Oh, and there's one other person we need to disturb.

Later that day, Wayne Scott's cell phone rings and he glances at the ID. It's his police contact. He sighs before answering it. Likely someone has called 911 needing rescuing and the police thought the hero would be a better choice for the job. He wishes they hadn't called now, he's right in the middle of composing some lyrical magic and the phone ringing just made him lose his train of thought. "Hello?" he answers.

A minute or so later, he's hovering outside Roxanne Ritchi's apartment, having been informed that Megamind is keeping Roxanne hostage there. The hero thinks this seems strange. Megamind has never kidnapped Roxanne in her apartment before. Maybe it's some prank? He doesn't want to go bursting into her place and then find out nothing was wrong. He reasons that he should have time to assess the situation. Megamind always waits for the hero to arrive before seriously threatening Roxy. He engages his X-Ray vision and his super hearing to see what's going on in there.

He nearly tumbles out of the sky in shock. He'd never observed Megamind and Roxanne doing that during a kidnapping. The hero's face is bright red. He recovers and looks again, just to make sure he's not forcing her. But no, she's straddling him and appears to be enjoying it. He tears his attention away as she calls out "Yes, Megamind. YES!" He feels suddenly soiled for having witnessing that.

He's momentarily conflicted. As Metro City's Protector, he really should apprehend the fugitive as soon as he's located him. However, Metro Man is not going to interrupt that. He flies off shaking his head, trying to rid him self of the image. He'll capture the villain later. God, he wishes he could get drunk.

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