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Chapter 1: A Rider is born

Naruto dropped into the clearing that Mizuki had told him about, his breath coming out in pants as he dropped a large scroll onto the forest floor. He scanned the nearby forest with weary eyes before collapsing onto the ground beside the scroll, his breathing slowly returned to normal after a minute.

'Damn those ANBU sure can run fast but they have to be much faster if they want to catch Uzumaki Naruto, Dattebayo!' Naruto cheered mentally as he pumped a fist in victory, he then turned his gaze towards the scroll. 'Alright no time to waste, I have to learn a jutsu from that scroll before Mizuki-sensei arrives…'

Naruto unrolled the scroll and his eyes landed on the first technique, 'Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique)? Not another clone technique… but I don't have much time and it looks relatively easy. Let's see, put your hands into a cross-shaped seal and pump chakra into the seal in proportion to how many clones you want. So more chakra equals more clones got it… clones made are solid but dispels after a solid hit? Wow solid clones amazing, Dattebayo!'

'And what's this note? Hmm… users will retain the memories of the clone, so that means I get the memories of my clones! That means if I use the clones to train… I will become Hokage in no time Dattebayo!' Naruto grinned at the thought as he immediately started to practice his new technique.

Fifteen minutes later, Mizuki landed in the clearing where he found an exhausted Naruto. Mizuki was in his usual outfit except that he now had two giant shurikens strapped to his back, his expression turned gleeful upon noticing the giant scroll on the ground besides Naruto.

"Ne Mizuki-sensei, I already managed to learn one jutsu from the scroll! Does that mean I passed the test and can become a Genin?" Naruto asked with his usual grin in place, which diverted Mizuki's attention back to him.

"Genin? Who in the right mind would allow a demon brat such as yourself to become a Genin?" Mizuki sneered at him.

"W-what? Then why did you tell me about the test?" Naruto shouted in disbelief.

"Hahaha! You actually believed there was a test, man how dumb can you get?" Mizuki howled with laughter causing Naruto to growl at him slightly. "There was never a test; I just used your dumb ass to get the Forbidden Scroll! Now hand it over and maybe I'll make your death quick and painless!"

"No way! I'm going to kick your ass and bring the scroll back to Hokage-jiji, Dattebayo!" Naruto slammed a fist into an open palm.

"What makes you think you can take me, a Chunnin? You don't even know why the entire village hates you!" Mizuki exclaimed before a grin formed on his face. "Do you want to know why we hate you Naruto?"

Naruto faltered when he heard that, "Y-you know why I'm hated? Tell me!"

"Oh it's simple really, the night of the Kyuubi attack… you were all told that the Yondaime killed it but that was false! The Kyuubi was too powerful so the Yondaime did the next best thing, he sealed it into a baby boy! You know who that baby was don't you Naruto…" Mizuki's grin turned sinister when he saw a horrified expression on the blond. "…that's right! It was you! You're the Kyuubi no Yoko!"

"N-no… that's not true… that's impossible! No!" Naruto clutched his head as he felt everything that he once knew shatter around him, he fell to his knees with a loud cry. (Cookie for those who know where this line came from!)

"Now let me put you out of your misery fox; I've been waiting a long time for this day!" Mizuki snarled as he pulled the Fuma shuriken (Demon Wind shuriken) off his back and spun it in his hands, the giant shuriken becoming nothing more than a blur of speed. "SHI NE (GO DIE)!"

Naruto was too lost out of it to notice Mizuki toss the Fuma shuriken his way, he looked up at the last second to see the giant spinning shuriken an inch away from him. His eyes flew wide in shock and pain as he the cold hard steel slice through his clothes and flesh before embedding itself deep inside his body.

"Ugh…" Naruto groaned as he fell onto his hands coughing out blood, his eyesight started to blur as he unconsciously pressed a hand to his gaping wound. He looked down as the hand came away, covered with his red blood. Naruto could feel blood bubbling out of his mouth as his strength finally failed and he collapsed onto his side, his precious life fluid pumping out of him and staining the forest floor crimson.

"Time to… die… brat…" Mizuki's voice suddenly trailed off into silence. Using his remaining strength, Naruto tilted his head slightly and saw that the silver-haired Chunnin stood frozen in place with a kunai held in his hand. He felt his eyes widened a millimetre when he noticed a black smoke start to drift into the clearing, seemingly pouring out of the forest and ground itself.

If he wasn't already dying, Naruto would have started screaming and panicking as the streams of black smoke covered the forest floor with the majority of it gathering in front of him. He watched in shock as the black smoke spiralled up into a pillar before dispersing across the air, leaving behind a beautiful woman.

The woman had waist length, silky dark purple hair, violet eyes and really pale skin. She wore an ankle-length gothic-themed dress that had two straps connecting to a high-collared black cape; she also had on a pair of elbow-length gloves that were black and white in colour. Despite his terrible condition, Naruto was still mesmerized by the beauty of the lady standing in front of him. He also noticed that she had a rather deathly aura around her; the air surrounding her seemed to shimmer with purple and black energy.

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Naruto was surprised when the woman crouched down and blushed when she took his face within her gloved hands, she then started to speak and her voice was both chilling and alluring.

"Hello Naruto… it's nice to see you again…"

Naruto blinked in confusion when she said that, he was sure that he would have remembered if this goddess had visited him before. He opened his mouth to ask and was shocked when he could actually speak, he looked down and gasped as he saw that all his wounds had been healed.


The woman smiled at him and he blushed again since she was still holding his face, "I healed your injuries, it was relatively simple for a being of my stature."

"Huh? Oh right! You said you met me before but I don't remember seeing you before, I'm sure I would have remembered someone as beautiful as you dattebayo!" Naruto grinned at her causing a light pink tinge to grace her features.

"I met you when you were only a day old… I was the one who helped the Yondaime seal the Kyuubi no Yoko into you." She said softly and braced herself for the outburst that she knew would come, she wasn't disappointed.

"WHAT? You helped the Yondaime Hokage seal the Kyuubi into me! Who the hell are you lady!" Naruto shouted, his anger getting the better of him.

The woman let out a small chuckle, "My name is Murasaki (Violet)…but you may know me better as the Shinigami…"

"You…the…Shinigami…" Naruto couldn't form a complete sentence; his mind couldn't equate the beautiful woman in front of him as the God of Death. 'Apparently it's the Goddess of Death…'

"Yes Naruto, now hush and let me explain everything to you. The first thing that you need to know is that you aren't the Kyuubi…" Murasaki held a finger to his lips as he was about to ask a question. "Shush, as I was saying… you are just the container of the Kyuubi no Yoko. It's the same concept as a bowl of ramen. If you pour the ramen into a bowl, does the bowl turn into the ramen itself? No it doesn't and so the same applies to you."

Naruto let out a sigh of relief, glad that he wasn't the Kyuubi and just contained the beast but then a frown crossed his face. "Then why do the villagers hate me?"

"They are ignorant mortals, they chose the easiest person to let out their grief and hatred on. You being the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi just made you the perfect scapegoat for them, which is why they take out their anger and grief on you." Murasaki hissed as the air around them chilled suddenly, she quickly calmed herself and the temperature returned to normal.

"The next important fact that you need to know is that your parents are the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato himself and Uzumaki Kushina, a master at Fuuinjutsu." The Shinigami smirked when she saw the dumbstruck face on the blond Jinchuuriki.

After a moment, Naruto had finally found his voice again. "My dad is the Yondaime Hokage… why did he choose me…his own child and he damned me to a life of torture!"

"I know, he was a fool to think that the villagers would follow his last wish. If it is any consolation, the fool will be spending the rest of eternity inside my gut fighting the evil half of the Kyuubi." Murasaki informed Naruto, who gave a satisfied nod.

"What happened to my mom and what did you mean by the evil half of the Kyuubi?"

"Uzumaki Kushina died on the night of the Kyuubi attack, she sacrificed herself to block a blow from the Kyuubi that was heading towards you. Now as for the issue regarding the Kyuubi…" Murasaki then launched into a detailed summary of the happenings on the night of the Kyuubi attack, with Naruto interrupting a few times to ask some questions to which she answered. "…and that's what happened."

Naruto took a full minute to process the information before he let out a soft sigh, "Man…I had no idea that so many things were kept from me…"

"I don't know why all these were kept from you, you should ask that old monkey of a Hokage if you want answers." Murasaki suggested.

"Oh I definitely will… that just leaves one thing… why are you here and why did you save me?" Naruto asked her.

"I saved you because it wasn't your time yet and I'm also here to offer you something…" The Goddess of Death answered with a smile.

Naruto seemed surprised by that but still responded, "So what are you offering?"

"I'm offering you a deal, work for me and you will be granted a fraction of my power as well as the power of the Ghost Rider." Murasaki said.

"What is this Ghost Rider?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"The Ghost Rider is my personal bounty hunter; he is my agent in the realm of the living and helps me collect corrupt souls as well as eliminate any evil entities that escaped from hell." Murasaki explained before she snapped her fingers and several scenes started playing in the background. Naruto watched in awe as the scenes showed a flaming skeleton dressed in a cowboy getup and riding atop a flaming skeleton horse, it changed to show another flaming skeleton dressed in a leather biker outfit riding a weird metal contraption with two wheels.

"This deal of yours…what are the conditions that are to be met on my side?" Naruto asked seriously as his mind replayed all the images that he had seen, including throwing hellfire balls and destroying a corrupt soul with just a gaze.

"The requirements are pretty simple. All you have to do is send corrupt souls down to hell, which is just another way of saying to kill evil people. Also to deal with any evil entities that escapes from hell, which may include demons among other things." Murasaki waved her hand casually.

"Then sign me up, I'll kick all their asses!" Naruto declared loudly.

"Then it's time to seal the deal…" Murasaki stated with a grin as she licked her lips with a glint in her eyes, which caused Naruto to gulp and back up a bit as she advanced on him.

"M-Murasaki… what are you do-" Naruto's eyes flew wide when he was cut off as Murasaki grabbed him by his shoulders and kissed him deeply, he responded to the kiss after a few seconds. Naruto felt a cold feeling flood into his body with a tint of death in it before it was replaced by a searing sensation that warmed him up from the inside out. Murasaki then broke the kiss and they looked at each other with blushes on their faces. "So is that how you seal a deal…?"

"N-not normally… just for you…" Murasaki admitted as her blush deepened slightly. Naruto suddenly felt a tremendous headache hit him; he placed a hand against his temple as memories that weren't his flooded his mind. "Those are the memories of the previous Riders and also some of my knowledge on how to fully utilise my powers properly… as well as knowledge on everything to do with shinobi life, can't have my avatar being an idiot."

As the sensation finally passed, Naruto cracked his neck and finally took noticed the changes that had happened to his body. He was now significantly taller (Shippuden height) and all traces of baby fat was replaced by lean muscles, his once clear blue cerulean eyes now pitch black in colour. His torn and tattered orange jumpsuit had been replaced with a ragged-looking black hooded-cloak that seemed to move like the shadows. His spiky blonde hair had grown out and had a tinge of orange mixed into it, giving it a fire-like colour.

Murasaki licked her lips as she ran her eyes over his new body, "Mmm… I like it…"

"Me too… so what happens now?" Naruto asked with a cocked eyebrow.

"I'm going to head back to my realm and unfreeze the time here as well, so good luck… and get some girls to keep you company when I'm not around~" Murasaki giggled as she vanished into a black portal, leaving a flustered Naruto. He quickly gathered his wits as he saw time slowly resuming and Mizuki looking at him in shock.

Mizuki didn't have a clue what had just happened, one moment he was walking towards a dying Naruto and then the demon brat suddenly transformed into the black-hooded cloak man in front of him.

"What the fuck? What kind of demon trickery is this?" Mizuki demanded of the new and improved Naruto.

"No trickery is involved Mizuki-teme (bastard), let's just say that I'm back and better than ever…" Naruto growled lowly as his new pitch-black eyes bore straight into Mizuki, who was slightly unnerved by those eyes.

"Whatever demon brat, I'll still kill you!" Mizuki shouted as he rushed at Naruto with the kunai in his hand. Naruto shot a hand forward and caught the kunai-wielding hand by its wrist; he then delivered a roundhouse kick to Mizuki's midsection that sent the Chunnin rolling across the ground.

"Newsflash teme, I'm not weak anymore… this seems like a good opportunity to test out my Rider powers…" Naruto grinned as he called upon the innate power that was inside him. His skin slowly turned red in colour as steam started rising from his pores, he was then engulfed in a torrent of flames that swirled around him. The fire suddenly died down and the figure that walked out caused Mizuki to whimper slightly.

Instead of Naruto, there was a flaming skeleton wearing the black-hooded cloak now and the hood was pulled back. The skull turned its hollowed eye sockets upon Mizuki's quivering form with a grin; the figure then reached up with two flaming skeletal hands and cracked its knuckles and neck.

"Interesting…" Naruto said in a deep, raspy voice as he held up his right hand to examine. (Cookies for those who know where this scene came from as well)

"What the hell are you?" Mizuki shouted in fear as he took hold of his last remaining Fuma shuriken and held it in an attacking position.

"The Ghost Rider, the personal bounty hunter for Shinigami-sama, at your service." Naruto bowed slightly as he introduced his new form.

"Don't mock me you damned demon! I'll show you the power that Orochimaru-sama had gifted me with!" Mizuki screamed out as he was covered in a sickly purple chakra, Naruto watched as the muscles bulged and expanded. Mizuki had turned into a human-tiger hybrid, which let out a loud roar.

"Wow… stay kitty…stay…" Naruto told the transformed Mizuki, who was further enraged by this and pounced at him. Naruto just drew his right hand back and socked Mizuki right in the feline face with a flaming skeletal fist, sending the hybrid crashing into a tree and breaking it in half. "I told ya to stay…"

"Stop mocking me!" Mizuki roared out as he charged out of the debris and started swiping at Naruto with his claws; the fur on his muzzle was singed off by the fire from Naruto's fist.

Naruto dodged the wild swings with a graceful ease, he slapped aside one of Mizuki's swipes and nailed the hybrid in the jaw with a powerful flaming uppercut. Mizuki stumbled backwards and spat out some blood with a broken fang, he growled before charging straight at Naruto with a shoulder tackle. Naruto was unprepared for this and got slammer up against a tree trunk, Mizuki drew back a fist and punched the flaming skull and dislocated the jaw bone.

"Heh… that will teach you to mess with me you damn brat!" Mizuki crowed in victory as he looked at Naruto's slumped form, the flickering flames around his skull dimming. Suddenly the flames burst back to life causing Mizuki to let out an unmanly squeak of surprise, Naruto stood back up and grabbed the jaw and snapped it back into place.

"You think that I would go down that easily?" Naruto growled out in the deep, raspy tone of his Rider form. He strode towards Mizuki with dark orange flames flickering around his skull, he reached out and grasped the silver-haired traitorous hybrid by the throat. "I'm tired of playing games with you so I'm going to end it right here, right now…"

"Wait stop! Please, have mercy!" Mizuki croaked out as he tried and failed to free himself from the superhuman grip around his throat.

"Mercy? Mercy you say… well I'm sorry to inform you but I'm all fresh out of mercy!" Naruto brought the traitor up to his face and stared at him straight in the eyes with his flaming hollowed out sockets. "Look into my eyes… your soul is stained by the blood of the innocent. Feel their pain."

Mizuki looked into the fiery depths of the hollowed out eye sockets and saw memories from his past resurface, the first time he met with Orochimaru, the time he passed records to Kabuto, the time he killed a Genin who had stumbled across his meeting with Kabuto, the time he raped a young girl before killing her and all his sins all compiled together. He felt all their combined pain sear his soul, completely vaporising it and leaving him as nothing but a shell of a body.

Naruto released the body and it dropped back onto the ground, the originally brown eyes now completely black and smouldering. He was about to undo his Rider transformation when he felt something off about the body, it seemed to glow with a sinister purple aura. Naruto gasped in shock when a black smoky figure burst out of Mizuki's dead body and fell onto all fours, it had the appearance of a black demonic tiger.

"A corrupt soul… that damned snake-teme is powering his curse seals using corrupted souls! Wait till I get my hands on him… but first I have to take care of this nuisance." Naruto growled as he ducked under a leap from said corrupter tiger-demon soul. The tiger-demon skidded to a stop and pounced back at Naruto with claws unsheathed, he rolled onto his back and kicked the tiger-demon in the belly as it sailed over him. The tiger-demon slammed into a tree trunk but got up immediately and opened its muzzle, firing a wave of foul purple youki at Naruto.

"Gōkaton: Gōka no Iki (Hellfire Release: Hellfire Breath)!" Naruto breathed out a conical wave of blazing white-hot flames from his skull, the flames easily burning through the youki and scorching the tiger-demon. Naruto watched impassively as the tiger-demon writhed in pain on the ground, the hellfire burning away at its body before it finally disintegrated into dust.

"One soul for Murasaki-chan already, man I'm good!" Naruto cackled before he released the hold on his transformation, the flames dying out until he was back in his new human form. It was then that Iruka landed in the clearing and saw the new Naruto, the dead hybrid form of Mizuki and a pile of blackened ashes.

"What the hell happened here?" Iruka exclaimed in shock.

Naruto let out a chuckle as he carried the Forbidden Scroll under his arm, "First off, yes it is me Uzumaki Naruto. And Mizuki-teme tricked me into stealing the scroll by claiming that it was a make-up Genin Exam. I gained some new powers when he was about to kill me, he transformed into that tiger hybrid from a curse seal given to him by his master Orochimaru and I killed him. The end."

"…" Iruka just couldn't find the words to comment on the situation so he stood there, eyes wide and mouth agape.

"I'm going to see the Hokage about something, you can come along or you can just stand there looking like a fish." Naruto told him as he grabbed a hold of Mizuki's scruff and disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

'Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique)? When did Naruto learn how to do that?' Iruka thought to himself before snapping out of his reverie, he shrugged uncaringly and left the clearing.

Hokage's office

Sarutobi Hiruzen the Sandaime Hokage sat in his chair with his usual pipe in hand, his face held a concerned expression as a result of witnessing Naruto's fight with Mizuki through his special crystal viewing-orb.

'One moment Naruto was lying almost dead on the ground and the next he looked like he had hit a major growth spurt, then he goes and transforms into a flaming skeleton that could walk, fight and talk. What the hell happened out there Naruto?' Hiruzen sighed as he massaged his temples. 'I'm getting too old for this shit…'

Naruto appeared in the office and casually dumped Mizuki's dead tiger form to the side, before walking up to the desk and slamming the Forbidden Scroll onto the wooden surface.

Hiruzen jumped slightly from the shock before glaring at the blond, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"I'm returning the Forbidden Scroll that Mizuki-teme tricked me into stealing Hokage-sama but I'm pretty sure you knew that from your crystal viewing-orb of course…" Naruto replied, spitting out the title as if it was poisonous to his mouth.

"You will address me with respect! I am the Hokage of this village!" Hiruzen shouted as he narrowed his eyes at him.

"I will show you respect when you show me a reason to respect you!" Naruto growled in reply before a smirk wormed its way onto his face. "Besides…you can't order me around, I am not one of your shinobi so you have no jurisdiction over me."

The Sandaime cursed mentally when he realised that the blond was right so he let out a soft sigh and calmed himself down, "Mind telling me what happened to you Naruto?"

"Mind telling me why I wasn't informed that I had the Kyuubi no Yoko sealed inside my belly?" Naruto countered instantly with his own question causing the old leader to sigh again.

"We thought it would be for the best if you weren't informed of your burden, that way the Kyuubi would have a lesser chance of influencing you…" Hiruzen explained as he laced his old, wrinkled fingers together in front of his face.

"That sounds like an absolute pile of bullshit… but I won't question any further into that matter…" Naruto stated and picked up on the Sandaime's soft exhalation of relief. "However there is another matter that I must bring forth…"

"What is it Naruto-kun?" Hiruzen asked with his grandfatherly mask back in place.

"Why the hell wasn't I informed of who my parents were?" Naruto shouted the question out. His eyes caught a quick flash of panic on the old man's face before it was covered up by a mask of false confusion.

"I have no idea what you're talking about Naruto-kun; I already told you that I don't know who your parents are-"

"CUT THE HORSE SHIT!" Naruto roared out, his eyes glowing with a slight orange-yellow flame. Hiruzen couldn't help but gulp slightly upon looking into those intimidating eyes. "I already know that my dad was the freaking Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato and my mom was Uzumaki Kushina! NOW TELL ME WHY YOU KEPT THIS INFORMATION FROM ME!"

"I-I'm sorry Naruto but if Iwagakure no Sato (Hidden Stone Village) were to find out about your heritage, the Tsuchikage himself may even come down here just to assassinate you!" Hiruzen tried to reason with him.

"Then what about all the assassination attempts from within our own walls huh? What difference would a few more make? Especially since those ANBU purposely let a few assassins slip by from time to time, good thing I always managed to hide from them or I wouldn't even be standing here right now!" Naruto slammed a fist onto the table, splintering it slightly from his newfound strength.

The Sandaime couldn't find a counter-argument for that as he slumped back in his seat slightly and took a long drag from his pipe then blew out a cloud of smoke from between his wrinkled lips.

"Would you still perhaps consider serving as a ninja of Konoha?" The old Kage asked.

"That depends… if you fulfil certain conditions on my part then I will work for you, not as a shinobi but as a personal ANBU that doubles as a mercenary." Naruto informed the elderly shinobi leader.

Hiruzen tapped his pipe against the table lightly to dislodge some ash from it, "And what are these…conditions that you speak of?"

"One, I get my inheritance that my parents left behind and that includes their house. Two, you spill all remaining secrets that are related to me in any manner. Three, the same travelling rights that the Sannin possess. Fourth, I will not take any D-ranked missions and also have the right to refuse any mission that I am offered. Fifth, a weekly pay that is double that of a normal ANBU. Finally, information on who else has a curse seal on them within this village." Naruto listed off his demands in succession, hiding a grin at seeing the Hokage grinding his teeth at certain requirements.

'Those conditions are really demanding…but I can't afford to lose our Jinchuuriki, especially since he has activated some new Kekkei Genkai ability…' Hiruzen thought to himself as he blew out another cloud of smoke before looking directly at Naruto.

"I accept your terms Naruto… your inheritance are in these scrolls and I'm afraid that the house was destroyed during the Kyuubi's rampage. The only remaining secrets are that Jiraiya and Tsunade are your godfather and godmother respectively. I just signed the form that grants you the right to leave the village at any time and stay away for any amount of time unless you are directly called back. The missions and pay conditions have been noted down and the only other person with a curse seal on their person is Special-Jounin Mitarashi Anko."

"Excellent…too bad about the house, so where may I find this Mitarashi Anko person?" Naruto inquired.

"She is normally spotted at the local Dango shop or training inside Training Ground #44, the Forest of Death." Hiruzen replied before coughing slightly to gain Naruto's attention. "Do you require a mask to hide your identity?"

"No need for that, I already prepared my own mask…" Naruto pulled out a skull mask from within his cloak and attached it to his face before yanking the hood over his head, giving him a really imposing look. "While on duty from now on, I shall only be known as… Zukotsu (Skull)."

"Very well Zukotsu-san, since there is nothing further to discuss then I guess you are dismissed for the day…"

Naruto glared at the old Kage through his mask, "Do not treat me like another one of your underlings you old monkey, do that again and you will not like the consequences…"

Having said his piece, Naruto disappeared in a swirling pillar of black smoke. Sarutobi Hiruzen frowned at the blatant threat at his person, he knew that Naruto would become a problem in future but chose to let him be for now.

'Just you wait Naruto…I will have you under my thumb sooner or later…'

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