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Mafuyu was walking home that night when suddenly hears a commotion or rather something like a fight.

She can't just ignore it so decided to peek...just a peek! But as she gone closer it quite reminds her of uhn...whatever who cares...

Without knowing it, it actually leads her to the exact place where she met takaomi. "Now this starting to freak me out!" she gulps then starts to peek again...

As she open her eyes she saw three guys cornering another guy...{sweatdropsssss}"what the hell's with this? A dejavu?" now her head is all messed up and confused...

"think!think!think!i cant!i don't know!waaahhhh!-wait!if this is really a dejavu or whatever they calls it then..the man...its takaomi..so I don't need to worry...hayyy...and..and if the fact that are meeting was change then-my girly life might come for real!yeahyyyy!but its not a good idea to just forget everything bout him...i mean his already a part of my life...darn it..so...whats more important?

Ugh!i forgot!even if that meeting was alter...him—being my teacher would never ever change..sighs my doomed life would never change...so..."a clenched sound snap her out

She decided to just go with the flow..and burst in..and what a surprise that from the whole time it was just really a coincidence...and its not takaomi...rather an unconscious lying nerd guy/,

After beating the three delinquents she carries the nerd guy to stairs and slap him a little gentle to wake him up...and when the guy starting to open his eyes he immediately hugs mafuyu

"oneee-chan!nee-chan!thank you!you save me again"so mafuyu blushed

"wa-wait!im not!"then pushed away the nerd guy

"ah!oh...sorry..i thought you were my sister...haha,how foolish of me...didn't even recognize your shorter than me...and has a short hair as well..."

"is it bad...?having a short hair?"{not girly at all?}

"huh?no...not at all,I mean short hair actually emphasizes your face...that makes it cute...uhn...not saying your not cute if having a long hair..."

Mafuyu starts to sneeze and teardrops is all over her face*sob*sob*"what a reall nice guy...im freaking happy!no one ever compliments me like that...!*sob*sob*"mafuyu thought

On the other hand the guy just panics and don't know what to do..or if he said something that disappoint her"sorry!*bows head*I don't know whats really happening..but sorry if ever.."

"NO!im just happy...thats all.."scrubs her head

"thank you too...i haven't thank properly...so thank you..anyway how did you get from those delinquents?"

"huh,well you..-I mean they already run away after you collapased...ahaha.."

"..ofcourse,ofcourse...what am i thinking..a girl like you cant even..be closed to those types of guys...i shouldn't have ask...haha..-oh,its getting dark... I need to go home...i must kept goin..."

"can you walk already?are you already fine?"

'hmmm..im fine...lucky me I didn't even get any injures from them...which quite questionable as well.."he then brush off the dirt in his pants and goodbye to mafuyu...

Back to the past...

Its actually the last day of mafuyuS vacation,and she badly wanted to play with hayasaka,banchou and takaomi?since she mostly spent vacation with her friends at former school... but they all ignore her..so she really was upset and that's when she save the nerd guy...and come to think of it she hadnt ask his name...what an idiot

Back to reality..

Mafuyu is about to fall asleep caused by the unappearance of their teacher which is quite abnormal bec. Its takaomi..you'll never be absent in his class or else-

When mafuyu was bout to close her eyes that's when takaomi slammed the door and enter with a sort of bad mood

"ok!its unexpected so I'll just go straight to the point..i'll be replaced by a student teacher for couple of weeks..and I know how you treasure and love spending time with me..so I let you have a nice time with him,... for a while..so be good —oh, and you before I forgot...please come in.."

Then enter the nerd guy..."you"mafuyu blurted out.

"her..."nerd guy response

Takaomi just raise an eyebrow...

"that's Him..."hayasaka thought