Raichu (From Vermillion City)

It had been a long time since anyone had taken a look back at Vermillion City. The excitement had died down and now rarely did Lt. Surge see any trainers, or any good trainers at that, to be challenged against. Most days he would just crack open a couple beers and drink himself into a drunken slumber. Raichu was feeling the same way as his master and upon sneaking himself and Surge's other Pokemon some beer as well. Unfortunately, Raichu or any of the other Pokemon had never experienced alcohol.

"Man… how do humans drink this stuff?" Raichu asked, slurring his speech slightly. "This stuff tastes like shit."

"If it's that bad, maybe Surge is going through like depression or something," Voltorb said.

"I-I don't know," Raichu said, stumbling slightly. "It's just not the same anymore. I can beat down any opponent now easily, but there's no thrill."

"Yeah, you haven't lost a match since you lost against that Pikachu," Voltorb reminded him.

"Yeah… don't remind me," Raichu said, rubbing his head slightly. "But I shouldn't dwell on it. He won fair and square. There's no bad blood between us."

"But surely you want to have a rematch against him?" Voltorb asked. "Prove who the best is."

Raichu was silent for a moment. It was tempting to do, but he wasn't one for vengeance. His heart told him to let it go, but-

"Fuck it, you know what, I'm gonna call him right now," Raichu said, who had managed to steal Surge's phone as well. He quickly dialed a number and soon he heard the other line start ringing.

It rang about four times when finally a tired voice said, "Hello?"

"Is this Pikachu?" Raichu asked.

"Yeah, who is this?" Pikachu asked, yawning slightly.

"This is Raichu," Raichu said simply.

"…Um, which one?" Pikachu asked.

"The one who kicked your ass the first time, from Vermillion City," Raichu said impatiently.

"Oh, now I recognize your voice," Piikachu said, deciding to ignore the first part he said. "Wait a minute, dude, it's two in the morning why are you calling me?"

"Cause you and I have a score to settle," Raichu said. "We need to see now who's the last Pokemon standing."
"Are you drunk?" Pikachu asked.

"No…Yes," Raichu said.

Pikachu sighed. "Um, listen Raichu, I'm all the way in Unova, which is like three hours from where you live. I'd be interested but I'm too far away."

Normally Raichu wouldn't say this sober, but he was not sober. "I see, you're gonna pussy out huh? Just like you pussied out when I kicked your ass the first time."

Piikachu was silent for a moment and then said, "Fine, I'll try to catch a plane tomorrow morning. We'll meet in front of the gym at 11 am."

"Deal," Raichu said. Once he hung up, he had a smile on his face but soon the alcohol really kicked in and he found himself passed out almost immediately.

The next morning, when Raichu woke up, he looked for the nearest clock and saw that it was a quarter to eleven. "Aw fuck," Raichu groaned, the pain in his head evident from the hangover he was experiencing.

Once he got up, he decided to call Pikachu again. "Hey uh Pikachu?" he asked. "I… didn't challenge you to a battle did I?"

"Yeah, you did," Pikachu replied. "You were drunk though, but I came anyway. You just woke up didn't you?"

"Yeah…" Raichu said. "Um… just give me about an hour and I should be ready."

Once he was finally ready and refreshed, he met Pikachu outside. "Wow, you lost weight," Raichu said.

Pikachu sweatdropped. "Is that how you address people now?" he asked. "Anyway, yes I did. So, are we ready to do this?"

"Sure," Raichu said, smirking slightly. "I've been working on my speed so I should be almost as fast as you."

"…Is that it?" Pikachu asked.

"I think so, why?" Raichu asked.

"You do realize I've gotten faster as well, and I learned some new moves," Pikachu said, smiling.

"New… moves?"

"Oh yes," Pikachu replied happily. I learned Iron Tail, Volt Tackle, and my newest move I learned was Electro Ball. So Raichu, ready to 'settle this once and for all?'"

"Um… Yeah, of course," Raichu said, sweating slightly.

Unfortunately as it turned out, the battle was brutal and it wasn't even close. In other words, Raichu got his ass kicked again.

The End