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Megatron had his eyes on human. A human he wanted to keep as a pet, and happened to be easy on the optics, not like the way Megatron found most humans to be. This human's name is Jack Darby, and Megatron has recently offered a reward of high-grade energon and energon treats to any Decepticon who manages to retrieve his pet for him. And that brings us to where we are now, near the end of the episode Crisscross, where June Darby was kidnapped.

The Actual Story

Arachnid has just konked out Arcee and id about to make a deal with Jack Darby..

"Now Jack, you know how much I love sportsmanship. So, if you can rescue your mom before midnight, I'll let you all go free. If you can't rescue her, you will come with to become Megatron's pet and I let her go. If you refuse to come with me after that, I'd hate to see what happens to your Mother." Arachnid said in her creepy casual way.

Jack ran over to Silas and began to beg while he tried to steal his cell phone.

"Please. You don't have to let this happen-" Jack said grabbing Silas's shoulders and dragging his hands down in attempt to swipe the phone. The moment his hands got close to where Silas's phone was, he was pushed back by Silas.

"One or two humans is worth it when we are getting this marvel of science." Silas coldly said.

"Why, my, my, five minutes left." Arachnid said, whereupon Jack ran out and called for his mom. After what seemed like forever, but really wasn't too long in realty, Jack heard what seemed like a call from heaven.

"Jack? Jack!" His mother called.

Jack spots her dangling off of a high platform. He managed to quickly climb up the ladder and get to his mom. He was trying to pull her up when-

"Times up Jack, its almost time to go to your new home." Arachnid said, climbing right next to June Darby.

"-But I kept my end of the deal. I found mom." Jack complained.

"the deal was to rescue her, not to find her. Now as soon as I see you drink this sleeping medicine, I'll free your mother." Arachnid said holding a small medicine cup in a open hand, but in a way he'd have to walk in her hand to get it.

"Jack, whatever you do, don't drink what she's giving you. We have no idea what it is. Maybe you can negotiate." June warned her only son as he loosely grabbed her shoulder.

"Mom, I… I'm sorry mom. I -" Jack began but was cut off by Arachnid grabbing his chin and making him stand up, leaving her finger om the boy's head so he couldn't move it easily. She was making sure Jack was looking her in the eye.

"Now remember our deal? It's past midnight. Now bottom's up, I might let you say goodbye if you drink this voluntarily." She said holding the medicine within arms reach. She seemed satisfied when Jack grabbed the medicine and backed off a little, now gently tearing his mother off of the platform and holding her. Ms. Darby didn't like this at all

Jack looked at the scene and gulped down the medicine, feeling slightly dizzy as he fought the sudden urge to sleep. Wow, this stuff worked fast. But he watched as Arachnid cut his mom's bonds and set her down. She ran to her son and wrapped him in a hug, then quickly taking a look in his and checking his pulse. Then Arachnid ran off for some reason.

"Jack, what is going on here? Come on son, we have to get out of here," June said as she pulled her son towards the ladder. "I know you're fighting whatever drugs she gave you, but just try to follow me down." She said getting on the ladder and waiting for her son to follow, not questioning the reason why Arachnid left.

Arcee had just broken free, and was now running up to Arachnid. She was met halfway by the creepy crawly. Sending out a signal to Fowler, (all of the Autobots were already busy fighting cons) Arcee began sparring with Arachnid trying to land a blow.

"What have you done to them?" Arcee demanded as they fought.

"Absolutely nothing. Jack has agreed to let me take him in for the reward Megatron has put on the lad if I let his mom go unharmed." Arachnid said creepily.

"What does he want with him?" Arcee said sounding nowhere near as angry and vengeful as she felt.

"Oh, Megatron will soon be having a new pet, of which I assume will be well treated. Meaning I can't harm him, even if I wanted to." Arachnid said in a way that sent a chill up Arcee's back. Arachnid spots the Darby family is now down the ladder and slowly making their way outa there.

Fowler and his Agents come and begin shooting at Arachnid, who scans one of their helicopters and runs off, grabbing the barely awake Jack Darby away from his mother. She transforms and escapes, managing to take an unharmed Jack Darby with her.

"Jack, let the drugs take effect." Arachnid tells the teenager still fighting the drugs.

"You took me away from Mom. How could you? If I fall asleep, what'll you guys due to me?" Jack snapped, throwing self-preservation and caution to the wind.

"Well, you'll wake up in the Nemesis as Megatron's pet. Here, this might help you sleep." Arachnid said using a robotic claw to cover Jack in a warm blanket, of which was too much for Jack too resist and he seemed to melt into sleep.

"She took Jack! She took my baby." June Darby cried into Agent Fowler's shoulder, of whom was comforting her at the moment.

"June, We'll get your son back. Trust me on this." Arcee said.

"How do you know my… You're the motorcycle?" June said in shock.

"Yes. Jack tried to explain to you, and you didn't believe him. My name is Arcee, and Jack is a good friend of mine. I think after you've settled down, I should give you that ride you had once made Jack promise." Arcee said.

"I'm ok. Shall we go now?" June said, feeling so many emotions at once.

Arcee took June Darby to the Autobot base, where the distraught mother would find out where her teenage son really spent his time…

At the Nemesis….

"Arachnid, what a nice surprise it is to see you. What has given me the pleasure of seeing you today?" Megatron asked sounding cynical.

"Well, I came to give you a present." She said reaching into her subspace, (which is the pocket above the chest) and pulled out a drugged bundle.

"It's that human I asked my men to catch. Thank you Arachnid, I'll go get your reward right now." Megatron said walking to the wall and pulling out a box full of energon treats and two bottles of fancy, high-quality, high-grade energon.

After exchanging the energon for the human, Arachnid left. Megatron called in 3 of his men, Knock-out, Soundwave, and Breakdown.

"Soundwave and Breakdown, go get all of the human supplies he'll need and set up anything he needs." Megatron ordered.

"Yes lord Megatron." Breakdown said.

"You two are dismissed to go about your task. Report back to me as soon as you're done." Megatron said to Breakdown and Soundwave. The two left quickly.

"Knock-out, can you make a collar that meets these specifications?" Megatron asked showing a hologram of a list.

"Of course lord Megatron. Any color preferences?" The medic asked.

"Surprise me." Megatron said.

"Yes sir, Lord Megatron." The medic said before going to the Lab….

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