Pretty Little Slayer


Cleveland, OH

In the years following the fall of Sunnydale, Buffy and Giles had restructured the Watcher's Council, using the hidden bank accounts that were scattered all over Switzerland and the Cayman Islands. They had built the Summers Academy for Gifted Girls as a school for the slayers that Willow's spell had awakened. The students often referred to it as 'Slayer High'.

Faith, Kennedy and Buffy were sitting in the lounge of the Academy enjoying their usual evening drink. Faith always had a beer, Buffy a glass of wine and Kennedy a scotch on the rocks.

It had become a ritual of sorts between the three of them, the three main slayers who ran the school, to unwind at the end of the day with a drink and some well-deserved silence. Willow understood the need for the slayers to have a moment of peace before retiring to bed, so she usually waited in the bedroom she shared with Kennedy. Everyone else respected the slayers' downtime and left them alone.

Tonight, however, someone knocked on the door to the lounge, needing to speak with the "Chosen Three" as they were known around the school.

Buffy looked to Faith then to Kennedy, receiving bewildered looks from both but also small nods. She turned to the door and said, "Come in."

The door opened and in walked a small blonde. Her curly hair was just past her shoulders, and her eyes were the kind of blue that rivaled sapphires. She smiled, almost shyly, at the three slayers and said, "Hi, I'm sorry to bother you but...I need to talk to you, all of you, please?"

Buffy exchanged glances with Faith and Kennedy and again got small nods. "OK, close the door and have a seat."

The girl closed the door and sat down in the only empty chair in the room. She looked nervously at the three slayers before she said, "I think I need to go where it all began."

Faith leaned forward, "Back to where it all began? Are you sure?"

The girl nodded, "Yes. I'm sure."

Kennedy put down her glass, "Why now?"

"Things have happened there lately...things I need to go back and fix before I can move forward."

She looked at all three of them, "I can't let them go on thinking...what they are thinking."

Buffy looked at Faith with a question in her eyes, the dark haired, once rogue slayer looked at her and slowly nodded, agreeing with Buffy's unspoken concerns. She then turned to Kennedy, "You on board Kennedy?"

Kennedy hadn't been with Buffy as long as Faith had, she didn't have that connection with her, but she did have one with Faith and she looked to Faith now for clarification. Faith's eyes were calm and reassuring and Kennedy knew they had decided on the right course of action. "Yeah I'm in."

Buffy smiled then turned back to the blonde girl, "Okay, your request is granted...with a condition."

The girl waited patiently for the slayer to continue.

"You can go back, fix what needs to be fixed, but you won't be going alone. And you cannot under any circumstances, tell anyone the truth about you or where you've been. The slayer secret must remain a secret, understood?"

The girl thought it over then nodded, "I understand."

Buffy studied her face for a bit, looking for any trace of deception and, finding none, she nodded, "Good. We'll leave the day after tomorrow at first light."

The girl smiled, "Thank you. I'll go now to get ready."

The girl left and the three slayers looked at each other.

"What do you suppose she's up to?"Kennedy asked, curious about the girl's motives. She had come to the academy almost a year ago, agreeing almost instantly to come and be trained as a slayer, but her attitude left much to be desired. She was at times sulky and petulant while at other times she seemed to be accepting her new situation and even enjoying her time at the academy. This was the first time Kennedy, or any of them really, had heard the girl talk about her past, where she had come from and what she had left behind.

Buffy shrugged, unsure. Faith thought about it for a moment then said, "Maybe she's just homesick? Maybe she left someone behind who thinks she vanished."

Buffy frowned, "But her parents and her brother were briefed about her whereabouts, they signed the confidentiality agreements, took the money and left town...there's no way it's them."

"True," Faith conceded, "but what about her friends?"

Buffy thought about that, "Friends aren't part of the confidentiality contract. We can't tell them and neither can the parents." Buffy began the thought and Kennedy finished it.

"Which means, her friends probably spent the last year thinking their best friend vanished...or worse, was killed." Kennedy lowered her head and sighed. "There's only one of two ways this can play out you guys. Either she goes back to town and is seen, and has to either tell the truth or come up with a lie or..."

"Or, we have to find a way to fake her death, provide a 'body' for the cops, and give everyone the closure of knowing she's dead...or at least believing she is dead." Faith said...not liking the thought of having to fake a death but knowing that this wouldn't be the first time they had to do it, nor would it be the last.

When Willow activated all the slayers in the world, she changed the game, but not the rules. The slayers still worked in secret, in the shadows. Despite Buffy's insistence that her friends knowing she was the slayer actually helped her stay alive by giving her ties to the world, it was agreed upon that in this brave new world of multiple slayers...the secret of the slayers had to be kept from the world.

Buffy, Faith and Kennedy shared a glance. After a few moments of silence, Faith spoke up, "Whatever happens on this trip...I don't think her hometown will ever be the same."

Buffy nodded silently, agreeing with her girlfriend.

Kennedy thought about that then asked, "Where is she from again?"

Faith looked down at her beer as Buffy said, "Rosewood, Pennsylvania."


AN: This idea came to me the other day and I had to write it down. But I'm not sure how it will be received so if anyone wants me to keep going...let me know!