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Are You Here

Solemn and pensive is not how his brothers, father, or grandmother would describe him but that was exactly what they would have thought had they seen the little boy. He was known for being hyper and playful but never had he been mistaken for a quiet child. Johnny and Virgil were quiet as long as nobody made them angry. "Johnny has one heck of a temper," he thought to himself.

The small red head stared ahead for once not noticing the small stream. He knew he'd taken a huge chance coming all the way down here without any of his older brothers. Shrugging his small shoulders, he sighed. "It's not if I haven't had to sit in the chair before." He wrapped his arms across his chest in a desperate attempt to calm himself. Tears slowly trickled from his amber eyes and gathered on his chin before dripping off.

"Grandpa, are you here?" Feeling slightly foolish, he looked around quickly. "Grandma misses you, Grandpa. I miss you, too." He sniffled and wiped at his face. Tracy men don't cry and he was a Tracy through and through even if he wasn't yet a man. Okay, so he knew he was a long way from being a man but still he had to be big and brave like his brothers.

Sighing again, he tried to pluck up the courage to do what his grandma suggested. "I reckon you probably know that, eh? Grandma said I should come out to where I felt closest to you, Grandpa. And that you'd be right here for me to talk to. Just so's you know, I don't know if that's true but I really hope it is." He wiped at his face again. "I reckon Johnny ain't the only moody one in the family. I'm a right mess right now, Grandpa. Daddy's hunkered down in his office for some dumb ol' meeting. Allie's got a stupid ol' cold and can't play. Grandma isn't happy cos Allie is sick and she keeps saying that she's going to have a houseful of whiny Tracy boys." Rolling his eyes heavenward, the little boy frowned. "I reckon that I don't whine that much. Not like Johnny does cos he can't really read when he's sick."

His words slowed to a stop and he looked around positive that he heard something. "If Wolfie was here then I reckon that he'd let me know right quick if something bad was around me. Grandpa, I'm getting right fed up with Scotty and Virgil hogging Wolfie cos…cos I want to play with him, too." He started to feel a bit angry as he came to the conclusion that he was being ignored. "GRANDPA! Are you listening to me? Are you still here with me?" Tracy man, er, boy or not, he couldn't hold back his tears. "Why'd you have to leave me? I miss tusslin' with you. I reckon you had a lot to show me and now you won't ever get to do it."

"Gordy, you yank your daddy from that office and you tell him that he has some tusslin' to do with his boys. Work is important, I reckon, but family is forever and more important." Suddenly, it felt as if a slight yet comforting weight landed on the young boy's shoulders. Just like when his grandpa gave him a one-armed hug. "I love ya, Gordy. And I'm always right where you need me the most…in your heart, ya hear?"

Startled but feeling safe, Gordon nodded his head just as two paws landed on his back. Wolfie barked in his ear and licked his face. "Ewww, Wolfie, do you have to lick in my mouth?" The puppy sat down and suddenly stilled, head cocked and staring at something next to Gordon. "What is it, boy?" Gordon glanced around and saw nothing but Wolfie still stared and raised his paw as if to shake someone's hand.

"That's a right smart puppy you got there, Gordy. It's about time your daddy let you have one. I've been trying to get one to you boys for some time. Ain't right for boys not to have a puppy to love."

The familiar weight lifted off of Gordon's shoulders. "I love you, Grandpa."

"Love ya, too, little rascal."