him growl and kick something before he cleared his throat and said, "Belikov"

I was so mad I was shaking. Always, always somebody has to call! I can't even seduce my husband on the couch anymore! I could hear him talk in a hushed tone. I opened cupboard and cupboard looking for something to throw. I could hear him hanging and I knew he was waiting for me to break something. I took a large glass bowl in my hands putting it down silently on the bench. I heard him move and I knew he was standing in the doorpost. I didn't turn around. "Who was that honey?" I asked with a plastic voice.

"You that-" I turned around throwing the bowl at him. He duck at the right second. He was getting use to this. He shot me a glare, "You know my mother bought that bowl"

I put on the fake smile again, "Oh I thought she bought this one" I held up a bigger one made out of ceramic. "No that one did your mom buy us" he was smirking at me. I narrowed my eyes at him and growled as I threw it aiming at his face. "How sweet of her huh? I've always wanted something heavy to throw at you!" I hissed through my teeth.

"I don't even get why you're getting made any more Rose! We both do the same thing! You left me at your family dinner to go to what Africa?"

I threw another bowl at him, "It was Asia and I came back the night after" I snapped.

"Yeah cause that made everything so much better?" he snapped back.

"Don't put the blame back on me!" I said turning around looking for something else to throw. "How come you always gets to throw things at me when I have to leave and I just get a kiss on the cheek and your gone?"

"You never put a fight sweet cakes" I said. That's when I heard a loud crash right above my head and million of glass pieces sprinkled around me. I turned around with my mouth hanging open. "Oh no you didn't!" I hissed.

He wore a mocking grin on his face "Sorry hun, I slipped" he shrugged. I groaned and reached for the closest thing at threw it at him. He ducked time after time and I kept throwing things at him. I was so mad right now I picked up my gun and pointed it at him. He just raised a brow at me "Go for it"

"You know I will." I said coolly

A small smile spread on his lips, "It's not even loaded" I was on my way to pull the trigger as he picked up one of the knives and threw it at me. It got stuck in my shirt and pinned my arm to the wall. He took a few long strides crossing the room pressing me up against the wall. "Never" he took the gun out of my hand and dropped it on the floor. "Ever point a gun at me" he said with his voice ice cold. My eyes narrowed at him. "See you around honey pie" he said and turned around. He knew I hated when he called me nicknames like that. "Don't bet on I'm still around when you get back here!" I yelled after him.

He laughed, "Wow thanks, it would actually be nice with some peace and quiet around here" and the door slammed. I removed the knife and threw it at the door. I ran upstairs into our room into his closet and emptied his shit and threw them into the fireplace. I took my lighter and threw it in there. I smiled when I thought how angry he would be when he found everything in this house being up side down. Nobody messes around with Rose Hathaway.

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