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Chapter 2: Nature's demons

Naruto was perched on a branch just outside off his old classroom; he shook his head at how all the students in there were just happily chatting away with each other. The Shinobi Academy was a joke; it did absolutely nothing to help academy students on their path towards becoming a ninja.

'What the hell are flower pressing classes and hours upon hours of history going to do for them… do they expect an enemy shinobi to pop them a surprise quiz about history? Kami, these kids would just freeze up at the sight of their first kill and end up as easy pickings for any other enemies.' Naruto thought with his newfound attitude and knowledge, his shadow-like cloak fluttering silently in the gentle breeze. Under the cloak, he spotted a similar garb of ANBU members.

Instead of a grey chest plate, he wore a durable steel wire-mesh shirt over his black muscle top along with a matching pair of black standard issue shinobi pants. He had the hood of his cloak pulled up and his white skull mask over his face, leaving only his coal-black eyes to pick out from the eyeholes.

'Though it might just be the Konoha academy and I was once like those ignorant fools in the class… but thanks to Murasaki-chan, I now know better… thanks to her… I am strong…' Naruto clenched a fist in front of himself, watching as the air around it shimmered and steam slowly rises from the pores on his fist. Naruto snapped back to attention when his chakra-enhanced hearing caught the sound of footsteps coming down the corridor beside the classroom.

Iruka walked into the classroom and deposited a stack of papers onto his mahogany desk, the sound produced was drowned out by the incessant noise emanating from the majority of the class. Iruka merely waited patiently with his arms crossed for them to notice him.

5 minutes later

"Will you guys SHUT THE HELL UP AND GET YOUR ASSES BACK TO YOUR SEATS!" Iruka shouted with his infamous demonic head technique. Naruto watched with a small smirk on his face as the students scrambled back to their seats, all of them immediately kept their mouths closed as a veil of silence settled over the classroom.

"That's better… now I congratulate all those here on passing your Genin examinations!" Iruka switched into a more jovial tone as he addressed all the students in front of him, the silence was quickly replaced with yells of accomplishment and joy. He allows them to quiet down on their own this time before he continued with his speech. "I want you all to know that I'm proud of each and every single one of you, and it has been my pleasure to have been your sensei for the past six years…"

Naruto shook his head in disappointment of his ex-teacher's motivational speech, 'All he is doing is getting them motivated to run out there and get killed…'

"Now, it's time for your team placements to be announced! Remember that the teams are formed by the Hokage and if you have any problems with your placement then I suggest you take it up with him!" The class quieted down after that as they waited in suspense for their team members and sensei to be announced.

"Team 1…" Naruto zoned out until the more significant members of the class were left, namely the clan heirs.

"Team 7 will be consisted of Uchiha Sasuke."


Haruno Sakura."

"Cha! Take that Ino-pig, true love wins after all!" A certain pink-haired female shrieked out in victory, causing Naruto to growl slightly as he rubbed his sore ears in protest. Ino ground her teeth in frustration but didn't voice out her unhappiness as she remembered that the teams were formed by the Hokage.

"Shimura Sai. Your Jounin-sensei will be Hatake Kakashi, the Sandaime stated that this team will be a quick response team."

Naruto narrowed his eyes when he heard of the third member's name, he had the same family name as that old bandaged man on the village council. He had heard the occasional whispers and rumours about Shimura Danzo, how he was an old war hawk that wanted to turn Konoha into the largest military power in the Elemental Nations. He had also heard about how he was rivals with Sarutobi Hiruzen since their academy days, but had lost in the election to become the Sandaime Hokage.

'I wouldn't be surprised if everything from their rivalry was merely a ruse they cooked up, that old monkey wasn't hailed as the 'Professor' for nothing…' Naruto thought as Iruka continued with the team announcements.

"Team 8 will be consisted of Hyuuga Hinata."


"Inuzuka Kiba."

"You hear that bud? We're on an official shinobi team now!"


"Aburame Shino. Your sensei will be Yuuhi Kurenai; the Sandaime stated that this will be a tracker team." Iruka announced.

"Team 9 is still in circulation from last year so Team 10 will be consisted of Nara Shikamaru."


"Akimichi Chouji."

"…" Iruka looked up when he didn't receive a reply only to sweat-drop when he saw that the pudgy clan heir was busy feasting on a bag of BBQ-flavoured chips.

"Yamanaka Ino. Your sensei will be Sarutobi Asuma; the Sandaime stated that this will be a capture and interrogation team just like the previous generation."

To her credit, Ino managed to beat down the urge to shout out the injustice about the team placements.

"Your Jounin-senseis should be arriving in a few minutes' time, so I suggest you sit still and wait so you make a good first impression." Iruka paused and gave the class one last look. "Well that's all from me… I wish everyone luck on your future shinobi career!"

Naruto took the moment to evaluate his ex-classmates with his new-found intelligence, his eyes drifted to the dark-haired boy with the same eye-colour as him.

'Uchiha Sasuke, the so called 'last remaining Uchiha' after the massacre that happened 4 years ago. Has a superiority complex and an ego larger than the entire village, seems to only respect strength and power…'

'Haruno Sakura, the first shinobi of her family. Self-proclaimed president of the SFC (Sasuke Fan Club) and has a voice that could probably be turned into a weapon with its deadly frequency… has extreme fangirl tendencies and doesn't take her career seriously, only finding interest in pursuing the Uchiha…'

'Shimura Sai… I've never seen him in the academy… with a name like that, looks like I would have to keep an eye on him…'

Naruto shifted his gaze over to the next team; the first person to catch his eye was his occasional pranking buddy.

'Inuzuka Kiba and his partner Akamaru, a deadly combination. Brash and headstrong but also excels at taijutsu and loyal to a fault, only reason he lost to Sasuke in terms of taijutsu is because of Mizuki's favouritism.'

'Aburame Shino, the heir to the Aburame clan. Quiet and keeps to himself but scores well, just like a true shinobi…'

'Hyuuga Hinata, the heiress to the Hyuuga clan. Also quiet and keeps to herself, far too gentle in nature to be a shinobi. I can't even imagine what would happen if she has to make her first kill, most likely scenario would be freezing up and making herself an open target.'

Naruto once again shifted his gaze to the last team, the next generation of the Ino-Shika-Cho trio.

'Nara Shikamaru, heir to the Nara clan. Same as every other male Nara clan member, both extremely intelligent yet extremely lazy in nature.'

'Akimichi Chouji, heir to the Akimichi clan. Big sized just like the rest of his clan, often seen with Shikamaru as they have been friends since childhood. Not unusual as their fathers were part of the Ino-Shika-Cho trio, probably want their kids to follow in their footsteps.'

'Yamanaka Ino, heiress to the Yamanaka clan. Specialises in her clan's rather… unique techniques, alas she is another fangirl of the village's last Uchiha.'

His eyes refocused back on the classroom when his chakra-enhanced hearing picked up the sound of a door opening, his eyes took in the forms of the two Konoha Jounins that stepped into the room.

The first person he noticed was a kunoichi with long and black, shoulder-length untamed hair, and very unique eyes that are red in colour, with an additional ring in them. She wore make-up consisting of red lipstick and purple eye shadow. Her peculiar outfit consisted of a red mesh armour blouse with only the right sleeve visible. Over this is very broad material which resembles bandages with a pattern on it similar to those of rose thorns. Her hands and upper thighs are also wrapped in bandages and she wore the Konoha forehead protector and regular shinobi sandals.

'Yuuhi Kurenai, Konoha's resident genjutsu specialist. Strange that she was promoted to full Jounin based just on her genjutsu skills, wouldn't Special Jounin have made more sense. Especially since her friends are Special Jounins as well, Inuzuka Hana and Mitarashi Anko.'

The person next to her had brown eyes, short, black spiky hair and beard. His clothing consisted of the standard Konoha ninja uniform with the sleeves rolled up half way, flak jacket, regular shinobi sandals and forehead protector. He also wore the Twelve Guardian Ninja sash that had the kanji for "Fire" marked on it around his waist, a pair of black bangles and bandages wrapped around the arms of his sleeves.

'Sarutobi Asuma, the son of the Sandaime Hokage. Seems to give off the aura of an extremely laidback person, I wouldn't be surprised if the woman that sired him was a Nara… Still he isn't a Jounin for nothing, he is extremely experienced with his trench knives and using his wind affinity. And as shown by his sash, he was once a member of the Twelve Guardian Ninjas as well.'

Naruto was broken out of his silent assessment by the shrill cry of a messenger hawk; he stood up and held his right arm out as a perch for the hawk to land on. The hawk quickly took off again as he unfurled the small piece of paper that was attached to its talon, a quick scan confirmed that it was from the Hokage.

Hokage's office

Sarutobi Hiruzen was scowling as he stamped another negative on a civilian's request to banish the so-called 'demon child' from the village, he rubbed his wrinkled brow in frustration.

'Normally I'm perfectly alright with doing paperwork, hell I expected nothing less when I took the position of Hokage since a leader has tons of decisions to make. However ridiculous requests like this are what really grate on my nerves, a total and utter waste of my time. As if I would bow to their whims and banish this village's only weapon against the other nation's Jinchuurikis.' Hiruzen sighed as he took another puff of his pipe, when a swirl of black smoke lazily drifted into existence before dissipating to reveal the imposing figure of Naruto.

"I have received your summons and have reported as requested Hokage-sama…" Naruto droned out in a professional working tone, making sure to keep any hints of hatred and displeasure out of his voice. 'No point in endlessly aggravating the old monkey, there would be many more opportunities if I were to get closer to him.'

"Ah Zukotsu, glad to see that you're on time for your first mission… unlike a certain Jounin under my command…" Hiruzen muttered the last part under his breath but Naruto's enhanced hearing picked it up.

Somewhere in Konoha

A tall, lanky man with gravity-defying silver hair was reading a small orange-coloured book and giggling perversely as he stood on the surface of a small lake. A sudden sneeze caused him to lose concentration and cut the chakra flow to his feet, plunging his entire body into the cold water.

Quickly swimming back to shore, he performed a simple fire jutsu that evaporated the water in his soaked clothes and hair. He reached back into his pouch but frowned as his hand came back out empty. He swept his single-eyed gaze over the immediate area around him only for it to widen in shock upon seeing a tattered orange book by the lakeside.

The man dropped to his knees beside the destroyed book and slowly scooped it up with both his hands, before cradling it gently as a tear dripped from his exposed eye. He quickly performed the same fire jutsu in hopes of saving the soaked book, needless to say the book caught fire and burned to ashes in a span of five seconds.

"…" The man stared silently at the pile of ashes in his hands before his shoulders started shaking slightly. Three seconds later, an anguished cry sounded throughout the village.

Back in the Hokage office

Both men blinked as they heard a chilling cry echo through the village, before shrugging it off as nothing important. The Sandaime Hokage puffed on his pipe once as he picked a scroll up from the table and tossed it to the black-cloaked mercenary.

Naruto caught the scroll and unfurled it, his eyes scanning the mission scroll thoroughly.

Rank: B-rank

Objective: Merchants have been 'disappearing' along the trading routes to Konoha, the merchant guild believes it to be the work of bandits. Perform a thorough search of the areas around the trade routes and eliminate the source of these disappearances, unless the threat level is above your capabilities then report back to base for reinforcements.

Team: Solo assignment

"Consider it done Hokage-sama." Naruto said before vanishing in another swirl of darkness. The Sandaime smirked as he laced his fingers in front of his face.

'Looks like my Jinchuuriki is finally learning his place, about time…'

With Naruto

After dropping by his house to grab a scroll of supplies needed for a normal B-ranked mission, Naruto performed a quick Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique) to arrive at the main gates of Konoha. At their usual spot, Kotetsu and Izumo were currently inspecting a merchant's caravan to make sure that nothing was out of place.

"Kotetsu-san, Izumo-san. You may return to your posts, I have some business to attend to with merchant-san here…" Naruto waved the two Chunnin guards off as he strode up to the group.

"Ah Zukotsu-san, we'll leave it to you then." Kotetsu replied as both Chunnins gave him a respectful nod before going back to their daily activities, mainly sitting around and slacking. Naruto merely shook his head at the blatant lack of seriousness in the gate guards, has Konoha really sunk so low that it's taking the current state of peace for granted.

Pushing the thought out of his mind, Naruto decided to focus on his task at hand. The leader of the merchant caravan was a well-built, middle-aged man that seemed to shiver slightly as Naruto locked his coal-black eyes on him through the white porcelain skull mask on his face.

"ANBU-san… what business do you have with mere merchants such as myself?" The man asked with a hint of confusion in his voice.

"I'm sure that you have heard of the disappearances that have happened along the trading routes to and from Konoha, am I right?" Naruto replied with a question of his own.

The man nodded sadly, "Hai, not only do I know of them but my younger sister was one of those that disappeared…"

"I'm sorry for your lost merchant-san…"

"Just call me Akiru."

"Then you may refer to me as Zukotsu. So back to the matter at hand Akiru-san, the merchant guild of Konoha has employed me to deal with this problem as they are worried that the village would lose business if this keeps up." Naruto explained the situation to the merchant, who perked up at this.

"So am I correct to assume that you would be following us as a form of protection?"

"Hai, I guess that would seem to be the most likely scenario. However if I find any leads along the way, I will have to leave you in the care of a couple of solid clones as I investigate it." Naruto replied, which earned a bright smile from Akiru.

"That's already more than what I have hoped for! Zukotsu-san… could you do me a favour? I would pay you well if you manage to accomplish it of course!" Akiru's smile faded as he asked this.

Naruto cocked an unseen eyebrow, "That would depend on what sort of favour you would be asking of me…"

"Ah it's nothing much just… since you're investigating the disappearances… could you also find out what happened to my sister?" Akiru whispered softly as he glanced at the black-cloaked ANBU in hope.

"Of course I will Akiru-san; you don't need to pay me for that." Naruto chuckled slightly as the man sighed in relief. "Now if there aren't any further questions, shall we depart?"

"Oh right! You heard him everyone! Let's get moving!" Akiru shouted back at the other caravans before climbing back onto his seat and cracking the reigns against the horses of his own caravan. Naruto merely perched himself on the roof as he meditated, spreading his awareness out across the length of the convoy and into the surrounding forests.

He could pick out the small chakra flares of the woodland creatures and the slightly larger chakra signatures of the merchants in the convoy, his ears picking out the idle chatter of the merchants as well as the soft rhythmic thumping of the horses' hooves hitting the soft dirt ground.

About a third of the journey in, Naruto suddenly tensed up as his hearing picked up the sound of animals in panic and sensed the small chakra signatures scattering away from a certain area. Said area seemed to be moving closer to the convoy, which meant that someone or something was approaching them.

"Heads up Akiru-san, I think we've got trouble…" Naruto growled as two kunai seemed to materialise in his hands, the convoy leader stiffened slightly before giving a nod of acknowledgement.

"Remember to give them a few kicks for me as well…" Akiru whispered as several shadow clones stationed themselves around the convoy in strategic locations.

Naruto smirked under his mask before leaping off the roof of the caravan and into the forest, putting himself on a direct route towards the unknown entity. The tall trees that inhabited the forests of Hi no Kuni (Land of Fire) stretched high into the sky, their dense canopy layers blocking all but the barest traces of sunlight from hitting the forest floor.

The forest was almost completely silent except for the faint ruffle of leaves as Naruto proceeded through the shadowy forest carefully, his sense on full alert as he searched for the source of the disturbance. His sensor skills were only limited to basic detection, which meant he only knew the general area his prey was in but not the exact location.

'The absence of the local wildlife would suggest that they fled in fear, which most likely means that the subject is dangerous…' Naruto thought as he observed his surroundings, a sudden rustle in a shrub nearby caused him to let loose with a volley of kunai. The sound of steel impacting against wood echoed through the silent forest, the black-cloaked shinobi drew out another kunai and stepped backwards cautiously.

'Kuso! (Shit!)' Naruto cursed mentally as he felt a vine snare around his ankle and yanked him feet-first into the air, he quickly flicked the kunai towards the vine and sliced through it. Twisting sharply in mid-air, he barely avoided a barrage of wooden barb-like projectiles that shot past him and embedded themselves into a tree trunk. The wood where they struck sizzling slightly, signifying a deadly toxin within them.

Sparks flew as another wave of projectiles were deflected by a new pair of kunai, which were quickly flung in the direction of the attack but failed to connect with their target. Our favourite blond hero was forced to spring backwards and stuck to a tree trunk as the attack resumed with even more tenacity causing him to run up, which soon proved to be a mistake as several thick vines ensnared our hero.

The vines snapped his wrists together above his head; another vine had bound his ankles together to prevent him from thrashing around. Coal black eyes scanned the area before glaring at a hand that had begun to emerge from the tree opposite him; soon an entire figure had stepped out from the trunk.

His opponent appeared to be a female of early twenties, she had dark green vines for hair and her skin was a light shade of green. Her dark emerald eyes locked with his, the corner of her supple lips of a similar colour twitched upwards in a smirk. Her voluptuous form was wrapped in an earthy-brown dress that cut off at her thighs, what were most outstanding were her hands and feet. From the elbow and knee onward, her limbs appeared to have been made of tree bark that tapered off into wicked looking claws.

"Well what do we have here~?" Her voice was deceptively serene, seductive and calming as she sauntered up to our tied-up hero, a clawed hand stroking the cheek of his porcelain mask before grasping it and pulling it off. His opponent didn't seem the least bit intimidated by his dark glare; she proceeded to trace the whisker marks on his cheek with a claw. Naruto had to repress a pleasant shiver as she did this.

"Such a fine specimen…" She purred with a sly smile on her face as her claws trailed down his neck into his cloak, feeling up and caressing his toned body. "Strong as well…"

"What are you?" Naruto growled out at the woman as he jerked against his restraints but failed to break free, the vines were simply too thick and seemed to be reinforced by demonic energy.

"And so demanding as well… perhaps instead of consuming you…" Her hand slipped into his pants and carefully cupped his genitals, which stiffened despite the situation. "I should mate with you… mmm yes; you would definitely grant me strong children!"

Shinigami's office

Murasaki had just completed another stack of paperwork when she suddenly felt the urge to kill someone, her aura flaring wildly around her as she bristled in anger for what seemed like no reason what so ever.

'How peculiar…' She mused as she reigned her aura back in, not before it had rotted away the flowers on her desk along with a poor goblin that had chosen that moment to deliver another stack of paperwork. 'I suddenly feel like acquiring several cans of weed spray…'

Back to the scene

Naruto eyes widened considerably when he heard that and failed to supress the small blush that appeared on his face, before schooling his expression back into its emotionless state.

"Are you the one that is responsible for all the mysterious disappearances in the area?" Naruto asked, the female placed her free claws against her chin in a thinking posture as her other hand continued playing with his crotch.

"If you meant all those fat slobs called merchants then yes! However they were all greasy and fattening, not good at all for my figure and complexion much less my poor babies~" She sighed sadly before breaking up in a grin again. "You on the other hand, are going to be of much more use…"

Naruto heard all that he needed to already, which basically was that the woman in front of him was responsible for the mysterious disappearances. A shadow clone that had been hiding not too far away burst into the clearing and slashed the vines with one of the discarded kunai on the forest floor it had found, the original quickly flung a handful of shurikens at his target.

The plant woman merely yawned as she used one hand to deflect the metal stars; apparently those claws were pretty durable as well. Naruto quickly formed a cross-shaped handseal, nine more shadow clones materialised into the clearing with their own kunai drawn. She gave him an amused look as the clones began their assault, charging at her from different directions in an attempt to surround her.

"Is this all you've got? Come to mommy my precious babies~" She cooed as various plant-like creatures crawled out from the forest floor, their bodies and limbs seemed to be composed of vines and tree bark with various flowers for heads. The new arrivals instantly engaged the clones in a bid to prevent any harm from coming to their 'mother', their bodies proved to be more than just looks as they dodged and evaded with incredible amounts of flexibility.

Naruto grimaced as he saw one with a large purple and red flower exhale a stream of purple miasma at a clone it had entangled with its vine-like appendages, the clone popped the moment the poison smoke entered his body. He quickly turned his attention back to the bulb-like head creature that he was fighting, it charged straight at him as razor sharp thorns erupted from its limbs. The creatures attempt to flay our hero was foiled as another clone, that had defeated his opponent, performed a sweeping kick that knocked the creature off its feet.

The plant mistress simply sat down on a throne of vines and thorns that she had conjured up from the ground, a predatory look on her face as she observed her desired mate's strength. Naruto unleashed a hail of shuriken at the downed creature, only to have it stand back up as if nothing had happened. The bulb-like head seemed to shudder slightly before a stream of seeds shot out at insane speeds, Naruto performed a quick substitution with a nearby log that was immediately blasted full of holes.

'Note to self, don't get hit by that…' Naruto thought as he eyed the creature wearily, its head swivelled in his new direction and released another stream of deadly seeds. Biting his thumb, he quickly swiped it over a seal over his left hand and unsealed a black metal pole with a rectangular slit near one end.

Twirling the staff like an expert, the projectiles were blocked easily as a shadow clone prepared an exploding kunai and tossed it right into the creature's head. It stumbled backward from the impact before the resulting explosion tore its body to pieces, splattering the area with purple ooze that Naruto assumed was its blood.

With his foe dispatched off, Naruto engaged the remainder with his staff and shadow clones. The creatures proved to be difficult to defeat as they each had their own special set of abilities, one was capable of firing off thorns from any part of its body while another had black pod-like seeds that exploded upon impact.

Eventually the creatures were defeated and killed, a slow clapping sound echoed through the ooze-soaked clearing. Naruto turned to glare at the woman; she returned his glare with a seductive smirk and wink.

"It appears I was right in my evaluation of your skills, you would make a fine mate indeed~ as a reward I will tell you my name… I am known as Sei, demoness of nature." A grin broke out on her face when she noticed her opponent's eyes flew wide open in shock. "I see you've heard of little old me~"

"Shikima Sei, also known as the Shizen Ikari (Nature's Wrath)… responsible for the 'Seizai no gyakusatsu (Genocide of Seizai)' where the entire lumber town was retaken by nature and every single one of its hundred-thousand strong population brutally murdered, their blood feeding the growth of the plants and creatures… the place now known as training ground #44, the Forest of Death." Naruto growled out lowly as he gripped his staff tighter. 'Kuso… I didn't expect to run into one of the Jigoku no Jūni yori Akuma (Twelve Greater Demons of Hell) so soon…'

"Those bastards deserved it! They're responsible for destroying my old home and ravaging the forests around it!" Sei's eyes flashed dangerously as she hissed out in anger. Naruto gulped reflexively, a pissed off female with overwhelming control over nature was definitely scary. "Now that you know who I am… just give it up and accept your fate, I promise that it will be pleasurable… very pleasurable…"

Steeling his resolve and pushing down his rampaging hormones at the half-lidded gaze directed at him, Naruto settled into a simple attack stance with his staff.

Sei sighed dramatically, "Well if you insist on doing it the hard way…"

She snapped her fingers as the tree bark of her hands and feet crawled its way up her skin, conforming to her figure as it formed what appeared to be some type of battle armour. The bark crawled up her face and covered everything but the area around her eyes, her vine-like hair tied itself into a ponytail that fell to her mid-back. She pressed her palm against a nearby tree trunk causing the wood to twist and conform itself into an improvised spear.

Naruto wasted no time as he disappeared in a burst of speed and slammed his staff down at her shoulder, only to have it blocked at the last second by her wooden spear. Sei thrust the spear-tip forward, forcing him to dodge to the right. Which was part of her plan as she caught his right hand in a vice-like grip and yanked him forward; Naruto lost his footing before an armoured knee drove its way into his stomach and knocked the breath out of him.

"Come on, you can do better that that!" Sei jeered as she released her grip of his wrist to form a fist and landed a devastating uppercut to his chin that sent him sailing into the air, she then performed a perfect roundhouse kick to his sternum as he fell back down. Thus sending him crashing into a tree located further behind him, he fell to his knees as he grasped his chest and coughed out some blood.

"Gah…" Naruto wheezed out as he stumbled back up to his feet, using his hand to wipe away the trail of blood that leaked out the corner of his mouth. He formed a cross-shaped handseal again as ten shadow clones puffed into existence, each of them wielding a black staff like the original.

With a mental command, Naruto and his clones dashed towards their opponent with staffs at the ready. They attacked in sync which meant that she would have to fend off at least one attack every second; Sei didn't seem the least bit bothered by this. Her armoured form simply weaved its way through several attacks and used her staff or forearms to block other strikes.

Naruto ducked back out of the battle and unsealed two Fuma Shurikens and unfolded their blades, he spun them up to the maximum speed before tossing both at her. Sei made to avoid the huge projectiles but found herself trapped in place by the clones, she quickly stabbed one in the face with her spear before jumping and twisting her body mid-air. The two Fuma Shuriken went over and under her body by an inch each; she grabbed the nearest clone in a scissor headlock with her legs and slammed it into the ground as she landed.

Sei quickly handsprung out of the way as the remaining clones converged on her location, she raised her hands in a cross guard as several kunai embedded themselves in her forearm armour. Her eyes widened as she heard a familiar sizzling sound before she was engulfed in a fiery explosion, the result of the exploding tags that were attached to those kunai. Naruto stood at a reasonable distance with his clones arrayed around him in a battle position, the smoke drifted away to reveal a severely charred armoured figure that was still smouldering from the explosion.

Sei's emerald eyes glowed with power as dark green youki surrounded her form; her bark armour immediately started repairing itself as barbs now covered the surface of the armour.

"Now that wasn't very nice…" Sei growled out as she cracked her knuckles. Naruto narrowed his eyes as his skin started to steam, the skin and muscle slowly started to melt off. After a couple of seconds, he stood there in his Rider form complete with flaming skull.

"Well I'm not a very nice person…" Naruto replied in kind as he slammed the bottom of his staff on the ground whilst channelling his powers into it, a blazing white flame erupted from the slit into a scythe blade. He twirled his revealed weapon around a few times before settling into an attacking stance.

Sei thrust her arms out in front of her with the hands splayed wide open, tendrils of dark green youki branched off from her body and shot towards Naruto's location. He took a step forward and began spinning his scythe, cutting up the tendrils of youki that tried to impale him. He shifted his right foot forward and spun on its heel, bringing his flame scythe one entire round.

"Moeru Setsudan (Blazing Cut)!" Naruto roared out as he brought the scythe around in a powerful horizontal slash, sending out an arc of blazing hellfire.

Sei manipulated her youki into a dense shield in front of her, the attack slammed against it causing it to crack slightly under the pressure but ultimately held in place. She lowered the shield only to find that her opponent was no longer in sight, she spun one round and still found no trace of him.

"Gōkaton: Gōkadan no jutsu (Hellfire Release: Hellfire Bullet technique)!" A voice shouted from above causing Sei to jump back as a white-hot projectile slammed into the ground, setting it ablaze with the intensity of the flames. Sei formed her youki into twin kodachis that she used to block the descending strike from the flaming scythe; she saw that clones that had disappeared at the start of the battle seemed to have emerged again. The clones made to strike at her with their staffs; she closed her eyes as they approached.

"Shizen no Hakai (Nature's Devastation)!" She screamed out as tendrils of bubbling dark green youki burst out from her in every direction, dispelling all the shadow clones and impaling Naruto in several places.

"Kuso!" Naruto cursed out loud before grinning and whipping his cloak out, showing that the tendrils had missed his actual body and pierced through the cloak only. "Just kidding!"

Sei dashed at him with her youki blades held in an offensive position, he blocked her strike with the blade of his scythe. Her glowing emerald eyes locked with the burning hollow sockets of his skull, she swore the grin somehow grew wider as they struggled for dominance.

"Gōkaton: Gōka no Iki (Hellfire Release: Hellfire Breath)!" Naruto exhaled a conical wave of hellfire into his target's face at point-blank range. Luckily her youki managed to fend off the flames long enough for her to roll out of the way and back onto her feet; she levelled an open palm at him and started to chant. Naruto noticed this immediately and performed something similar.

"Kunrinsha yo! Chiniku no kamen, banshō, habataki, Akuma no na o kansu mono yo! Uso to giman, tsumibukai shirame yume no kabe ni wazuka ni tsume o tate yo (Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Demons! Lies and deceit, upon this sinful wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws)!" Sei recited in a steady manner.

"Kunrinsha yo! Chiniku no kamen, banshō, habataki, hito no na o kansu mono yo! Shinri to sessei, tsumi shirame yume no kabe ni wazuka ni tsume o tate yo (Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws)!" Naruto spoke with just as steady a voice.

"Kōdō #33: Kurokatsui (Way of Devastation #33: Black Fire, Crash Down)!" Sei shouted as a large black wave of energy blasted out of her palm.

"Hadō #33: Sōkatsui (Way of Destruction #33: Blue Fire, Crash Down)!" Naruto roared as an equally large blue wave of energy shot out of his palm.

The two massive attacks clashed against each other in the middle of the clearing, the black and blue energy pushing and pulling against each other in a bid for survival. The two volatile energies fused together and the resulting explosion took out a huge chunk of the forest they were in, the force blowing them both away.

A skeletal hand burst out from a pile of destroyed tree trunks and found purchase on a sturdy branch; Naruto pulled himself out and collapsed onto his back. The flames around his skull were currently quite dim; he spotted his opponent crawling out of the debris to his right with her youki cloak gone.

Sei coughed out some blood as she ripped a branch out from her left bicep, the wound instantly sealing itself shut thanks to her demonic regeneration rate. She collapsed with both palms pressed against a rather intact tree trunk near Naruto, she whispered something softly as her hands glowed an emerald green.

Naruto watched in fascination as the tree seemed to die right in front of his eyes, the leaves turning brown and shrivelling up as the bark peeled off. He guessed that his opponent had the ability to absorb the life-force of nature to heal herself, which was evident by the way she seemed less fatigued by the second. Without the trees to provide cover, the sunlight shined down directly on his form. While it didn't revert him back to his human form like the Riders before him, it still weakened his powers by a significant amount.

"Damn… that's got to be… cheating… somehow…" Naruto rasped out as he pulled himself back on his feet, propping himself up with his scythe that he had found lying beside him. His black cloak was ragged and torn from the battle, exposing his also battle-damaged ANBU-styled clothes underneath. He took a deep breath before exhaling slowly, letting the transformation recede back into his body until he was his human self once again.

"Finally giving up eh?" Sei smirked as she popped her neck, she seemed to have recovered at least a third of her strength.

"No way… we're just getting started!" Naruto roared out as his body was bathed in Kyuubi's crimson youki cloak, his wounds healed instantaneously as he felt power flood through his system. The youki cloak forming a pair of ears and a tail, his eyes turned crimson with a black slitted pupil and his whisker marks were more defined.

"Oh my… the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko as well, I do know how to pick them~" Sei smirked as she drank in the more feral Naruto's look; she licked her lips as she definitely liked what she saw.

Naruto vanished in a crimson flash, appearing behind his opponent with a fist cocked back and he threw his fist forward. Sei spun around and caught his youki-enhanced punch in her own youki-enhanced hand, Naruto used his other fist but it too was caught. The tail wasn't for show only as it whipped forward in an attempt to strangle the nature-using demon; its progress was halted when dark green youki tendrils emerged from her back and wrapped around the tail.

A second tail formed as Naruto felt his power increase by two-fold but it was also harder to maintain control, he could feel the primal instincts of the Kyuubi fighting to gain control. The second tail shot towards Sei's stomach, forcing her to release him from her hold. Naruto landed on all fours with both tails swaying behind him, his eyes locked onto his target's form and he let out a low growl before charging forward.

Sei cursed as she brought her arms up to block the incoming attack, she stumbled backwards as the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki barrelled into her. He raked his youki claws down her armour, leaving smouldering gashes that took longer than average to heal. She quickly delivered a palm thrust to his chest that knocked him back before gesturing with a finger.

"Karami Ne (Entangling Roots)…" Sei muttered as thick gnarled roots enforced by her youki burst out from the ground and wrapped around him, restraining his arms and legs as others wrapped around his shoulders and torso. Naruto let out a primal roar as he tried and failed to break free from his bonds, Kyuubi's youki flaring out around him.

"Let… me… GO!" Naruto let out a supersonic roar that blew Sei away as a third tail formed behind him, the corrosive quality of his youki increased as it began to eat away at the roots. He flexed his muscles and strained against the restraints before finally snapping free from them, he growled as he spotted the nature demon getting back up.

"Uh… what hit me?" Sei groaned as she staggered back to her feet, only to be knocked back down and pinned by her opponent. His crimson eyes clouded with rage, anger and lust. Naruto took a deep whiff of the female demon's scent; the pheromones that she had been releasing unconsciously were driving him crazy with desire.

Before she could do anything, crimson youki claws descended on her and proceeded to tear her armour to pieces with the relative ease of tearing a tissue paper. Sei was soon reduced to nothing but a black lacy bra and thong, her soft pale green flesh still covered by her dark green youki cloak.

Warning! Lemon Alert!

Naruto pressed his mouth against hers in a sloppy kiss; he practically shoved his tongue into her mouth as she gladly accepted it with no hesitation. His hand tearing off her bra and thong as she yanked his pants and boxers down in one short, freeing his 10-Inch member from its captivity. He immediately positioned himself before sliding all the way in, the mushroom head of his dick already kissing the entrance to her womb.

"Aw yeah…" Sei moaned sexily as she felt the feeling of being full once again; her last sexual escapade had been almost a hundred years ago. Naruto growled in pleasure before pulling back out, earning a whimper from his opponent turned partner. He then slammed back in with full force, earning a scream of pleasure and curses.

Naruto quickly established some form of rhythm as he fucked the nature demon on the forest floor, his engorged dick pumping in and out of her slick, wet pussy. The pleasure soon became too much as Sei had her first orgasm in a hundred years, her walls clenching down on his dick also triggered his first orgasm ever. Lucky for Naruto, they both had the youki cloaks active which meant that all the sperm within the white sticky fluid that filled Sei's womb were dead.

Sei let out a squeak of surprise when Naruto flipped her over before pulling back and slamming back into her again, this time the tip of his cock penetrating her womb as well. He pressed her against the floor as he ravaged her hole, her mouth stuck in an open O-shape of pleasure as her tongue dangled limply from her mouth.

The Kyuubi Jinchuuriki growled as he filled his partner's womb with cum again, the feeling of the warm liquid pumping into her system sent her into another orgasm. He then pulled out of her with a wet plop before collapsing on the ground beside her.

Lemon Over!

Both their youki cloaks had receded already, Sei lying on her side asleep with a blissful look of someone who just had mind-blowing sex on her face. Naruto lay there panting slightly with wide-open eyes when he realised what he had just done, he briefly wondered about the consequences before realising he was too tired to give a fuck.

'Meh… I'll figure this out after a quick nap…' He thought before giving a small yawn, his arm automatically pulling Sei against his chest as sleep claimed him.

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